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The Friday Roundup – The “Why” of Cutting, Unreal Engine and Effects

Humorous image of female butcher making video editing cuts.

Why Do Editors Cut?

One of the most difficult things to learn as a video editor is also one of the most basic actions and is something that you very rarely see discussed at the beginner level.

What I am talking about here is “the cut.”

By that I mean the actual point where you cut from one shot to the next.

That action is one of the most important things in learning editing yet probably the least discussed.

Teachers will happily bang on about transitions and effects and all sorts of things at that cut point (how to cut) but rarely just the simplicity of the decision itself.

Check the video below for a little more understanding.

Make Your Video Edits Stand Out

Although this one is a little advanced, a lot of it can be done in your average video editing software these days.

Probably the biggest takeaway from it is in the breakdown he does of his own video.

One main point to notice is that the elements he uses in the final video are there for a reason and he explains those reasons very clearly.

Those elements are NOT there because he has access to them and can use them!

That’s an important point!

Consumer level video editors like Pinnacle Studio and VideoStudio come with a mountain of effects and transitions prepackaged with the software.

Just because you have them doesn’t necessarily mean you have to use them!

Why @Doctor Mike’s content is SO GOOD

This is a great breakdown of some of the basic points that you will hear just about every Youtube “guru” cover at some point.

The reason this one is so good is that D’Laina from Video Creators has taken a YouTube channel that is wildly successful and used it to illustrate those exact points and how they have been implemented.

Do This If You Run Out Of Youtube Video Ideas

Just about every person that sets out on a YouTube Channel adventure hits a point where they run absolutely flat on ideas for another video.

Sometimes it seems like YouTube and YouTube audiences are these insatiable beasts that just endlessly need feeding!

Most people when they hit that point give up.

That’s why it is so easy to find YouTube Channels that have 5 to 10 videos and have clearly been abandoned!

There are many ways others manage to push through this barrier so in the video below here are a few suggestions.

Make a 3D Character of Yourself – Unreal Engine 5 + Metahuman

The guys at Cinecom been playing around with Unreal Engine for a little while now and are quickly getting themselves up to pace on the whole thing.

In light of that they have been posting some tutorial videos that cover the very basics of the platform and how to use it.

For any who don’t know, unreal engine is a free 3D creation tool that is capable of rendering entire “worlds” just like you see in the most advanced gaming programs.

In this video they have a bit of fun with some other free programs to create 3D characters of themselves then add them to an Unreal Engine project.

Although it all sounds very advanced and complicated it is actually quite simple to pull off.

PowerDirector – Overview of the Roll and Paper Tear Transitions

This is a run through of some of the new effects that were added in the most recent version PowerDirector for 365 or DirectorSuite 365 subscribers.

  • DirectorSuite 365 Review

Creative Lyric Videos With 3 Easy Text Effects – PowerDirector

In the video below there are some good examples of using some of the preset assets within PowerDirector or just about any video editing software to create something exceptional.

One of the downsides to people using preset transitions and effects is that they tend to just unthinkingly add whatever it is and expect a good result.

What they end up getting is something that is usually cheesier than a double cheese pizza with extra cheese!

More often than not it is not the actual effect that is the problem.

The problem is HOW the effect has been applied so check out the video below to see what I mean.

How to Add Music in Filmora X

This is a pretty basic tutorial in Filmora covering the various ways you can add music to a video project.

It covers adding music from within the existing Filmora audio library as well as from an external point on your computer.

It also lays out some of the available tools you can use on an audio track to manipulate it into how you want.

  • Filmora Review

How to Create a Youtube Channel in 2022

When it comes to the creation of a YouTube Channel the importances tend to change a little every few months.

That adds up to those changes being quite dramatic when viewed over the period of a years or more so…

Below is an updated version of that common theme as it stands today!

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The Friday Roundup – The “Why” of Cutting, Unreal Engine and Effects


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