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The cult of ego

“What kind of action brings the greatest benefit to the world? An action which is aimed at the liberation from this world’s influence. This world does not exist, so you can expand it, shape or enrich it with great ideas.  Because despite all of its apparent glory, it does not exist. Other than in our minds. You can’t even say it exists. Rather, it appears and disappears. A fluctual fata-morgana. All the work that you have to do here is to learn how to release yourself from this. And this release process is a process of self-discovery. What really exists and has a definitive permanence is the Divine Spark itself.”  – Aboriginal proverb

To fill that void in our soul

Freeing ourselves from the world (meaning, the ego) is synonymous, for me, with the process of getting to know one’s higher Divine nature, which means a deliberate distancing from the illusion of personality.

In other words, it’s a conscious rejection of everything that distances you to Love.

It’s a conscious withdrawal from the cunning games of our mind, from the creation of imaginary stories and inflated speculations. It’s a recovery from toxic relationships, and the rejection of our own barriers, our fears, phobias, and destructive patterns.

When you would destroy something inside yourself, it is immediately replaced by something new. There is no empty space. You have to know what essence you want to fill your life with. And you have to be mindful of this fact constantly. Every one of us fills our life with content to the best of our abilities. We fill it with what we need, and what we want at this given moment.

Ego, in its neverending search for new sensations, is reminiscent of a hungry fox running around one shed to the next, chewing away on innocent chickens like there is no tomorrow. Every one of us has something of that insatiable fox in ourselves. the only thing that changes with time are the means with which we fill up that empty void within us. 

The endless facets of the ego. How do we melt them away, one face, after the other? How do we free ourselves, and into Love?  (Image courtesy of Shutterstock)

The battlefield which is our mind

We fill our life’s with a fervor of activites. We eat, we read, we watch, we listen, we run, we learn, we search. At some level, it seems to me, we all seek the same thing, that is, acceptance from others, and of oneself, lasting happiness, and love.

But why do constantly search for these things outside of ourselves? Why do we even consider them to be externally tangible? Why do we presume that the best is ahead of us, rather than rigth here and now?

Why, in our longing for peace, are we willing to go into such a feverish battle? Sometimes with others but mostly with ourselves. Why, instead of acceptance, do we strive for something even more intensely? Why, instead of gratitude, do we still want more? What lures us into believing that the continuous struggle with reality is the only viable way? Why on earth, is it so difficult to stop and grab – what already IS?

“Burn that jungle of ignorance, which stands in the way to get to know yourself. Destroy that black snake of egoism that is so cleverly hidden right in front of you. the very thing that causes to forget that you are a radiant, eternally free and happy consciousness. “ – Ashtawakra Gita. Self-realization. Knowing the Absolute.  

The only essence with which we can fill that void

There is only one being which we can truly fill ourselves with – and that is Love. And although it has its place in this world, I’m not talking about the worn out concept of human romantic Love. Rather i am talking about the Divine power that does not fit within what most people’s perceptions. Because IT is not of this world, IT is entirely exempted from the laws which govern our reality. IT is fulfilled in itself, with a vibration so sublime, IT can never be owned, learnt or taught by anyone. And certainly not known by the ego.

IT is the divine radiation of the spark within our hearts.

“I  can really believe only in one thing: in Love. Any other belief is a sham. Love is above all nationalities. Love is above all religions. Love itself creates the religions. In the Divine world, religion does not exist. There is only one Love.  Love includes all the conditions, all the methods, all the possibilities by which the human Soul can grow and reach its fullness. Only she can awaken hidden in the soul of possibilities. Science, art can not be a stimuli for awakening of the human soul. They are only worldly activities. The only real job in the world – is the science of Love. It is a great subject for the cognitive soul. ” Beinsa Duno  

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The cult of ego


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