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8 methods to increase impression and RPM- SEO

Well,  I'm not an SEO expert but I know a little bit and what you will read further in this post is a military level secret. I am going to tell you some techniques and attempts and, of course, some stoicism, with all these you can gain the best ranks in the search engine results.

Evidently, not all storyline are the same, neither all blogs are positioned in the same manner, some might have great competition than others depending on them how popular topic they handle.Here are some efforts which can be done to gain good search engine rankings:-

1.Focus on Topic 

Whatever the topic of your blog is, when you try to Write an Seo Optimized Blog post, focus on a specific subject that has a clear purpose, with no distractions. For example, if you write about "Gadgets", then the beginning and ending of your post should be only about it. Don't start talking about digital cameras and end up telling about what you have done last weekend. A reader goes to a page because is looking for a specific information. So, unless it is not a personal blog (where you write about your daily life), do not stray from the topic.

2. Define Post Title Clearly

The post title should be short and to the point so that you can briefly outline the content of the post, but you shouldn't abuse this either. Although it has to be concise, don't try to 'save' words which might be keys to the search.
Example :-

1. A collection of all gadgets that have bee released last year.

2. Best Gadget of the year 2015.

Clearly, the first one hasn't been defined very much, and the second one is not only more accurate, but it is also more relevant for what people are searching on the internet.

3.The Keywords

Keywords are those terms that the most people are searching for on the internet and you should try focusing on them when writing a post; these keywords need to be included throughout the entire post, but be careful to not overstuff keywords into your content.
Example :-

1.During the fourth week of the technology, there were many products that are utilized today and the most famous experts gave a speech on them.

2.At the opening of the fourth Technology Week, the experts talked about various topics, including how to choose a digital camera, had discussions about the pros and cons of the iPad, and which are the best smartphones.

In the first example, we have written without paying attention to any terms. While, in the second one, we used phrases that are searched on the internet by the most users.So, the most popular keywords should be included wisely without cluttering your posts with them, or it can be counterproductive.Again, these keywords should be included in the posts title, as well.

4.Better if you use Synonyms

While it's a good strategy to use specific keywords, we should not limit ourselves to a single word. It is recommended using synonyms because users do not name things in the same way and using fewer keywords, we can avoid leaving the impression that we are being too repetitive and insistent.

5.Using bold and italics

A good practice when you Write Seo Optimized blog posts would be to make the keywords bold by wrapping them in strong tags so that they will stand out from the rest. But keep in mind that this shouldn't be done with CSS, but with HTML, i.e. they should not be tagged with but rather with even better <b>, with <strong>

6.Using External links

Another important thing to mention is that we should avoid putting the typical "click here" or similar texts. When you put a link, the anchor text should be fairly descriptive.

7.Rank with your images

Posts with images are not only visually appealing but might help the reader to understand what you are talking about. So, whenever you can, use an image in your post to illustrate the writing, but don't overdo it. Many images or very large images can slow the loading time of the blog.

8.New and relevant content

You should focus not only on writing many posts but also making them relevant to your readers. New and original content are more attractive to the search engines than a copy & paste (actually, the last gets penalized). So try to write new stuff, even if you think that all has been said. Each person has a different way of saying things.Also, always get informed before writing a post. Do a research and see if the information is valid; based on that, you will gain the trust of your readers.


With these few techniques, you can increase the chances of ranking your posts higher in search engines. As I mentioned earlier, these aren't things that no one heard about, but I know that many are beginners and may not know how to write SEO Optimized Blog posts.

It does not hurt repeating that the results won't appear overnight, but with some effort and patience, you should see the desired results over time.

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8 methods to increase impression and RPM- SEO


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