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The Friday Roundup – Corel VideoStudio Updates and Examples of Story

VideoStudio 2022 splash screen.

Introducing Corel VideoStudio 2022

So this week marked the release of Corel Videostudio 2022 and after having played with it for a few days now it all seems to be pretty good!

So far I am getting that the main theme of the update is leaning very clearly towards the social media content end of the market.

Most of the new tools or improvements to existing ones are quite directly applicable to that corner of the video editing market.

This week I will be putting together an updated review but in the meantime you can see their new promo video below or you can check it all out for yourself at this link: Corel VideoStudio 2022.

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How to Inject Storytelling into Your Videos

One aspect of creating videos that continually comes up is the need to “tell a story.”

You will see this advice repeated over and over yet when it comes to many video projects but just how you do that is often left out.

It is easy to think of “story” when you think of a regular Hollywood movie but it is a whole lot less obvious when it comes to making a “How to” video for YouTube.

The easiest way to get a grip on this concept is through examples so here are some examples!

Video Critique – Some Pointers On Making a How-To Video

This is one of the better video critique episodes I have seen done by any pro filmmaker on YouTube.

And despite the presenter’s uncanny similarity to “Comic Book Guy” from the Simpsons it’s all good!

There are some great tips and advice based on the real world of people just trying to create content for YouTube rather than trying to make some kind of Hollywood blockbuster.

These Videos Can Repeat Anyone Without Editing Skills!

OK so clearly the title of this entry in the Friday Roundup makes absolutely no sense at all!

The guys from Movavi put out some good content but in reality English is not their first language!

So I am guessing here but I think it is supposed to be something like “Video Effects Anyone Without Editing Skills Can Reproduce?”

Anyway there are some good ideas in here and some great little techniques to make your videos interesting to watch.

Dynamic Video Masking in Pinnacle Studio

One of the recurring themes for this year’s video editing software updates seems to be the subject of masking.

That’s probably because the current fashion for short form videos involves extensive use of masking to achieve special effects.

So it’s all very well that these “Johnnies come lately” are lifting their game to match demand but bear in mind Pinnacle Studio has been able to do at all for years now.

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Montages Video in Filmora 11 Using Auto Beat Sync

With the release of Filmora 11 there were a couple of completely new modules added to the program one of which is the Auto Beat Sync feature.

Essentially this an automated module that can analyze footage, detect the beat of music tracks and put the whole thing together as a montage.

Once it is finished the video goes to the timeline so that you can either render it to a completed file from there or add further touches to it.

I don’t personally see much of a use for it but I think that for times when you have a bunch of images and clips that you want to snap into shape quickly it shows great promise.

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Animate a Still Photo using Photo Animation Tools – PowerDirector

So back in the bad ol’ days the only effective way to inject some motion into a still image was by falling back on the old Ken Burns effect.

Most people would know this as using Pan and Zoom to move around the image a little.

These days there are many other ways to add a little movement so that your still images don’t look so… well… still!

This video shows some tricks in PowerDirector but most of them are probably available in other editing software.

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How To Make A YouTube Thumbnail – PowerDirector 365 / 20

This is just a quick tutorial on creating an effective thumbnail for your YouTube videos from within PowerDirector rather than having to go to an external software solution.

PowerDirector – Creative Ways to Customize a Mask

Over the past few years most of the video editing software programs at the consumer level have been adding features and developing at a steady pace.

One of the features they all have been concentrating on is masking.

A lot of the quick special effects videos you see on services like TikTok or YouTube #Shorts etc. rely very heavily on masking so that has kind of driven that development.

The video below is not really all that wizzbang, wow in the results it achieves but it does give a great walkthrough of the masking tools currently in PowerDirector.

It is also worth noting that like color correction tools, the differences in masking modules from software to software doesn’t really change all that much.

So if you learn it in one you can pretty much repeat it in another.

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The Friday Roundup – Corel VideoStudio Updates and Examples of Story


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