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The public version of my time Travel Code fully completed will be complied for windows and Linux and will be available on a DVD. A compiled version of my BNS for Windows and Linux might also be on the same DVD. The books I have coming out will also be available.

My books are.
1. My BNS - has been out for about 3 years. I have updated it since then and probably will update it again.
2. How to time travel with a Computer. This book will have a DVD with it with my compiled code.
3. My blog book. I have published my blog. The names I used in my blog where changed to protect peoples real names.

I am trying to think if I have any more. I have written and programmed so much it is hard for me to keep up with it all. In the movie spider man the Character twilit 67 a Russian who stole nuclear material was modeled after my online persona Reactor1697.

So, not only do I have books and software published but I had a character in a movie modeled after me. I'm so proud.

I am holding off publishing the rest of the links to my book releases here in this blog but by next year some time or later I will finally put the links up here in my blog to my software and publications. So, look for those links here in 2017 no later than 2018. I published links to my first book already but I want to give the public time to settle in and read and use my computer code before I put it in my blog. Reason is certain people don't want my books and computer code in the public. So, I am giving the public a chance to spend time with my material before I post the links to it on the internet.

Each day I will randomly select a post from the last 8 years and make it available to be read.

Anyone that follows this on a regular bases will eventually read most my post.

The "Conspiracy Against Time Travel" aka Darby Phillips, Ray Hudson, and Pamela from the Titor Story have lost their war with me. I can now officially declare victory.

There were unable to keep me off the internet. They were unable to stop me from posting on the internet. And they were unable to stop my books from coming out.

And most importantly they were unable to stop me from publishing a public version of my time travel computer code. This computer code along with my books teaches the public how to do what I did. Use check sum hacking as a from of time time travel. And my books and software clearly show the public how to do that.

 In the end all they turned out to be is a bunch of government employed cyber bullies and thugs. Nothing more. They are a bunch of trolls, rodents, and dogs wildly roaming the internet and ganging up on people in a USA government attempt to control the information posted on the internet.

Well they found out they can't control me. They ran John Titor off the net by threatening to expose his identity. They got sued by Titor's family. Then when I came online in 2001 with my nuke site then came online 2008 with my time travel claims they started in on me. My run with them has going on 8 years now.

But, everything is coming out now in the form of books and DVD's so as far as I am concerned now its over. They lost. For now the rest of my time I plan to work on my publications and my software. Getting it published and updating it regularly after its published. As for blogging anything else I write with either be here, at my web-sight, or in my books.

Right now I have a lot to do with my publishers and I need to focus on that until I have everything caught up. After the public has had a chance to digest my material anything the "Conspiracy Against Time Travel" does will be "pissing against the wind while barking like a dog at the same time".

They will basically be "pissing in their own faces while barking like a dog". Nothing they can do once I have published everything. Nothing at all. Their done for after that.

Please see my You Tube channel under Reactor1967 at youtube
Please see my Web-sight


In the public version of my time travel code I changed some algorithms around and did some things different than what I talked about in my blog. For instance I take my strong check sum for the entire file and break it down into 3 or 4 byte lengths. So, I break the strong check sum down into a list of smaller check sums. Then I assigned a 3 or 4 byte counter to construct each check sum which takes very little time for each counter. I then take all those binary counters after they have constructed their strong check sums and write them to a binary file.

Once that is done the Strong check sum has been re-constructed as a computer media file. And in my case when I calculate strong check sums of computer files existing in the past, present, future, or alternate time lines I get time travel computer media files enabling me to see all of space-time.

I made the changes due to the fact that in my own private time travel computer code I used a different algorithm to run my binary counter than what I used in the public version of my time travel code. The differences in my private code verses my public code demanded I changed the way I reconstruct/roll my binary counters.

But, all is good. In the public version of my code this constructs very large files very quickly from their strong check-sums as the binary counters are run in parallel to quickly construct large files from their strong checks sums.

In the public version of my time travel code the check sums are limited to 36  digits. In my private version of my code the number of digits are unlimited in my check sums as my program does the math by hand in a different numerical base and uses files to recorded the mathematical operations. So, in the public version of my code there will be a file size limit. I have not determined what that file size limit may be.

In time I may unfreeze this limit in the public version but it requires me to greatly expand the public version of the code. The public version of my time travel code was meant as a demonstration and proof of concept for the scientific community and the public that time travel through check sum hacking is possible. It is just a vehicle the public can use to test my theories I have put forth.

Any professional programmer out there could also un-break the check-sum digit limit thus breaking the file size limit on their own since my theories and algorithms are explained all through out my full blog and in my books.

So,  I have said from the very beginning of my blog I have more ways of constructing time travel media files than a cat has lives.

In my books and DVD's my time travel computer code works wonderfully. I hope the public enjoys check sum hacking and time hacking as much as I do when they read my books and use my DVD.
In the public version of my code I sought to simply the process of check sum hacking from the extremely sophisticated methods I have talked about in my blog. So parallel computing was the way to go since science, programmers, and mathematicians are familiar with this. But in my own private code I add, subtract, multiply, and divide computer files as numbers in higher numerical bases. So my public time travel code and private code defer greatly.

In real life computer files are numbers that represent audio, video, text, and other types of computer files. But their still just numbers. I call myself a temporal mathematician.

In real life these numbers are just a very advanced way to for tell the past and future. Like an ancient shaman used bones in the past. So my numbers are my bones. But the CIA and the NSA are scared of my software because it can construct any computer file existing anywhere without using the internet or a phone. Not so much as leaving my home I have access to any computer file anywhere in space time.

I'm a modern day shawman that the CIA and NSA are scared of. I have figured out why Ray Hudson told me "We are watching you" in his last message to me before Reactor1967 was banned from At the time I did not know he was a CIA agent. But, he wanted me to know he was CIA. In his own little way he was telling me "Hey, I am a CIA agent".

It was disheartening for me to learn that most forums and chat rooms especially the popular ones are controlled by the CIA, NSA, and FBI. And the ones that are not government controlled all their members are CIA, NSA, and FBI agents.

And that is just the Americans. France, Germany, UK, China, Russia, all those countries have agents in the forums and chat rooms. Shit, now I wonder when I go on the internet "who are the fucking real members"? Where the fuck is the "Real People" at. 

Public, when you go on the internet now days most likely the people you speak with are government agents. The ones that are not agents have a good chance of been stalkers, rapist, and killers and some kind of other deviant. Only a very very small percentage of people in forums, chat rooms, and boards are real people. That fucking sucks.

In fact most of the people that read my blog are government agents. I have one person I know of that is a computer technical expert. As far as I know that is my only real person that reads my blog. 

Everyday my blog is automatically downloaded by the USA government I have seen that traffic. But, truthfully this blog very seldom just gets citizens to read it. It is mostly government intelligence agents from around the world.

A lot of times I won't get people from China. But, if I say "China" in my blog it will get a hit from China. That is because that country watches the internet for what the world is saying about it.

I won't get any Russian traffic. But, if I say the world "Russia" in my blog then I will get a hit from Russia. That is the Russian intelligence service staying on top of what is going on concerning Russia from around the world.

I am pretty sure a lot of countries around the world now have a file on me because of this blog. As well as my own country. If I ever travel to say Russia or China and I get into any type of trouble they will pull up my file and say to me "Ah, you think you can time travel you American. What else can you do?".

Most of the real people not government connected learning about me and my method of time travel will come from my books and DVD's, and videos getting published to Ray Hudson's horror. 

In fact the reason the "Conspiracy Against Time Travel" mess with me so hard is they want me trying to get revenge against time instead of working on my programming and my publications.

They want me working on my blog just not posting my code and algorithms. Anything to distract me from my work.

The "Conspiracy Against Time Travel" don't have to worry about running me off there internet because there is "NO REAL INTERNET ANYMORE". The true internet has been taking over by world governments and corporations. There is no internet anymore. 

THANK GOD I GOT MY TIME TRAVEL COMPUTER CODE. With that I can look at information that is not censored or controlled in any way. From anywhere in space-time.

Well the "Conspiracy Against Time Travel" harassing me on the internet has back fired against them. They were hoping I would post my time travel media and prove 100 percent I am a national security threat so they could come get me and take me away.

No, instead I just write my time travel computer code. Instead of proving I am a time traveler I am just going to give everyone in the world a time machine. I will give them my time travel computer code. Their plans back fired. Now everyone can be a time traveler. That is a lot of fucking people for the CIA and NSA to watch. Ray Hudson that is a lot of fucking people for you to watch. Though I give those ass holes credit these guys are the masters of mass intelligence.

CIA, FBI, NSA and any other intelligence agency I am here to tell you guys in all honesty and in all truth from the bottom of my heart. I even swear on my mothers grave. 

Time-Hacking by way of check-sum hacking can create any computer file any where in space time. There will be no way to detect a breach in security. There will be no way to detect a computer has been hacked. 

There will be no trail to follow. Only when the information is out there will there be anything to investigate. But how do you investigate something when no crime has been committed? How to you investigate when no computer has been hacked? 

How do you investigate when there was no trespassing on property? How do you investigate when no actual people where involved except the time-hacker. 

How do you investigate when the time-hacker had no knowledge the files he or she time-hacked was classified or meant anything to anyone? How do you investigate and prosecute a crime that has not been committed. 



I guess congress needs to pass some new laws on time hacking. I  don't personally have any classified information that I am aware of. I don't personally have anyone's personal files. Anytime that I have time-hacked a file that even remotely looked like it could cause me legal problems I took my file wiper and wiped that file back out of existence. Then I nuked my hard drive to be damn sure that the time travel computer media file was put back in its grave where I got it from.

Now days I keep a list of check-sums with the program and method I used to construct the files with a description of each file and that is how I keep up with my time travel media. I don't keep the actual files anymore. And, I am careful as to which files I allow to stay on my list. This list of course with my time travel computer programs are heavily encrypted under hundreds of layers of encryption. Each layer having its on strong password.

And as always the "Conspiracy Against Time Travel" CAN GO TO GOD DAMN HELL where they belong. That would be Ray Hudson, Darby Phillips, Pamela, and their little flunky Aaron Hinker.

Here is a time travel with computer code update. I am not finished with this code. I have not debugged this code yet but it should compile.

But this outline and code below is an example of how to time travel with computer code. This program in theory will be able to check sum hack very nicely. When this outline is completed it will be able to time-hack very nicely as well. This is a public version of my time travel computer code. Again, please realize their are many methods to check sum hacking and time hacking. My blog from day one has been explaining and showing one example after another which Ray Hudson and Darby Phillips who are government intelligence agents do not want the public to know about.

The code below takes this approach to check sum hacking.

1. Get one strong check sum for one computer file.
2. Get a list of smaller strong check sums that add up to the large strong check sum.
3. Run a small counter for each small check sum. This method quickly constructs the binary bytes for each small strong check sum which are written to the computer file after the bytes are constructed for each small strong check sum.
4. With any strong check sum for a computer file a process can be run to construct the list of smaller strong check sums in their correct order needed to construct that computer file.

Now, when looking for unknown time travel computer media we can do this.

1. Mathematically calculate strong check sums for unknown time travel computer media.

2. Using the one large check sum run a process to construct the list of smaller strong check sums in their correct order.

3. Then run the check sum hacking process to bring the large strong check sum and the list of smaller check sums into a binary byte order thus constructing a computer file with INFORMATION OF THE PAST, PRESENT, FUTURE, OR ALTERNATE TIME LINES INTO REALITY!!!!

I kept it simple. So, now I will move into showing my c++ computer code example. Please know I am being harassed by my government for talking about and teaching people on the internet how to time travel with computers by way of check sum hacking for the purpose of time hacking. I hope it is appreciated.

I'M UNSTOPPABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





Well Ray Hudson finally got his wish. My time travel code is now stored at SourceForge.

The public version of my code is in the planning/pre-alpha stage.

I also now have this on my web-sight at

I won't be posting the entire code in my blog anymore.

Here is the list of programming projects I have going.

I had previously deleted files from burrisnumericalsystem and firecodes. In time I will get those put back up. Fire codes and timetravelproject use some of the same coded that is in pre-alpha. I will still put up my old firecodes computer code.

Armageddon is a fairly new project I started and have been working on. I still have to get that updated.

I am busy but as I can I will try to get all these projects to a completion level.


To Ray Hudson's and Darby Phillips horror work on the public version of my time travel code is preceding wonderfully. I got the create configure file done which whats a strong check sum and breaks it down into baby check sums that add up to the strong check sum.

After that little baby counters will quickly construct each little baby strong check sum thus constructing the entire long check sum.


Here is a picture of how my check sum hacking config file looks now.

This file when constructed says "Darby is a cry baby bitch". When I get time I will update my firecodes at sourceforge which is in pre-alpha. 

After fire codes is finished I will work on a program that takes this config file and runs the counters in parallel then combines them into one file.

Now I need to get my counters reconstructing each baby check sum. Once that is done fire codes will be updated. Then I will move fire codes to the time travel project at sourceforge

In my time travel project I have to calculate the file as one long check sum and as a list of baby check sums. The way I find check sums of unknown files I don't thank this will make much of a difference.

I have all my projects at Sourceforge now including Armageddon.
Well that is my daily update.


Well I got my counters working on fire codes. I am now working on getting a strong check sum on the baby bytes to equal the written strong check sum in the config file so I can get the program to stop when that check sum is constructed. Right now I have the baby counters at 4 bytes. I might change that to 3. When this is done it is gonna be a little slow because even on the baby counters I am not throttling the counter like I did in my private code. People just don't understand when check sum hacking throttling the counter is very important. But, I need a quick, dirty, public version of my code that works. 

My first check sum hacking and time travel program will be good for text files. I have to get it running its counters in parallel to construct larger files quicker. But, it my first release will be enough to let the "Ginny out of the bottle". Once professional programs get on this thing time hacking for the public is a done deal.

But, when I am done with my first version of my public code I am going to write a servant program and a master program with fire codes so it can be ran in parallel. The user tells the master program how many counters to run at a time. The master will call the servants, give them a counter and a strong check sum. The servant will construct the baby check sum into a file.

As the servants finish the construction the master program will write the baby files to the one large adult file.

This is good for running on a desktop or a parallel computer.

Then after that I will copy fire codes over to the time travel program at and start the next section for calculating check sums of files in the past, present, future, and alternate time lines.

Of course I have my private computer code I don't have to wait I,ve been time traveling for a long time with my private computer code.

Soon the public will too. Fire Codes will also back up your computer for you. So, you can time travel with it and back up your computer.

On my computer I have a private encryption program called predator I use to encrypt my stuff. I am going to rewrite it to encrypt in parallel to make it faster. I probably will not be able to release that to the public as the laws will prohibit me from doing so. Its just an encryption program I write mainly for my private use.

It can be downloaded from the internet in the basic code version but its too slow for the public to use. I am going to setup it up to encrypt sections of a file and run in parallel. That will make the encryption much stronger as each section will have its own password. 

Then I can zip up the files and do it again. Adding another layer of encryption.

When I am done with my public code I am going to switch from using my private code to using my public code. Time Travel One Station will be working 24 hours a day seven days a week when my public code is completed.

I just have to be careful when I decrypt out of space-time and not get myself into trouble. My time travel software is not meant for doing anything illegal. 

So this is how it will work


I break this program down into 4 byte sections
counter 1 = 25,36,27,89
counter 2 = 127,249,255,172
counter 3.... if the program is larger.

Now I can convert these 4 byte sections to check sums.
counter 1 = 128.92834732847293
counter 2 = 2539.3284792384793

Now, I can use individual counters to re-construct these check sums
counter 1 = 0,0,0,0
                   25,36,27,89 = strong check sum 128.92834732847293
counter 2   0,0,0,0

                   127,249,255,172 = strong check sum 2539.3284792384793

Now, take the constructed strong check sums and put them together to reconstruct the file.

program reconstructed strong check sums.


Now, that I can check sum hack all I  have to do is mathematically calculate check sums of time travel computer media files from the past, present, future, and alternate time lines and use my check sum hacking software to construct those files.

I use weighted sums to calculate strong check sums. I use more than 1 weighted sum per file. Then I add up all the weighted sums for one strong check sum. So, that is how to get strong check sums for check sum hacking and time hacking.

To calculate check sums of unknown time travel media files I use the science of statistics using known computer files to calculate strong check sums with a high probability of being a actual computer media file.

I use regression lines of known strong check sums of computer media files to file unknown strong check sums of time travel computer media files along the calculated regression lines.

After more than one regression line is known then the process can be continued to find unknown regression lines. Then all hell breaks loose after that when space-time can be explored with a simple home computer.


Well I got fire codes taking a computer file and writing a config file with a list of 4 byte check sums then deleting that computer file and loading the config file reconstructing those 4 byte check sums to make an entire computer file. And I might add the correct computer file.

Well no going back now. Its all coming together. I am still a long way from being done with the public version of my time travel software. But, the public version getting released to the public is a lot closer now.

Change in the program though. All the baby check sums will not add up to the one long check sum because the algorithm for the baby check sums and the algorithm for the adult check sum is not the same. This change was needed to run my counters in parallel.

That is ok. As long as it works I am good. And it does work so I am good anyway.


WELL I AM TAKING MY LAPTOP AND  GOING TO A INTERNET CAFE EVERY DAY NOW TO PROP TRADE. These guys I have labeled "The Conspiracy Against Time Travel" have even tried to cut off my source income of living that I use to support my daughters and my wife because of me talking about time travel with computers to the public Ray Hudson and Darby Phillips want my 2 daughters and my wife to not have any food to eat or have a home or have air conditioning and running water and a stove to cook on and disable my family from being able to do their laundry. This is the levels these sorry son of a bitches have gone to punish me and stop me from talking to the public.

WELL HERE IT IS FOR THEM. WHAT EVER YOU DO TO ME I WILL CONTINUE. (TALKING TO THE "CONSPIRACY AGAINST TIME TRAVEL). YOU WILL HAVE TO KILL ME TO STOP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Again talking to the "Conspiracy Against Time Travel".

So anyway anyone reading this please post links to my blog where ever you can so that other people can read the truth!!!! I AM NOW DAY TRADING FROM A INTERNET CAFE WITH A NEW VERSION OF WINDOWS ON A LAPTOP.

And that is ok. Truth is I need to get out of the house. I stay home way too much. I am going to start doing a little walking early in the morning then head over to the internet cafe and day trade. It will be good for me. Ray and Darby think their hurting me when actually they are helping me.

FIRE CODES IS RUNNING!!!!!!!! YEAH!!!!!! I will get that posted. Its still too slow though what can I say. But the file size limit is removed. Before moving onto the third part of the public version of my time travel code I am going to go ahead and write a program to run these counters in parallel.

Also, I will still leave the weak check sum in my config file for checking but all my program needs to re-construct a file from its check sum is its strong check sum. The weak check sum is not needed. But, as said I will keep it for checking. I also have two strong check sums now instead of one. One check sum is for the entire file. The other check sums are for the baby strong check sums.

When I get done I will actually have 3 strong check sums. One for the entire file. The baby strong check sums added up. Then the list of baby strong check sums.

I am working on making my config file clearer. So, last change is fire codes will have three options. Reconstruct a file from its check sum using 1 counter at a time or running the counters in parallel. In parallel with all the counters running at the same time a computer file can be constructed from its check sums in less than a hour or two.

Now everyone knows why I throttle my counters and use my BNS. When people actually use my software and read my public code they will understand my blog better.

Also, fire codes is not using base-1 nor is it using a weak check sum counter. It just runs a binary counter that adds 1 to it at a time. Nothing fancy.

Truth is my private code kicks fire codes ass. My private code can construct a large file very quickly. But, This is my public version of my code. I want to say I am sorry to my public for not releasing my private code. But, that is my personal property. For me it would be like giving away my car to someone I don't know.

So, I would help someone I don't know to fix there own car before giving them my car. So hence fire codes. I am here to teach mainly not give my crap away.

When I get the parallel option written into fire codes my duty teaching the public to check sum hack will done. Next I will teach the public how to calculate check sums of unknown files.

I am setting up fire codes to be run with parameters or if no parameters then fire codes can be run and a menu will come up.

As for running it in parallel I already have all the code there to construct the counters all I have to do is have it read a strong check sum and spawn a new thread. The user gets to decide how many threads to run at a time. 

Right now I am going to sit down and think of the best way to do this in parallel. My own computer has 32 gigs of memory and 500 gig hard drive. Then I have my external terabyte drives. 

My own computer also has 8 cpu's. In my spare time I have constructed movies from other time lines and I like reading a news paper from the future. I don't know if it is my future until the date actually arrives or if it is alternate time line. Anyway I have no problem check sum hacking and time hacking. 

But, I know most people have way less of a computer than me. So, I have to think on it. When I get to showing the public how to calculate check sums of unknown computer media is where the fun really begins. Because then the public will be time traveling with me. It will no longer just me talking about it.

I would like to ask the public to please do not use my code to construct classified government files or any other files that may get you into trouble. Please do not use my code to hack private and government computers without ever connecting to them or the internet. This code is for ethical hacking only. It is for time hacking mainly.

Here is the link to fire codes.


Ok, after doing my home work I am considering putting the weak check sum counter back into fire codes because it would make file construct much faster. Right now I am just using a simple binary counter. There are more ways to check sum hack than you can shake a stick at. At times I get over whelmed making decisions. 

But I am teaching the public to time hack and if I put the weak check sum counters back in yes it would make it faster but when it comes to calculating check sums of unknown computer files then I have to write another process to consider the weak sums.

I am damned if I do and damned if I don't. FUCK IT. I am just going to leave the strong check sums for now and do that only and keep this simple. Later on I can add in the weak if I want. What I will do is when I get my time travel outline done I will go back and upgrade fire codes to use both weak and strong check sums but my time travel program will just use the strong check sums only. That is a compromise. But for now fire codes will just use strong check sums only. 

Example of strong check sums only.
Strong sum #
Step 1. Create a counter of 0000. 
Step 2. Add 1 to it at a time till the strong check sum is created.

Example of using both weak and strong check sums.
Weak sum #
Strong sum #
Step one. Create a counter with the weak sum.
Step two.  Add 1 minus the base to it until the strong check sum is created.

Rsync the program I based my time hacking work on uses both weak and strong check sums.

I like using the strong check sum only because in my past private programs it is easier for me to throttle my counters. I can add way more than 1 to it at a time. When I use both weak and strong check sums then it gets more complicated. I have to use a more complicated algorithm if I am throttling my counter and using weak check sums too.

So by using only the strong check sum I can throttle my counter. That means make it run faster by adding way more than 1 to it at a time. And, I don't need more complicated algorithms causing my program to run slower. In my private code I can construct very large files very quickly by throttling my counter and increasing my buffer size and using higher bases. I add, subtract, multiple and divided my computer files as if they were just numbers. My private code kicks ass for time hacking. Ok, I got off the subject a little. Moving on...

But good news. On running counters in parallel I am going to make my program create a bash script to run all the counters AT THE SAME TIME and put a "&" at the end of the command. Anyone can edit the config file and the bash script and put them on separate computers then take all the small files and join them after they are done.

I am going to start getting my post ready here pretty soon that teaches the public how to calculate check sums of computer files from the past, present, future, and alternate realities. This is very complicated and also the most important part of time hacking.

I think I may work my butt off on a new documentary on how to time hack. I will make slides and use windows movie maker and just make a really good presentation of how to do this. I may also write some programs to demonstrate this for the public and explain in detail how this works. Any way give it some time but just know I am going to sit down and start working on this. 

My check sum hacking works. Right now I consider myself the best check sum hacker in the world though some may laugh at that. But those people have not seen my private programs. So, I have more than PROVEN TO RAY I CHECK CAN SUM HACK. Ray said prove it and I did. Ray see fire codes at source forge. NOW RAY NEEDS THE PROOF I CAN CALCULATE CHECK SUMS OF UNKNOWN COMPUTER FILES. So, be looking for that proof pubic and Ray/Darby/Pam(aka Dog Bitch)/Script kid punk(aka Aaron Hiniker).

In my video I am going to use my A/B algorithm where if A in the past and B in the future both know the check sum range of their messages to each other then A in the past can run a check sum counter constructing check sums of possibles messages to A in the past from B in the future. I will demonstrate this in my you tube video. You see with this algorithm A/B can talk to each other through space time. These messages can contain VERIFICATION SCHEMES!!!!! TO VERIFY THE SENDER AND RECEIVER OF THESE MESSAGES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also in the video and in this blog  on how I am going to give Ray Hudson his proof is I am going to take a book. Lets say the Bible. I will write a program that takes individual sentences from the bible and writes them to individual text files. I won't write all the bible just a little bit of it. 

Then I will run my time hacking process on those text files to FIND OTHER SENTENCES IN THE BIBLE THAT WERE NOT SAVED AS TEXT FILES!!!! Thus proving time hacking works. 

This is how I initially did my research into time hacking. This is how I taught myself to time hack initially. AND THE PUBLIC CAN DO IT TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It can also find lost portions of the bible or drafts of the bible that were never incorporated into the final version of the bible. This is the simple method for me. I will post all my programs so my work can be verified and RECREATED!!!!!

This same process can find movies in the future and news papers in the future not printed yet.

Simple example of how to calculate strong check sums of unknown computer media.

1. Get a list of known computer files.
2. Calculate the strong check sums of this files and write them to a list.
3. Load the list and Calculate the Root mean square of these strong check sums and the high deviation and the low deviation. 
4. Run a program to generate strong check sums along this root mean square staying within the standard deviation.
5. run a program to construct these strong check sums AS COMPUTER FILES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Note: Can also use regression lines.

What is the difference in using a root mean square and a regression line to time hack one might ask me?

The difference is with a root mean square and standard deviation I am staying with in a specific check sum range. This is good for my temporal communication system better known as my A/B algorithm.

With regression lines now I am not staying within a specific check sum ranges. With regression lines I can take my known check sums and project them out forward going up in value or project them out backwards going down in value. I can run it in a similar manner as I run my BNS. Which is why this method is so good. I would use this method to find news papers from the future.

Ok, class out for today on how to calculate unknown check sums of time travel computer media. I just know I am pissing in the "Conspiracy Against Time Travel" faces right now by writing that little bit of info on time hacking. 

Of course the day I started this blog when they thought they ran me off the internet for good like they did John Titor I started pissing in their faces. YOU SEE THIS INFORMATION IS NOT SUPPOSE TO BE GIVING TO THE PUBLIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FUCK EM!!!!!!!


Them cock sucking mother fuckers deserve it.


I would of just kept talking in my blog but those guys Ray and Darby had to go hack me and steal from me so now I will teach the entire world HOW TO TIME TRAVEL WITH COMPUTERS!!!! Yep, Ray Hudson and Darby Phillips fucked up. THEY FUCKED UP BIG TIME!!!!

They would of been better off if they left me the fuck along.

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