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Best Steps to reduce Stress and it WORKS !!!

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Be Stress FreeHave you ever come across those overrated articles on the web that talk all about the negative effects of stress with big headlines but not what you should focus on to get rid of it?

Don’t waste your time reading those articles and get more stressed than you already are. Trust me, I have stress as any other human on this planet, we all go through it everyday of our lives and its all about knowing how to manage it and it’s not rocket science !

Some people do take the easy way out by consuming pills, smoking two or three packs of cigarettes a day or drinking it away at the bar thinking its all going to go away or just completely ignore it and sleep it off, well that’s one possible solution to it !, but only temporarily, until you wake up and boom ! it hits you in the head like a nail again !

The best way to understand stress is to recognise it by

  • Observing how you feel in relation to your surroundings, no matter where you are.
  • Focusing on how your body is feeling.
  • Asking yourself “What is the dominant thought that’s going through your head?”

Now, this is only temporary as to how stress is affecting you, I know it drains out your energy and leaves you utterly frustrated and hopeless at times because all other effects of stress begin to kick in to your Body and senses which gets you stressed out even more, but rest assured my friends ! Just follow these simple steps I am going to show you and you will definitely become free from it and be in total control of your life without any medication or treatment, if not then you can carry on with the excessive smoking and drinking rituals at your own will !

Below are a few ways to calm your nerves naturally.

  • Take a nice warm bath because it helps to relax your muscles.
  • Sit in a dim lit room on a comfortable chair or a sofa and listen to soothing music for 30 minutes.
  • Try Taking an evening stroll for an hour in the park and take deep some breathes while walking.
  • Treat yourself to a nice healthy dinner, if you can cook all the better !
  • If you live in a crowded city, at home, open up YouTube and with your headphones, listen to some nature sounds.

Trust me, the sounds of running water and birds and crickets in1250654-for-laptop-nature the background does have a soothing effect in your brain that rejuvenates all of your senses.

One thing we as humans should realise is that we are connected with nature, there is no doubt about it, so reconnecting with nature is the best way to bring your mind and body back to its peaceful state. Just thinking about being in the woods or near a waterfall releases a string of chemicals in your brain that can make you feel euphoric.

Can you Believe this ?
A single negative thought process can trigger reactions in your body and mind that you can almost tell that there is something wrong with you! It is really amazing to know what our minds are capable of, it can either damage us or fix us by just simply THINKING !

There you go my friends, the above suggestions do work and can take away all the stress within a week’s time.

Causes of Stress
Most of today’s stress is caused mainly by stressful jobs that people don’t like in addition to the long commuting hours everyday and working overtime, money related problems, debt, relationship problems and the list goes on…

If we can eliminate money and job related stresses, we can take some of the weight off Job Stressof our shoulders and then the rest would eventually fall into place because they are all linked to one another. If you feel you need to look into alternative ways of making an income by working only a few hours a week then look no further, just simply take a look into the links on this page I have provided which will give you an opportunity to open your eyes to see that
it is possible in this day and age to make passive incomes and there are literally thousands of people around the world who are successfully doing it and have become incredibly wealthy from it too !. So why not you ?

Simply click HERE and take the journey to your own destiny ! You never know where you could end up if you did something different where the end goal is to make you stress free and financially stable.

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Thanks for reading my blog, see you next time and take care !

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Best Steps to reduce Stress and it WORKS !!!


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