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The Friday Roundup – Easy Story Formula and Skin Tones

Easy Story Formula For Your Videos

Even though everyone pretty much knows what a Story is they often find it very hard to incorporate the concept of story into their videos.

This is a bit of a problem because by far one of the most powerful tools you have to keep viewer engagement is… story!

Finding the story or creating the story in videos that don’t really seem to have one can be quite challenging.

Here’s a video laying out a little more clearly how to develop your video idea into a story.

Don’t Mess Up Your Skin Tones. 5 Color Grading Tools For Perfect Skin!

Incredibly most of the tools shown in the video below for color correction are available these days even at the consumer level.

The only one shown you may not have is the “Skin Tone” indicator that you see here in DaVinci Resolve.

Of all the modules in modern video editing software the Color Correction area is probably the least understood and therefore the most underused.

This one in well worth watching if you have decided to finally bite the bullet and get color correction under control.

As a side note, even though the tile refers to skin tones it’s actually about color in general.

Step by Step Guide to the New PowerDirector Interface

Last week Powerdirector updated within it’s 365 subscription environment and a new version of the standalone version PowerDirector 2024 was released.

This latest version had added a few little bits and pieces to the overall equation plus access to a few more A.I. tools you can use within the program itself.

However the biggest change has been the interface.

This is bound to cause some angst for existing users because regardless of the software whenever you change things, there will be tears before bedtime!

I have checked it out for myself and I have to say that the new design is a very welcome change.

The reason I say that is that over the years PowerDirector has been adding more and more functionality to the program and every time this happens there has to be some way to access that new feature.

This inevitably leads to complexity in the user interface especially when it applies to “add-ons” that came after the initial design phase.

At some point in time every software brand under development has to call a halt to proceedings, prepare for the backlash and trash the existing design.

The last big update for PowerDirector was many years ago so that time has come.

Just to be clear here they have not discarded any feature that previously existed.

All they have done is organize everything into a more logical arrangement and I personally think they have done a great job.

The main reason I think it works is because new users will have a much easier time working the whole thing out and getting themselves up and running from the start.

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PowerDirector – Tips on Managing Resources with Favorites

It doesn’t really matter what video editing software you are running at the moment the sheer number of effects and other assets jammed in there can be pretty overwhelming.

The video below starts off with a run through of the new opening screen of PowerDirector 2024 and that’s fine for PowerDirector users.

What is really worth looking at is the concept of using Favorites to organize your assets.

Any software will have a system like this and it will go a long way in preserving your sanity.

There is no getting around the fact that often you will have to sort though endless assets to find the one you want for a project.

That goes for music, sound effects, color presets and on and on.

However to make things easier on yourself it is important to get into the habit of choosing the effect or whatever you want and then asking yourself a question.

The question you ask yourself is whether or not you think you may use that same asset again in another project.

If the answer is yes or maybe then all you have to do is mark that asset as a favorite and the next time you will save so much time relocating it.

From Beginner to Peter McKinnon: Level Up Your Filmmaking Skills – Wondershare Filmora

As far as tutorials go this one really stands out because the process shown is more important than the content result.

What I mean by that is that the creator looked at a successful YouTubers and used that to come up with ideas for leveling up her Filmmaking skills.

So that’s good and those tips are great in themselves.

However the more important lesson here is that whenever you are a little dry on ideas or are trying to take things to a new level that exact process nearly always works.

Look for a successful video maker and watch some of their videos.

Don’t just watch the videos themselves but watch what that person is actually doing in making those videos. How are they shooting, how are they editing, what effects are they using?

Use that information to inform your own actions and invariably when you do that you will come up with your own ideas.

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Filmora 12 Morphing Effect Tutorial

The tutorial below is a pretty basic morphing effect as the title suggests but there is one important point that should be highlighted.

In the tutorial you will see the creator takes the time to align the eyes in the two shots being dealt with.

You will also see that the mouths do not completely align.

The reason for aligning the eyes is that they are the most important points when it comes to viewer attention.

If there is any jump or misalignment happening the viewer may or may not see it but will be aware that something is wrong and that will break their attention.

I mention this because it is also very important when you are adding zoom cuts to footage because you only have one angle of shot then it is imperative that you align the eyes.

Buying Your First YouTube Camera? Be Sure to Find Out This

If you take a stroll around this website you will notice that there is no section dealing with cameras for video.

The simple reason for that is that this website is a one man band operation and there is no way I could cover cameras for video as a subject.

If I did the result would be about as half-assed as you could get!

The bewildering array of new products rolling out in a constant stream is way more than I can deal with.

Having said that there is a section on choosing cameras for yourself HERE.

In the video below you can get some up to date information not on specific cameras but on the features you may be wanting to look for if you are making videos for posting online.

Smart phones can only take you so far and if that’s far enough then OK!

If not check out the video for some great tips.

Custom 3D Extruded LOGO in Fusion – DaVinci Resolve

This is a great tutorial from Casey Faris this week that really highlights just how much you can do in the Fusion Page of DaVinci Resolve.

If you have ever looked at the Fusion Page and thought to yourself that it looks way too complicated… you are right! it is!

But if you can just get past that initial shock there is a whole world of stuff you can do.

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The Friday Roundup – Easy Story Formula and Skin Tones


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