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The Friday Roundup – Drone Tips, Shooting Mobile and Solo

Woman holding a video drone complaining about having to learn to fly it.

How To Fly Drones – Beginners Guide

If you are just embarking on your adventure with using drones then this is a good place to start.

It covers the basic settings and functions of your average drone controller as well as some good advice on what you should do before you go out there to get footage.

Remember, the key to drone footage is your ability to fly a drone and has very little to do with your abilities as a cinematographer!

Learn to fly the drone first then start worrying about the quality of your shots.

Improve Your Mobile Videography

The reality is that these days the majority of people are using mobile devices to shoot both stills and video footage.

In fact even those who are using traditional cameras are still supplementing with phone footage so…

In the interests of keeping the quality up and not falling into too many clichés here’s a few tips for you

Quickly Edit a Podcast and Sound Great

Although the title suggests this is for Podcasters and admittedly there are some references to podcast technical specifications, it still stands up as a solid reference for editing any voice track in Audacity.

As a video creator I have access to a number of high end audio programs but the bottom line is that I still use Audacity because it gets the job done.

Best of all it is still free!

  • Download Audacity Free Here 

Filming Yourself as a Solo Creator When Making Outdoor Videos

Some great advice here on how to avoid the trap of ending up with a bunch of the “same ‘ol same ‘ol” footage shooting solo and outdoors.

The temptation is to always end up with selfie style footage that is shot at arms length or at least at the distance of a selfie stick.

This leaves you with very repetitive and restricted shots to work with that no amount of editing is going to compensate for.

How to Tell a Story on YouTube (and Anywhere Else)

Be warned, this is a pretty intense deep dive into exactly what story is when it comes to videos or films and how it applies to any content you may create.

If you have explored this subject at all and are still having trouble grasping the whole idea then maybe take a look at this one.

Does Your YouTube Channel Need a Check-Up?

The main reason I generally include content from Daniel Batal is that when it comes to squeezing every last drop out of Filmora, he is definitely the man!

Interestingly tutorials for Filmora arose on his channel as a side product and are not the main purpose of his YouTube activities.

His real “meat and potatoes” business there concerns how to create and grow a YouTube Channel.

So in light of that the video below is a great live stream on the subject and as always, filled with great content.

How to Make A Boomerang Loop Effect – PowerDirector 365/20

This is a straightforward tutorial for creating a boomerang effect the likes of which are quite popular on TikTok and Instagram.

On those platforms they have automatic filters set up to do the work so once you step outside of that world you are back to creating it the old fashioned way!

It also show a few effects and filters you can use which is also worth taking a look at.

  • PowerDirector Review

PowerDirector – Working with 3rd Party LUTs

Like most advanced video editing software at this level of the market PowerDirector allows you to utilize LUTs as part of the basic color correction and color grading tools.

In this video you can see how to use them as well as adjustments you can make to tailor the results to suit your project or footage.

How to use Motion Tracking in Wondershare Filmora 11

This is an updated walk-through of using the automated Motion Tracking module in Filmora 11.

It not only covers using the tracker itself but also how to attach objects or other assets to the motion path created by the tracker.

  • Filmora Review

Wondershare Filmora 11 Text Insert Effect Tutorial

This is just a simple tutorial showing how to navigate your way around the text and titling areas of Filmora and how to use the controls to customize your results.

How to use Instant Cutter Tool in Wondershare Filmora 11

Recently Wondershare updated Filmora to version 11, added a bunch of new features and everyone seemed to be happy.

Then a few grumbles began to arise and it turned out a popular feature had been removed from the program.

That feature was the Instant Cutter and to be honest I didn’t even know it was missing because I rarely use it.

Apparently this was an oversight by the code monkeys at Wondershare so in the latest version 11.1.2 the Instant Cutter has been restored.

Now I totally understand why people that use it would be miffed at its disappearance.

For a lot of people it is a key part of their editing workflow allowing for fast and simple cutting of footage prior to getting down into more granular actions.

If you are unfamiliar with it the video below is a good introduction to it.

How to Screen Record on Windows 10

Most video editing software programs these days come with a screen recorder built-in as part of the deal.

A few years back this was not the case and a screen recorder cost a lot of money, now it’s just something they throw in for free!

Anyway there is a possible problem with screen recording that often comes down to computer resources.

If you are running process heavy software and are trying to record the screen at the same time it can all get a bit much!

One workaround to this is to try the built-in screen recorder that comes with Windows.

At the link below you can get a tutorial on how to find that program or activate it if you can’t find it as well as tips on how to get the whole thing set up.

  • Windows Screen Recording

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The Friday Roundup – Drone Tips, Shooting Mobile and Solo


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