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I have my public check sum hacking program working. After some much needed rest today I finished up my plan for running it in parallel. It will run in parallel with a program and bash scripts.
Fire Codes takes a program and breaks it down into 4 byte strong check sums. Then it writes these list of check sums to a configure file.

Now when the reconstruct is run the configure file is read. A binary counter reconstructs the 4 byte counters. Each counter by itself is slow right now for a reason but when I finish up the parallel part of the program in a few days all the counters can be run at the same time.

I have plans to improve this. Later I will make the counters run faster. Also, I will put in a function where the user can enter a password for the strong check sums so only the original user can reconstruct the check sums. I may even change the buffer size and counter sizes so large files can be constructed easier.

Reconstructing a program with fire codes can take several hours at this point. Later it will run a check sum counter on each counter and several hours will go to several minutes once it is using a weak sum and a strong sum. I always wondered why Rsync used two sums now I know. Of course people are welcome to change the code as needed for their purposes just please give me credit for the original code.

After I get the parallel part of fire codes up I will start switching my time around and start working on the Computer time travel part of my public time travel code at I also have to go back and write a parallel process to break a large file down into 4 bytes and create the config file. So, I have to have a parallel process to create the config file and have a parallel process to reconstruct the check sums.

Now fire codes can be used as a method to hack computers in the past, present, future, alternate realities and any where in space-time without ever connecting to that computer or using the internet.
My computer time travel methods allows for constructing whole images of hard drives on other computers again without ever connecting to that computer or connecting to the internet. 

When I get to the part of the outline I posted in my blog a while back I will have to use my sub-routines that add, subtract, multiply and divided computer files as if they are just numbers. Which they are just numbers. 

That part of my code does statistics with computer files to calculate check sums of unknown computer files existing some where in space-time. When I get to that part of the code my post will contain a lot of laughter laughing at Ray Hudson and Darby Phillips and lets not forget Pamela. 

I know she would feel left out if I did not mention her. I forgot that other kids name. I think it is Aaron Hiniker if my memory serves me correctly. I call him my personal hacker. He is my regulator. He regulates the stealing of my property as well as my internet speed and when I can or can not use my internet. Hahahaha.

When the public version of my time travel software is up and running I expect more traffic to my blog. And when my books and dvds start selling better again I expect the traffic to this blog to increase.

Right now I think I am the only person on planet earth that knows how to hack computers without ever connecting to them. I want to re-iterate my fire codes and my time travel code is for ethical time hacking only and ethical back up of information. IT IS NOT TO BE USED TO BREAK LAWS!!!! So I am requesting that hacker groups and other hackers out there to use my public software ethically.  Fire Codes is at


I have finished the program that will allow constructing files from strong check sums IN PARALLEL!!!!! Now I am writing a section of code into Fire Codes that will take the config file and create a bash script that will run the program to run the counters in parallel.

When I am done with that I will write a section of code that creates the config file in parallel. The program is using 4 byte counters and reads the bytes 1 at a time. THIS IS TOO SLOW FOR LARGE FILES. So, I have to run that in parallel too.

How I create the config file in parallel I increase buffer size and bust the large file into smaller files. Then my program creates a bash script that calls a program to create the config file or files in parallel. It is not worth reading the large file in parallel because on a single desktop without raid that is not much good. The config file or config files can then ran by a single construction mode or in parallel construction mode.

Then I will go back and make the everything run faster. I am going to have fire codes use both weak and strong check sums. After that I will clean up the code. Then I will move onto my time hacking program. All my code is kept at PER RAY HUDSON'S INSTRUCTIONS 8 YEARS AGO. Hahaha.

Yep, no posting computer code on a forum. More so if it is about time traveling with computers. And damn straight don't post anything about real time travel at They will hack you, steal from you, fuck with your internet, threaten you with death and to have a accident. All kinds of shit.

Well this should probably be a new post and maybe I will write one but I figured out another piece of the puzzle to why Darby Phillips and Ray Hudson CIA intelligence agents have been after me for these last 8 years. Of course I can't  reveal my sources but most people can guess it might be my time travel methods.

First of all when I first posted on the internet about my time travel methods I tipped off my government because I posted in a honey trap.


At least that is what I can piece together as to why Ray Hudson and Darby Phillips have been stalking and harassing me hacking me and committing crimes against me for the last 8 years. Not only are they CIA agents but they want me to stop my personal project that used to be a classified government project. And, if the whole world can time travel with computers then NO INFORMATION ANY WHERE IS SAFE FROM THE PUBLIC!!!!

My work may be bringing previously classified information to the public eye. Well, as with invention all discoveries can and will be rediscovered. If my government is so concerned about my work all they got to do is bring large suit cases full of money many hundreds of millions of dollars tax free to my front door and give it to me and I will pull out of this horse race.

But, as far as I know my time travel with information IS MY DISCOVERY NOT THEIRS!!! So, until I am approached with those suit cases full of money I will continue to bring MY DISCOVERY TO THE PUBLIC.

I noticed my traffic is way down. I have been only running my blog at night. That is because government agencies read it and I want to make them work late if they want to read it. 


Ok, I finished up my program yesterday to run my counters in parallel. Now, I have to write two programs. One that will take a large file and break it down into sections. Then take those sections and get their strong check sums every 4 bytes. Then create bash run scripts that will run the counters in parallel to reconstruct those check sums. Last the program will create a script to join all the reconstructed counters into one file.

This method will work on a single desktop or work on a large massive parallel computer. So, with this method there is the best of both worlds.

In my private code my programs would just create one large strong check sum then run one large long counter that would be throttled to go as fast as needed and construct one large file in under an hour.

My private code and my public code very massively. 

After I import fire codes to my time travel project then I will make fire codes use both weak and strong check sums. My public time travel project will only use strong check sums for simplicity. Fire codes will be able to construct files faster but my time travel project will be for constructing unknown computer files from the past, present, future and alternate time lines.

So, right now tonight I am programming. As said I got two more small programs to write. then I can import fire codes to my time travel project.

I previously said that time travel with computers use to be a classified government project. Time travel with computers is a "Super Technology". Its no wonder Ray Hudson and Darby Phillips have been trying to shut me down. WELL THEY FAILED!!!! 


I have to put my programming project on another computer. Fire Codes is taking up too much memory for my really old laptop that I have been programming on. This laptop is at least 10 years old. It still runs good but its too small for my programming project.

I got the part of fire codes that splits files into smaller files written. Now I got to move to my second program. I can write code but I can't test anything until I get my project moved to another computer. So, I may code and work on my time travel part of my program outline. But I am done compiling for today.


All right the parallel part of fire codes is running. It should in theory allow counters to be run in parallel but I am not done with it yet. I need to do more testing and debugging. But, its getting closer. Pretty much it is a done deal. I have this to say to Ray Hudson and Darby Phillips.



Years ago Ray Hudson took a demo program I wrote to prove a binary counter could construct a computer file and that asshole made a cartoon out of it. Well, he is eating "SHIT PIE NOW"!!!


I used Linux programs split for splitting a file and used cat to join the counter files. I thought to myself no use rewriting that in my program when that stuff comes with Linux.

But the window users are out of luck. All I got to say to them is get a Linux DVD and boot up into Linux.

I have Fire Codes using the weak and strong check sums in the first two sections. It won't take me very long to add that in the last two sections. By using both the weak and strong it makes the counters 254 percent faster.

I expect to be done with Fire Codes in a week or two probably less. Fire Codes will be a lean mean fast check sum hacking machine.

To Darby Phillips and Ray Hudson's "HORROR".  Because when I marry Fire Codes to my time hacking program "PUBLIC TIME HACKING WILL BE UNSTOPPABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Oh god I got tears in my eyes from laughing so hard. I had better stop before I hurt myself.


I have the parallel part of fire codes at up and working. Now, check sum hacking with my public version of my code can be done on a parallel computer. I am still testing and looking for any bugs that I did not know about. I am also improving the code.

But, I was able to get it to work for me. But, being me as the programmer that makes it easy for me. I must make sure it is easy for the public. I am going back and making sure it is easy. I might put some things in the program that I make the user do such as using split to split the file down into sections for parallel processing. Right now my program handles that but I think the user should do it on the command line first then my program will take over.

I put split into the program but I may set it up so the user can do it on their own. Then there is the join part after the parallel processing done when the file is reconstructed.

So, my code has come very far. I have a message for the conspiracy against time travel. I wrote the current code for fire codes in the past few weeks. Guess how advance my private code is when I HAVE HAD 8 YEARS TO WRITE IT!!!! Yeah, I am that advance.

My fire codes pretty much was me just showing off. I have the first part of my public time travel code written. That is check sum hacking. Now the second part of my public time travel code is calculating check sums of computer files in the past, present, future, and alternate time lines.

Soon my revenge against the "Conspiracy Against Time Travel" will be complete. When I have published and posted the information and computer code necessary allowing the public to time travel with computers as I have done for the past 8 years.


I found out why Ray asked me about how much access I had with my time travel computer media at above top secret. It was his CIA training. They are suppose to keep asking their subject questions to keep them talking. So, on the rare occasions we talk they ask me 1 or more questions to keep me talking. And, as much as I like to talk it works.

Well I have officially started the second half of my program outline I posted a while back for the public version of my time travel computer code. 

Fire codes is working now at least for me so I am now writing the computer code that will generate config files of unknown time travel computer media for fire codes. And, it will also be able to generate time travel computer media files without fire codes too.

I might put a A.I. in to act as a robot. But, it would have to be trained. I am also considering my other bots as well. But, for now I will just get Time Travel Project at generating config files and time travel media files.

After that robots will be needed to look through the files so the user does not have too.

So, just sit back and wait. I will have a public version of my computer time travel code soon for the public to use.

On another note not only was my Reactor1967 persona was used in spider man as twilite 67 now the super girl tv show has used my online persona in their TV as Reactron. 

Well my online persona as Reactor1967 has made it to Hollywood and television. I'm so proud.    


Looking at my traffic right now. This blog is deader than aka That is alright. I have been closing it during the day and opening it at night. But on the off chance someone drops in here is my post for today.

As said I finished Fire codes. Fire codes allows files to be constructed from their check sums. Now part two is to construct those check sums of unknown computer time travel media for fire codes.

Alternatively it is possible to take a strong check sum and run a process to constructed it.

So, to find unknown time travel computer media files I 
1. Find a check sum range I believe my information exist in.
2. Construct check sums in that range
3. Construct computer files from those check sums
4. Use pattern recognition  and data mining to find the good files and delete the bad files.

So, all I have to do to generate files for fire codes is to take known computer media files. Lets say a video of channel 4 news on the 10 o'clock pm show. If I had a video of the news for every night lets say for the past 5 years I could take fire codes and convert each video to config file projects. 

I don't have to decode them all I have to do is convert them. Fire codes converts very fast. Then I take each video after it is converted to fire codes and zip it. But before I zip it I would of created a weight file for each project and got a strong check sum for each project. A strong check sum contains the byte order and all the information NECESSARY TO CONSTRUCT A COMPUTER FILE. I use use that strong check sum in my check sum range for fire code projects that I randomly generate.

Ray Hudson might get a good look at my process he made so much fun of at where he once again ran me off a forum. You see Ray Hudson is allergic to me talking to professionals about my method of time travel. I have my own random number generator outside of the one I used in fire codes I wrote it myself.

I randomly generate a weak and strong check sum. Then create a computer file with that weak and strong sum. Then use the computer file bytes to generate random numbers for me.

This method is the best way for me to generate check sums for my time travel computer files within a specific check sum range. I am using one random number generator to make another random number generator to make my time travel computer media files.

Once I have randomly generated a computer file I pull bytes from it. I have a high range and long range. Bytes that are outside of my range I ignore. Bytes that are within my range I keep. I call this my device random or dev/random.

After that I get the check sum range for all those fire code projects. Now, I can randomly generate check sums within that range and construct the files and sooner or later I would of reconstructed a fire codes project. Once I have found it I can reconstruct the project in fire codes and wala maybe find a new channel 4 news video from the future or the past that I did not have in my collection.

Its just that simple.

So, in my program over at time travel project at sourceforge I am writing a sub that will generate check sums from a range. Then I will write my own or get a library that can graph equations from information where I can input x and find y or input y and find X. 

Once I am there I will have a check sum range for that point on the x,y graph where I again generate check sums with in that range. 

Then use the check sums go generate computer files. Then use pattern recognition and data mining to find the good files and delete the bad files. This is how you time travel with a computer.

Ray Hudson has a good page on this subject at the web sight he works for call wikipedia.

As a CIA agent Ray Hudson inserts himself into web sights where he can help control who reads what on the internet. This is how he has managed to keep me off much of the internet. He does not want people and the public knowing computer time travel is a real technology.

So, I have a to set down and write the simplest and best way to finish my computer time travel project at sourceforge. And again without breaking out my private code. I will write a public version of my software. And, as usual I will make a you tube video OF THE PROCESS WORKING and post it at you tube for the world to see. To Ray Hudson's and Darby Phillips horror.
Well I am not going to use a library for my regression lines. I will do that by hand. I take known computer media and plot a regression line with their strong and weak check sums. Then I can work that regression line to find other strong and weak check sums of unknown computer media files. I am doing some more planning before I start writing.

I might have some conversion issues with my variables but I have some ways I can work that out. My weak sums are long long and my strong check sums are long doubles. 

On a x,y chart that might not look so good but I am not actually graphing. I am working the variables out by hand. So, it will work out.

My next stages is to write software that will generate strong check sums of unknown computer media files. Here is a quick example of how my software will use regression lines. I looked at a you tube video and wrote the steps down.

Example of how my software will use regression lines.
=================================== Starting sample
Example of Graphing a regression line by hand.

x  1| 3|10| 16| 26| 36
y 42|50|75|100|150|200

Goal - Get equation y = a + bx where  a = y intercept and b = slop 

1. Count how many samples you have.
2. Get sum of X
3. Get sum of y

Symbol Chart
n = How many Samples I have = 6
ex =  Sum of X
ey =  Sum of Y
ex^2 = Sum of x^2
ey^2 = Sum of y^2
exy = Sum of X times Y
e = sum
y = average of y = 102.8333......
x = average of x = 15.3.....

average = sum of samples / how many samples

     (n times (exy))-((ex) times (ey))
b = --------------------------------     =  4.51
      (n times (ex^2)) - ((ex)^2)
      -                  -
a = y - (b times x) = 33.83

Now plug values into regression line.

   y = a + (b times x) 

   y = 33.83 + (4.51 times x)
   x = 12

   so y = 33.83 + (4.51 times 12) = 87.95
================================================= Ending sample

Ray you can check my math if you want. I think it is all there.

This is about as hard as it gets for me. The rest is me getting root mean squares and standard deviations of my strong check sums.

After the math it is nothing but straight up down and dirty computer programming. Nothing I can't handle. I might use Y for my weak check sums and use X for my strong check sums to graph a line to find my time travel computer media. Right now I am still in the planning stages for my public version of my code. So, I have to set down and work on it some more.

I am also in the process of collecting pattern recognition algorithms for looking at my media. In the early days of my computer time travel I use to fill up my hard drive with time travel media files and I could not look at all those files on my own. So, I need data mining and pattern recognition algorithms to sort through all that. I found one algorithm I like. It is the sum of the differences of the bytes in a computer file. It will help me tell good files from bad files. Also, I will be using file formats. If I find a good file format then I can use the sum of the differences to tell what kind of data might exist in the file.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. This part of the computer time travel process was always the most complicated for me. It is easier for me to construct files by their check sums than to data mine and find patterns.

Once I finish getting my plan down I will be coding my ass off. Yes the same ass I always tell Ray, Darby, Pam, and Aaron that they can kiss. DEAD CENTER!. Preferably after I have just taking a shit and have not done my paper work yet. Hahahaha............

Here is the rest of the math for my calculations.
1. SQUARE all the values.
2. Take the average of the squares.
3. Take the square root of the average.
To calculate the standard deviation of those numbers:
1. Work out the Mean (the simple average of the numbers)
2. Then for each number: subtract the Mean and square the result.
3. Then work out the mean of those squared differences.
4. Take the square root of that and we are done!

Well everyone go look at fire codes at
I am working on finishing up the rest of the software. When it is done I will post it in time travel project at and I will post my demonstration videos in my reactor1967 you tube channel.

I need to get off here. Pamela from the Titor story bitched at me for about how long my blog was last time her and her friends took down my post at

One last thing. Sorry Pamela I am making my blog longer for you to read. As I imported Fire Codes into Time Travel Project at sourceforge I will be importing Time Travel Project into my Armageddon A.I. at after I finish up Time Travel Project. Yes, Armageddon my super A.I. will be GOING OPEN SOURCE!!!! God help us all!!!


All right here is the plan for phase two of my public version of my time travel code. 
1. Get a process working to generate check sums of possible time travel media.
2. Construct those check sums as computer files.
3. Use pattern recognition and data mining. I am going with something that is very generic. It is not looking for anything specific. It just verifies a valid document, picture, or video. It will not care what the computer file is about just that it appears to be a valid computer media file containing information. 

I am using to work with and train my beginning program. After I get that working them I will use a image data base sight. Then I will start downloading videos and using those.

I will get this program up and running for finding and constructing time travel computer media files.

One thing at a time. After A long night of working I have made a pretty good program outline to get my coding going.

I will have to do a lot of experimenting. Before I can experiment I have to code and compile first.

I am going to create a binary counter in computer memory and run a algorithm I believe can quickly construct a file from a strong check sum. Later I will put it into fire codes. After I get that running I will put in my regression line for calculating my time travel computer media check sums then I will put in my data mining and pattern recognition.

I believe its all going to be good.

Sorry Pamela I made my blog longer again. I hope you can handle it.

This post first appeared on Time Traveler Building His Time Machine With Computers And Algorithms, please read the originial post: here

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