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Best Fallout 4 Easter Eggs

The latest installment in the Fallout franchise has been out for a few months now, but there are more than enough easter eggs out in this latest wasteland adventure that continue to be found by gamers every single day. With the first DLC pack being released sometime later this month, one of the highly anticipated games of 2015 has more than enough easter eggs that will keep you entertained until that new content hits the market. Here our are top 20 easter eggs found in Fallout 4.

20. UFO Sighting 

Fallout 4_20160303161540

There is a crashed alien ship that can be found in the wasteland, and a special weapon along with it. In order to reach it however, you need to have grown up to around level 20 to trigger a random event that occurs. While theres speculations that you can get the blaster before hitting level 20, we highly recommend that you tackle this easter egg at level 20 or higher.

19. Jaws In Fallout

Jaws Reference

There is a Reference to JAWS just outside of Oberland Station. On the waters you’ll notice a large boat with a corpse and large sea creature inside. You can find a machete weapon near the corpse on the ground. This specific easter egg is a reference to the death scene from the movie, where the character Quint is killed by the a large shark on the boat.

18. Ted the Bear 

Ted Reference

Remember Ted, the talking teddy bear? Well there is an easter egg reference to the Seth McFarland movie, Ted found within Back Street Apparel. Once you enter into the store, you’ll notice a teddy bear toy wearing glasses sitting on the toilet in one of the bathrooms. This is a direct reference to a scene in which Ted literally is reading the paper on the toilet. Best part is you can remove the bear as well as the copy of the Boston Bugle he is wearing and bring him back with you to your sanctuary.

17. The Toy Story Monkey

Toy Story Reference

Anyone who has seen Toy Story 3, will remember that monkey character in the movie. If you’ve played Fallout 4, you’ve probably seen the creepy monkey with cymbals that lights up and starts making a racket when you get close to it. We’ve found this monkey all over the wasteland and it’s a direct reference to Pixar’s fantastic animated movie from 2010. While the photo above is one place you can find him, you can find this Monkey in various places all over the in-game setting, even in different costumes too depending on where you are at.

16. Donkey Kong Inspired Mini Game

Donkey Kong Reference

Fallout 4 features several mini games that you’ll acquire via holotapes and play via the Pip Boy. One of them is called Red Menace, which is a direct reference to the classic Nintendo arcade game, Donkey Kong!

15. The Submarine

Submarine Reference

If you’re in the mood to go for a dip, you can wade out into the waters off the coast and find a submersible to explore. There’s even a quest to do. If you go inside the submarine you’ll find a nice surprise in it!

14. Vault-Tec in Real Life

Fallout 4_20151111193137

If you head over to Sanctuary, head on over to the house you reside in prior to the nuclear explosion. Head to the kitchen and on the side of the fridge, you’ll find a Vault-Tec calendar along with a phone number to Vault-Tec. You can actually call the number in real life! So long as you don’t remove the fridge in Sanctuary, you’ll still be able to see this little easter egg post-nuclear explosion! Just don’t expect any Vault-Tec reps try to sell you any access into one of their vaults.

13. The Loner

Lone Wanderer Reference

Those who have played Fallout 3, then you probably know that the main character is referred to as the Lone Wanderer. In Fallout 4, the character is referred to as the Sole Survivor. In Fallout 4, there is a tribute to Fallout 3’s protagonist in the form of a decal on a motorcycle. This easter egg is one of the first ones you can see at the start of the game.

12. Christmas time in Diamond City

Diamond City XMas

Even Diamond City can be festive around the holiday season. When the in-game calendar hits December 25, the inhabitants of Diamond City have set up decorations with christmas lights, and all sorts of decorations that associate with the holiday to celebrate.

11. Edger Allen Poe

Edgar Allen Poe

If you’re familiar with the famous scribe Edger Allen Poe you’ll probably enjoy this easter egg. Head down to The Castle catacombs, there is a reference to the Poe story Cask of Amontillado in the game, and you can even grab the awesome Minutemen General outfit while you’re down there!

10. Blade Runner

Good Noodles


Blade Runner is one of the most popular and greatest science fiction movies ever. To honor this amazing movie, Bethesda’s included a couple of references to the game inside Fallout 4. One of the easter eggs is pretty obvious to identify if you’ve watched the film. There is a food stand in Diamond City run by a robot called Takahashi. In Blade Runner, Harrison Ford’s character enjoys a bowl served by a man who only speaks Japanese.

9. Nirnroot Plant

Experimental Plant

What kind of company would Bethesda be without making a reference to The Elder Scrolls series? One of the best Elder Scrolls references can be the nirnroot plant. Known as “Experimental Plant” in Fallout 4, fans of this open world ARPG will recognize this easter egg in a split second, which makes me wonder if the Elder Scrolls and Fallout are set in the same universe (come on, Bethesda just confirm it already!)

8. Bioshock


Anyone who has played Bioshock knows who Big Daddys and Little Sisters are. Roaming the wasteland is a little girl named Kat, and Gus, the big robot protecting her. While you are not required to perform a certain quest or trigger anything, this pair is just a random encounter while you roam the world.

7. Kingdom of the Crystal Skull 

Billy In The Fridge

Was the Blade Runner not enough to satisfy your Harrison Ford fandom? Anyone who has seen Kingdom of the Crystal Skull will surely remember the scene where Indiana Jones hides in a fridge to protect himself from a nuclear blast in the movie. While you will not find Harrison Ford in the fridge, instead you’ll find, Billy who was hiding in this home appliance for 200 years! After you free him from the fridge you can help him in his quest to find his parents!

6. Saw Maze

Saw Maze

Want to play a little game? If you head to the location in between Fallon’s Department Store and Milton General Hospital you’ll find a door which will lead you into a parking garage filled with many jigsaw traps in reference to the Saw movies. But word to the wise, it is best if you head down the maze in some power armor as it can be pretty dangerous as you roam down there.

5. Vault-Tec Guy is alive!

Vault Tec Rep

Remember in the beginning of the game, when a rep from Vault-Tec was at your front step trying to talk to you and remember how he couldn’t get into Vault 111? Well good news, he is still alive! If you head to Good Neighbor into the Rexford Hotel, you will find him in his room. Once you engage in a conversation with him, he will remember the Sole Survivor, and will express his anger for not being able to get inside the Vault after working there for 20 years, you can also persuade him to come live at Sanctuary too!

4. The House of Cats

House of Cats

Still a bit bummed that there are no cats at Sanctuary? Is having Dogmeat as a companion not satisfying to you? Well here’s an easter egg that might peak your interest. Head over to Diamond City and lock pick a door, once you unlock this you’ll realize the name of the house if the Hawthrone Residence. Head on inside the house and you’ll see the entire house is filled with enough felines that makes any cat lover go ballistic.

3. Secret Room in Diamond City



Head on over to Diamond City, then get onto the roofs of the city’s buildings, you will have to do a few difficult jumps, along with getting yourself in a glitch through walls. To make this easter egg a bit easier to find, try taking some Jet to help slow down time. If you manage to get inside the secret room, you’ll find a mini nuke, along with some various other rounds of ammunition.

2. South Park Reference

Red Rocket Station

For anyone who has seen South Park you might recall the episode ‘Proper Condom Use’ where the boys found out how they can make “milk” come out of a dog. During the episode they refer the dogs private parts as “red rocket”. This reference can actually be found in the beginning of the game, when you are introduced to Dogmeat he will be at the gas station known as “Red Rocket Station.”

1. USS Constitution 

USS Constituion

The USS Constitution, while sadly you cannot take this ship out to sea, you can certainly climb aboard it. The ship is run by a crew of Robots led by the charismatic Captain Ironsides. The player can get inside by either going inside of the building that the ship rests on, or by using the list at the stern to access the deck directly.

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Best Fallout 4 Easter Eggs


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