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11 Instagram Tools to Improve Your Marketing

Many businesses are eager to include the Instagram platform in their social media marketing plan because there is no match of Instagram among the rest of all photo sharing networks or apps. Nobody wants to be left behind, whether it’s about business or any other opportunity in life. No doubt, your business needs to be present on the social media networks for the better growth and establishment. The development of the business on different platforms requires the overall the study of all the basic components and concepts about different networks. They should make effort to get to know the users of the platforms on their own personal views and terms.

Many people get to stick to only one or two social media networks like Facebook or Twitter or Pinterest as they came into existence a long time ago. Old businesses find it risky to trust the new social media platforms. But, they should give a chance to Instagram as well, as it is the most top rated social media network these days which has created a lot buzz. You should start to trust and learn the new platforms as everyone is getting towards the greatest social network and you are not the part of it yet.

SocialShop helps you the best in getting you the new likes and buy Followers to your account. These real followers will stick to your profile and will help you get more followers. They offer the most reasonable deals to buy the followers which will not the risky ones. Every business crosses the hurdle to reach its designed destination. All it wants is the best effort, hard work, proper timing and compromising things in life. Unlike many other social media platforms with an uncertain future, Instagram guarantees you the safe success in future. SocialShop further helps you in achieving the goals. It’s not that difficult to set up a new business base on a new platform, as the tasks of running the business, dealing with the consumers and clients and the managing other minor things are all the same. Only some of the strategies change according to the criteria of the social media platform. Instagram has become one the most powerful social media network which is setting the new trends and is attracted more and more business towards itself.

Instagram has proven to be the best platform for the brand building and it offers the best opportunity for the gaining more followers and for making your brand to reach new goals. About 80 million photos are being updated to Instagram on the daily basis by its huge number of the active users. And as to set up the business, what can more good and effective than this opportunity? The businesses who want to build a valuable number of audiences should consider Instagram as the first priority. The 60% of the Instagram user lies in the age range from 18 to 19 which is worth noting. This percentage really helps you choosing and letting to start a new business on Instagram as well, irrespective of all the other platforms which are supporting your business too.

Because of the growing popularity, you can use the available Instagram tools for better results and improve the marketing strategy on Instagram. We have listed below some of the Instagram tools to make your choice easier. Make your best effort and use them properly to gain the optimal results.

  1.    Hootsuite:

Hootsuite is a platform that serves to help as the social media management. Their main acts include the scheduling and publishing the posts that help you in being organized. One of the best ways to make your business progress well and meet the demands according to your plan is working on making the tasks divided and scheduled well. Make the best use of this Instagram tool to schedule your work in advance. This is will further give you a satisfied feeling. You would not be worried about the tasks and risks that can come in your way to success. The scheduling also let you be tension free and plan ahead more things that would help in the future as well. Making future plans gives you confidence in bringing up with the new schemes. You will not even be stressful thinking and remembering the date and time to publish the posts. In the meanwhile, after scheduling, you can look over some of the other issues. When the time to publish the posts comes, Hootsuite sends you a notification. To deal with the competitive environment of Instagram, you need to post the content on regular basis to engage your followers. Continuing with a flow helps you gain more followers and your followers will stick with your profile without any doubt or confusion in their minds. This practice helps you gain the trust of your followers. The new Instagram followers will be converted into the long-term loyal followers which will make your business promoted well.

  1.    VSCO Cam (Photo editing):

The quality, editing, lights, colors, pixels, captions and style of the poster is what basically attracts the people and let you build up a strong number followers. After the launch of the app in 2013, it has revolutionized the images and videos on the Instagram. Although, Instagram itself has the filters and editing roles which most the people use to make the pictures look cool. But the use of such filters by the neutral population is fine, though good to them. Being an owner of different brands, it does not suit you and your brand to choose the same filters for doing the editing. Make your brand look different and catchy from all the others present in the same line, otherwise, the competition is so tough that it will not let you come up and look attractive to others. The photo editing app lets the blurriest of the picture to be transformed into the sharp and bright image. It will give a look at a work of an art with sharp contrasting features and crisp edges. In the start, just to check the effectiveness, you can make use of the first 10 filters, if you feel good and satisfied by using them you can later purchase the other filters at the app shop. The consistent users know about the facts of editing the pictures well. Adjusting the brightness, contracts, sharpness, colors, saturation and etc. there may be the chances that other of your competitors would also be using this app and they are not opening about its use. You also have to work full concentration and plan to win the battle with others.

  1.    Buffer for Instagram:

Planning and taking care of all the factors demands a lot of time and management. The first thing to focus on is managing your account details. Whether it comes to posting images, interacting with the followers, dealing with the problems, looking up for new and unique content and a lot more, it requires a managed sequence. The buffer is an amazing time saver app when it comes to managing the social media apps. It does not require any learning curves or points. The best thing about this app is its easy use. This fact helps the beginners also to use this for the effective results and lets their brand to come in competition with the others. You can use the first 10 scheduling posts for free as the trial. If you feel comfortable, you can continue its use by paying a little bit of amount. All you need to do is hook up your account to it, schedule your posts and that’s it, you are done with it. It also helps you to publish things on different platforms rather than only Instagram.

  1.    Combin:

Attracting a huge number of followers let your brand to come in competition with others. Otherwise, working on all other facts and figures will not let you come up to compete with others. Doing unique things will get you more followers, whether to work on managing the things uniquely or posting the content which will new to the people. Or else the followers will not stick to your account. You have to pay some attention in engaging the audience. The Combin is an app which will function as the Instagram growth tool. It has aimed to attract to an organic number of audience. The app uses the following points which will help you to search quickly for the things related to your targeted audience,

  •        Hashtags
  •        Locations
  •        Hashtags and locations
  •        Comments of your competitors.

You can also perform multiple tasking on various accounts by the use of this app. It helps in the management of 5 Instagram accounts and updates the results of the searches done, limits the daily actions and many other features which are available of the new users or the old ones as well, mentioned in the advanced category. The multi-tasking activity is what makes it more attractive and effective for use.

  1.    Layout for Instagram:

Posting collages are one of the basic elements that were so in last days and have now taken the backseat because of the other collage options present. But still, the old concepts always have a bold impact on the people and they make use of it more often. This ideal element always makes up the bigger part of the social network. Depending upon this fact and focusing on its value and needs, Instagram has launched their own tool for helping their users to create the collages, named as Layout for Instagram. The launch of this new app has cut down the usage of the other app like Picstitch or Diptic, which were so in use by the people. Instead of picking up the one best picture, which is a tough job, you can select the random pictures and make a collage of them to represent the best of the memories related to an event or the function. The users of the layout know that they have a lot of options in collage making also. They can choose the best of the suited borders, colors, visibility, the thickness of the boundaries, and the number of photos combined in one collage.

  1.    Hyperlapse for Instagram (Video editing) :

Although the fact of posting videos for attracted more people came late into trend list but came with a bang. The fact really worked well and helped many new beginners to catch up with the new audience. There are many of the video editing apps present, especially for the mobile users. But there is a point to focus that Instagram only lets you posts the limited length of the video, about 15 seconds. People started worrying about that how they can be creative and accurate at the same time in a shorter duration of the video. The answer to this worry was given by the Hyperlapse for Instagram, which is the app created by the photo network to help the users to create the short but accurate video with the high-quality result.

  1.    Linktree:

Who would not take an advantage of the free tool which will help you in optimizing the traffic to your Instagram? It does not depend on your work or specialization. The app works good for everybody, whether you are the artist, blogger or an optimist content writer. You are allowed to post only one link in your bio which defines your overall work experience and content present your profile. You have to make the best use of the one present opportunity. And you should send your followers to your blogs, articles, events, stores and what, not through that one available link in bio.

  1.    Boomerang:

Another great way to appeal to your audience is the use of the great tool, Boomerang. You have to make a well-developed strategy for engaging more and more people towards your brand. You have to communicate with the audience in the way they will love to communicate as well. Nowadays, boomerang videos have become the important part of the Instagram language. The best part about the use of boomerang is that the videos are audio less and you don’t have to be worried about the unnecessary audios in the background while making up the videos. No time will be wasted in searching writing the dialogues. Just look around for the best scenes and capture the moments and make interesting videos about your products for doing the best promotions. You just have to focus on a point that even a second can make a difference.

  1.    Repost:

Interacting with the followers always gives a good impression about you and your brand on them. A report is a tool which will help you in sharing the content posted by the users. When you will the share the posts of your followers they will build a stronger trust in you. They will know that you actually appreciate their content and their opinions do mean a lot to you. It’s so easy to use this app. All it requires is the click and share of the content, that’s it. It also helps you to create the bookmarks which will be helpful in letting you know about the posts you have to report. This app really helps in building a strong relationship between the client and you. Make the best use of this free app available for having the best results.

  1.    Crowdfire:

Another useful app on this list is the Crowdfire. This app helps in managing the number of followers and followings. Make use of this app for getting your number of followers in an order. The tools help you in identifying the ones you don’t follow you back, or the ones who have followed you but are mostly inactive on Instagram. It gives you the option to unfollow them easily. It also gives you the opportunity to follow those people who have interest in your services or products. You can also monitor the effects of new schemes and updates on the users. It generates the number of suggested followers on which you can rely on in the future.

  1.    Kapwing Instagram video tool:

The tool has five basic video features which helps those people who want to work on the editing of the videos but don’t know much about the use of video editing software. It features include,

  •        Video resizer which helps in resizing the video without making any change in the quality of the video.
  •        Video meme maker helps in adding up the texts up or down in the video.
  •        Subtitle maker adds up the subtitles to your videos to convey your message to the audience.
  •        Video trimming facility is also available in this tool. That will make your video to be of 15 seconds long only.
  •        Sounds effects will give a cooler appearance of your video.

Final Verdict

Now if you are someone who is eager to make his Instagram marketing game strong then you’ve got to use these tools while marketing your brand or product. You see the competition out there is increasing at a rapid pace and the sooner you make efforts to win this game, the better it will be.

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11 Instagram Tools to Improve Your Marketing


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