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The Friday Roundup – YouTube Lighting, Filmora Tips and Solo Shooting

Over lit YouTube lighting setup.

Video Lighting Deep Dive: YouTube Lighting Setup

I don’t generally recommend a lot of courses on this website mainly because I just don’t have the time to go through them and offer a decent opinion on them.

There are however two courses that I can safely recommend as I have had personal experience with them and the creator of those courses.

The first is Video Production Boot Camp (See it Here) and the other is where the video below comes from called, Advanced Videography (See That One Here). 

The Boot Camp course is suited more to starting from scratch with the Advanced Videography course more appropriate to those who have already made a good start.

Looping Screenshot in Wondershare Filmora 11 Tutorial

Not sure what’s going on over at Filmora but they have certainly kicked it up a notch this as far a quantity goes!

I won’t write a full on blurb for each of the four videos they have put out this week because there really is not all that much to talk about!

Most of these videos show how to pull off some simple but very effective “TikTok” style effects easily inside Filmora.

  • Filmora Review

Masking Tricks, Studio Tour & Fixing Audio Noise – You Ask, We Answer Ep. 24

How to: Loop Fashion Lookbook Video – Wondershare Filmora 11 Tutorial

Easy Video Transition for Vlog Openers – Wondershare Filmora 11 Tutorial

Create Cinematic Shots When You’re Alone

This is a continuation of a series of videos on how to capture great footage of yourself… in the great outdoors… alone!

As in the previous videos the aim here is to break away from the invariable selfie style shots of yourself that are either at arms length or the length of a selfie stick away!

This time he tackles the problem of getting shots without showing footprints or evidence that you were there before setting up the shot.

How to Make Lyric Videos – PowerDirector

This is a perfect explanation as to why I would never make a “lyric video!”

It is a slow drawn out affair and you can see that in the video below.

Bear in mind that Maliek had the song lyrics already copied to a text file before he even started!

The way he as shown it is by adding the text to preset or customized “lower thirds” title effects.

That’s fine as it is but another approach would be to treat the lyrics as subtitles and add them through a subtitling module.

This is faster but reduces the amount of customization available.

This one is done in PowerDirector which offers the subtitling alternative as does Corel VideoStudio.

PowerDirector – Create a Disappearing Sequence Scene

Let’s be honest here, there is a lot of cheese that comes with the video effect example shown in this tutorial!

So it is probably best to put all of that aside and focus on the reason I added it to the Friday Roundup for this week.

The importance’s here are the techniques… not the cheesy result!

3 Fake Camera Movements in Wondershare Filmora 11

This is a run through of using the basic zoom and crop feature in Filmora to add fake camera movement.

This effect is actually called the Ken Burns effect as he was the one to first use it extensively in a documentary he made on the American Civil War.

With a limited budget re-enactments were out of the question so he used archival images to piece together the project.

Given it was a video project he used panning and zooming to add life to the images he had access to.

One note to add here is that most video editing software will have the same feature so this is definitely not an effect exclusive to Filmora!

However it is important to note that zooming in on any footage will always cause a loss of image quality so the higher the resoution the better the results.

Color: Custom Curves 101

Over the past few years the color correction and color grading capabilities of your average video editor have improved out of sight.

Even if you are using a very simple video editing program like Corel VideoStudio or Pinnacle Studio you will have access to some pretty powerful features.

Of course these types of features are quite useless in themselves unless you have a good grounding in what they are, what they can do and how they work.

The demo done in the video below uses DaVinci Resolve to run through what “Curve’s” are when it comes to color.

Fortunately it doesn’t really matter what software you are using, most color tools all look pretty much the same as they were inherited from the world of image correction.

Color: HSL Curves 101

OK! You may or may not want to venture into this one but this week we are in the neighborhood of color so might as well go with it!

If you are starting to address color as a subject for your own video projects and you are serious about it, you are going to end up a HSL Curves.

In an effort to lessen that pain here’s a video from Casey Faris covering the whole subject in a relatively straightforward manner!

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The Friday Roundup – YouTube Lighting, Filmora Tips and Solo Shooting


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