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Best USA VPN Services of September 2016

A huge selection of Usa Vpn services is available online for netizens who wish to experience a free and secure internet experience. Judging US VPN providers over useless user reviews is not fair given that one service may not work the same for two people. It is always advised that you should test the VPN service either through free trials provided or subscribe to the monthly plans (checkout providers with Money Back Guarantees) and get a realistic preview of providers.

We also took the liberty to compare some of the top VPN services in the US right now and offer you in-depth insight so you can evaluate and choose between providers based on price, features, coverage, security and ease of use.





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5 Best VPN for USA in 2016

Listed below are our top 5 US VPN providers that we have verified using flash speed testing, Wire Shark crypto testing, torrent download tests and Netflix unblocking & streaming tests.

Watch US Netflix with the Best USA VPN

The US Netflix library or more precisely the original Netflix library is the largest collection of entertainment known to us online. The only problem it is not only geo-restricted but completely blocked to access from outside the country.

While a US VPN was a convenient and routine exploit to bypass the geo-restrictions placed by Netflix, come 2015 a majority of VPN providers have been blacklisted by the premium VoD service and no longer unblock the US Netflix library.

Industry leader ExpressVPN still offers IP addresses that can bypass Netflix geo-restrictions, providing full access to the US Netflix library. Apart from its huge server coverage across the USA, ExpressVPN offers a range of excellent features including:

  1. Desktop & Mobile apps for Windows, iOS, Mac and Android
  2. A dedicated router app to make configuration easier
  3. High speed servers to stream video and download torrents
  4. 130+ servers in over 85 countries
  5. Connectivity on up to 3 devices
  6. Zero network activity logging, and much more.

ExpressVPN’s optimized streaming servers allow minimum bandwidth loss when streaming Netflix from outside US. ExpressVPN is not only a leading global VPN service, but also one of the best US VPN providers with UK servers for US amongst other leading regional servers from Netherlands, Sweden, Iceland, Germany, France and Singapore.

So the next time you wish to access the full Netflix US library, give ExpressVPN a try. ExpressVPN offers advice through its 24/7 live customer support to ensure you are never left stranded when unblocking Netflix US from anywhere in the world.

How to Setup a US VPN?

Constant innovation in the privacy industry has allowed US VPN providers to offer subscribers brilliantly designed desktop software and mobile apps to easily configure services on their devices. For instance, industry trailblazer PureVPN offers a leading line up of apps designed to provide a simple UI and a delightful service experience to all their subscribers. PureVPN offers its leading apps for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.

Similarly, industry icon ExpressVPN powers its offering using an improved user interface with simplified design and auto configuration available for beginners. Express VPN offers is super software on both desktop and mobile namely on Windows, Mac, Android and iOS devices in addition to the brand’s latest Router app, now available to subscribers of all levels to easily configure VPN directly on routers without having to worry about bricking devices.

How To Setup US VPN on iPhone

  1. Launch the Apple App Store, Search for PureVPN and download the app
  2. Click Get and install PureVPN on your device
  3. Once installed, launch the app, you will be taken to the Sign Up & Login screen
  1. Like the Android app you can sign-up for a new account through the app or simply insert your existing account details to begin using PureVPN for iOS
  2. Choose a purpose on the selection screen then connect to your desired server
  3. Browse, stream, download, upload, host or communicate with complete freedom

Why Do You Need a USA VPN for iPhone?

In December 2015 Apple Inc. reported an estimated 101 million iPhone users in the USA. The iPhone also holds a massive 42.9% share of the US market with 16.6% of iPhone users’ making payments using the Apple Pay feature.

Come 2016, a massive horde of hackers and cyber criminals have directed their attention on breaching Apple devices, the iPhone being the major target. The iPhone used to be one of most secure online devices in the world, but that was past tense. 

Kaspersky Labs reported in 2015 that the number of mobile malware tripled in 2015. While a major chunk was directed towards Android devices, Apple iPhones are not too far out of reach. According to CVE Details the iPhone ranks 5th in the most vulnerable devices, and it’s no surprise that the Mac is number one on this list.

Don’t want to alarm all you US iPhone users’ out there, but the FBI have a new way to get into all your devices, without having to even have your devices present. It’s not that they have no need to unlock your iPhones but the fact that they CAN!

There are four major scenarios where a US VPN service will help iPhone users:

  1. Public WI-FI Networks

If you use your iPhone on unsecured public networks like bus stations, train stations, restaurants, airports, hotels, libraries etc. there is a chance that your device has already been accessed by a 3rd party marketer, your ISP, the NSA, a hacker or a malicious app.

When on public networks always ensure you are connected to your VPN service. The ideal way to secure your device is by connecting to a USA VPN server. This way you will still be able to access all your social apps, news feeds, and, chat & communication apps while on the go.

One under the US VPN server’s security you will be invisible to everyone including hackers on the network. You activities will be securely tunneled through the VPN server and will not allow any intrusions including malware to breach the tunnel.

Pro Tips: Always keep the “ASK To Join Networks” feature on in your iPhone Wi-Fi Settings.

  1. Online banking

At countless instances you may have accessed online banking services on your iPhone when at work, in a shopping mall, at school, over a friend’s home Wi-Fi or over a public Wi-Fi network. Have you ever wondered if someone would have been listening on to connections made over it?

With growing cybercrime, comes great online security. This is the motto of the modern American iPhone user. A VPN ensures that all your banking information and activities are secured using military grade data encryption. Encryption converts all your data (usernames, passwords, security questions etc.) into random alphanumeric code ensuring that even in the worst case of a data breach, your data makes no sense to the hacker(s).

  1. Apple Pay or Near Field Communications (NFC)

Based on the dominating NFC, the Apple Pay feature is a mix of NFC and Touch ID features. While iPhone crazies call it innovation, we call it vulnerability.

An Apple iPhone can make significant payments using NFC technology utilizing the all new Apple Pay feature. Now, the dangerous aspect that Apple iPhone users don’t realize is that a cybercriminal or hacker can simply touch to their device in a bus or train or crowd and can possibly have full access to their device.

One of the prime risks of using NFC or Apple Pay is that information can be scrambled or tampered with while making payments. This tactic known as Data Tampering is possible given a malicious user is in range while you are using the iPhone to pay using Apple Pay.

A VPN in this case is probably the only tool that can secure the device, the data on it and the data being transferred using Apple Pay. While encryption will ensure transferred data is encrypted, tunneling will ensure hackers have no access to your device

 How to setup a US VPN on Android

To Setup up your US VPN service on Android, start by installing the respective provider’s app from the Google Play Store or provider’s website. We have used PureVPN’s Android app in our example.

  1. Go to Google Play, Search for PureVPN and download the app
  2. Click install and let the App download & install on your device
  3. Once installed, click OPEN to launch the app, you will be taken to the Sign Up & Login screen
  4. You can sign-up for a new account or simply insert your account details to begin
  5. Choose a purpose on the selection screen then connect to your desired server

Why Use a US VPN for Android?

Android OS is possibly the most vulnerable operating system in the world due to its open source nature. Not only are these devices easy to use but easiest to infiltrate using malicious apps, phishing links, fake Wi-Fi connections and email malware.

Answering the why to use VPN on Android phones is mostly the same as for any other device. Most prominent threats include:

  1. NSA Surveillance
  2. ISP monitoring
  3. Unsecure Public Wi-Fi networks
  4. Data breaches
  5. Malware & malicious apps

CVE Details provides categorized descriptions of vulnerabilities within Android OS. One of the most common tactics is when hackers use Wi-Fi to gain access to Android smartphones and exploit user data at their mercy.

In 2016, 1.6 Android smartphones will be shipped to world markets, while security providers including Kaspersky, ESET, Panda Titanium, Sophos, Symantec and many others have exclusively pointed out the next battle field for cyber criminals, mobile devices.

USA, Asia and Europe host a huge number of Android devices particularly because of their affordability and ease of use. Two of these regions are the hubs of NSA cyber surveillance, core markets for cybercriminals and a huge playing field for malicious app developers.

Counter Government Surveillance with a USA VPN

While states around the world US are joining the NSA bandwagon and allowing unwarranted surveillance without proper judicial oversight, netizens are awakening to the idea of using US VPN services. VPN use encryption to ensure all your conversations, web searches, downloads, voice calls, streaming, and other browsing activities are converted to alphanumeric code.

Encryption, coupled with tunneling technology allows you to be practically invisible to government surveillance. Since Android devices are easier to breach, a VPN adds significant protection to their networking capability. Once under its protection NSA surveillance will see nothing but a secure tunnel transferring data that they can’t break into.

As the US enters a new presidential race, the cyber climate of the country deteriorates with more government surveillance, more online media censorship, more ISP monitoring & data retention compounded with immense threats of cyber-crime.

NSA Surveillance In the US

Ever since Ed Snowden’s NSA leaks in 2013, the agency has sought out ways to legalize the massive web of cyber surveillance across the country. This was made possible by the devious US Freedom Act of 2015, but don’t fall for the name of this bill, it has nothing to do with nationalism. The US Freedom Act continues to:

  1. Collect online data from American Tech providers across the USA & around the world
  2. Allow the NSA & other agencies to retrieve data from telecom providers
  3. Extend wire-tapping US citizens’ phones and mobile devices

If you were thinking just where a USA VPN or Virtual Private Network comes in, we welcome you to the world of online privacy. A VPN by definition is a tool that allows its user to create or join a private network using the public internet. VPN enhance user security by employing state of the art tunneling & encryption allowing them to be practically invisible online.

Once under US VPN’s protection even if by happenstance NSA surveillance can see your encrypted VPN tunnel (observe in the diagram below), they will not be able to access your activities nor will they be able to access your online data.

A VPN routes all your browsing, downloads, communications, chat and other online activities though one of its secured US based VPN servers or one of many global servers available by the US VPN provider. The server then sends requests on your behalf using one of its own IP addresses and location.

How a VPN Works

A USA VPN offers robust online privacy and data security ensuring you can use online communication & VoIP apps like Skype, We Chat, Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook chat & calling, plus routine emails without the NSA listening.

Online Media Censorship

A major reason why netizens employ VPN for US cyberspace is due to the increasing censorship of streaming, torrents and foreign news sources. The latest victim of online censorship was renowned torrent website KickAssTorrents in addition to various online streaming websites including Putlocker and Movies2k.

Bans are now being slapped on streaming websites & torrent trackers found “infringing” media online thanks to the MPAA (Motion Pictures Association of America).While there are a number of US citizens who side with the MPAA, there is an even larger populace of streaming users’ across the US who visit streaming & torrent websites to get their dose of entertainment.

A VPN unblocks all geo-restricted streaming services, blocked websites and torrent trackers. Services like BBC iPlayer, Fox Sports, Canal+, Sky Italia, HBO Now and many others can be unblocked by simply changing your IP address to that of the region. For instance, fans of BBC iPlayer can easily change their US IP address to a UK IP address by connecting to a UK VPN server.

ISP Throttling & Monitoring

ISP throttling is a major concern for netizens who download torrents and stream video using various services including Netflix, HULU, Fox, BBC iPlayer, YouTube etc. When the ISP notices activity on Netflix or other streaming websites your bandwidth is immediately slowed down, that’s basically net neutrality going out the window.

Once connected to the VPN, the secure VPN tunnel ensures no one can monitor your online activity including your ISP. The ISP conducts what is known as deep packet inspection (DPI) to analyze which websites a user is sending requests to. DPI is accomplished by capturing small data packets from your network activity and analyzing the information within these packets.

When using a VPN the ISP will be able to capture anything from your device and only see a connection with a remote server. Since they can’t decipher what you are doing online, they will not be able to throttle bandwidth. Similarly, the ISP will not be able to create any time stamps or maintain a web history of your activities as all data will be encrypted and will make no sense to anyone with the proper decryption key.   


Cybercrime is no more a notorious gang of hackers trying to scam people and steal a few hundred dollars. Cybercrime has slowly become a pandemic for the entire internet to bear. IBM reported that 2015 was the year that cybercrime exhibited pure sophistication while increasing the magnitude of attacks on US netizens and organizations.

While IBM reported that the average costs of cybercrime rose from $3.52 million to $3.79 million during 2015, Juniper Research indicated that the costs of cybercrime will approach $2.1 trillion by 2019. Juniper also report that mobile threats will become sophisticated and there will be an increase in the number of fraud apps available on app stores.

Using state of the art encryption and tunneling protocols a US VPN secures your devices against most online intruders, hackers and cybercriminals. As soon as the VPN connects your online data and personal information is safe plus none of your online activities are ever available for anyone to see.

US VPN Services Bypass ISP Monitoring & Throttling

ISPs are known to monitor their customers’ online activities (yes the same ISPs you pay) to slow down the bandwidth of users’ who download torrents or stream videos online. It got so bad that the US government had to introduce Net Neutrality laws to ensure ISPs couldn’t do that.

While Net Neutrality was jolly good (till it lasted), ISPs found a way around it and got placed in what are called Tier-ii communication providers, allowing them to legally bypass net neutrality laws. Given they no longer conform to Net Neutrality Verizon, AT&T, Comcast and co. can now:

  1. Retain customer data
  2. Monitor customers’ online activities
  3. Throttle user connections

Android users can simply connect their devices to a VPN service for USA to avoid all the above mentioned issues. When the ISP cannot monitor what you are doing, they can’t throttle your connection based on suspicion. This also saves you from the headache of data retention and having ads delivered on your Android device browsers later on.

Avoid Data Breaches on Android with US VPN

It is an everyday thing now, new zero day exploits and vulnerabilities discovered on Android OS with developers all over the world accessing the source code. In May 6th 2016 Lucian Constantine of IDG News reported that “… A vulnerability in an Android component shipped with phones that use Qualcomm chips puts users’ text messages and call history at risk of theft…” believe it or not this was a routine exploit that they immediately fixed.   

Similar to the above, various exploits have been discovered that directly affect Wi-Fi connectivity and networking features of Android devices. The latest for instance was reported by Hungary based SEARCH-LAB who reported that:

A serious vulnerability affecting a Wi-Fi technology used in the Android operating system and many other products allows malicious actors to escalate privileges and cause a denial-of-service (DoS) condition on affected devices. – Reported by Edward Kovacs

According to the above, once this vulnerability is activated by a hacker by accessing your device, you can’t possibly go online anymore, while your device has been breached. Data breaches have already cost the US economy well above $100 million since 2013.

A US VPN actively ensures that these vulnerabilities are not exploited by hackers. If hackers & cybercriminals never see your device online, they will never be able to activate these exploits through the internet.

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Best USA VPN Services of September 2016


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