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Cards Against Humanity Online Game with PDF

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Cards against Humanity online game is one type of card game that is very special and special. The game itself describes itself as a party game for terrible people. The players expect questions and answers with lots of black humor. We present you the original game Cards Against Humanity and give you the link to download. You’ll also find out where you can play Cards Against Humanity online in English with your friends.

Cards against humanity online game thanks to Kickstarter

Cards against humanity online game was invented by former students of Highland Park High School. They wanted to design a game for New Year’s Eve. Some of the people have written questions on black cards; others have the answers on white cards. Through the different question and response cards, the resulting sentences produced funny but also often macabre meanings. The game was called “Hyper theatricals“. Later, the name was changed to Cards Against Humanity.

The game spread very quickly. The graduates opted for a Kickstarter campaign to provide additional capital for the production and marketing of Cards Against Humanity Collection. On 1 December 2010 launched the campaign. Already after two weeks, 4,000 US dollars were donated. When the Kickstarter campaign ended on January 30, 2011, the students collected over $ 15,000 for the game.

The capital required was reached after two weeks.
Cards Against Humanity: The Tsar wants to be beset
The rules in Cards Against Humanity are easily explained. In the beginning, each player draws 10 white cards. These could be, for example:

• Horse meat
• Justin Biber
• Dead babies
• A broken condom

After each player has drawn his cards, a tsar is selected. This can be arbitrarily determined, or you choose the elders, the wisest, the least, whatever. The Czar wants to be covered by the other players and draws a black card – the question card and reads it aloud.
A question card always contains at least one vacancy in which the response card should fit. One possible question would be:

Studies have shown that ____________ is good for health.
____________ was not as good as I thought.

Now the other players must choose a card from their cards. They choose the card, in which they think they like the Czar. This often creates funny or macabre sentences.

The Czar takes all the hidden white cards and mixes them well, so he no longer knows which card is from which player. He chooses the best card for him. If your card were the best, you would receive the question card (black) as a trophy. The more black cards you have, the more “Awesome Points” you have. All the white cards of the game come away and everyone draws a new card from his card deck. The new Czar is the player who won the last round.
Before you start playing Cards against humanity online game, you should determine the number of points you can play. The first to reach the score is the winner.
Clear gameplay, lots of cards

The handling in Cards against humanity online game is very simple. The player has a clear selection of response cards and selects the card he thinks is the best. After each round, the played card is removed, and a new one is drawn. The game is clear. Each player knows who the current Czar is. By playing round after round, the tsar changes after each question.

The delivery of Cards Against Humanity is composed of a set of 550 cards. There are 460 white cards and 90 black cards. Also, a game guide is included. If this is not enough, you can buy additional Cards Against Humanity Extensions. These are mostly related to a particular topic.

Play Cards Against Humanity for free

Cards Against Humanity you can play with your friends at home. The inventors provide the original game for free download in the English version. Just print out all the cards and cut them out.

Here you can download the Cards Against Humanity PDF-Download.

Play Cards Against Humanity Online Free in English

If you want to play Cards Against Humanity Online in German on your computer or laptop with your friends, we have something interesting for you. We found a clone of the game on the Internet. The questions, however, are the same.

Just select the server below and scroll down to the “Take me to the game!” Button. Choose your player name and login. Now you can join already existing games, or you can open your own room (where you can also assign a password) by clicking on “Create Game.”

In addition to certain game options, you can also select which game cards to play. However, these are mostly in English. If you want to play with German cards, simply enter the following in the “Chat with game members” at the bottom of the screen:

/ Addcardcast J9FAA
/ Addcardcast 09SSB
/ Addcardcast 7431J

You are now adding three German card sets, and you can play Cards Against Humanity Online in English with your friends.
Create your own server and invite your friends!

Cards Against Humanity as an App for iPhone, iPad and more (Update)

A Card Against Humanity app is now available. This web app runs on all devices. No matter whether on iPhone, iPad, Android or computer. From now on, you can play with your friends all over the App Cards Against Humanity – free of charge.
We will introduce you to the Cards Against Humanity App in our short contribution. Learn what you can do with Cards Against Originality and how to play your first match with your friends.

• The Cards Against Humanity App runs on all devices
• 4-20 players
• Approx. 45 minutes
• women and men
• From 17 years
Great Lob Cards against Humanity, the game is perfect

More customer reviews on Amazon of ‘Cards against humanity online game’

• Lots of black humor
• High quality playing material
• Simple game rules
• Multiple response options
• Game can be expanded with new cards
• Relatively high price
• Nothing for tender
• Not suitable for infants and children

Cards Against Humanity brings the point: cards against humanity! For this reason, the game in my eyes is only for those who do not break out in a whiplash with black humor. Sometimes very macabre sentences come out. But also funny sentences guarantee a laugh attack. Although the game has gotten very old, but also here, it knows as well as nobody knows. I like the game very much, as it always makes me laugh. A classic party game where you want more and more questions.

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Cards Against Humanity Online Game with PDF


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