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I told them so.

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Note From Author: The reason I talk about the disinformation agents here like I do is because they shut me down at trying to talk about time travel with computers. They shut me down at,,, and at the failed forum They complained to search engines to keep my blogs, and websites from being listed, and they attack and spam my websites. So, I do not cuss here but my language toward them is very unforgiven. So please understand.

When I was last at the fake tti in my last post I did not read their post. Why is because I would get worked up then fall into their games. And they are playing one. They game they play is called beat down the op. So, communication is pointless with them since their game is confusion and disinformation.

But, moving on. A few years ago when I posted over there I told those guys referring to RMT aka Ray aka Rainman and Darby of aka Starlord of fake (Larry and Moe - my nicknames for them.) that I am the closet thing to time travel those guys would ever really see.

Now, in Through the Warm Hole on their run about time travel they confirmed it. Computers are the way to go for recreating the past or for that fact the future.

Anyway Im sure the attention my thread at the fake tti started getting from Larry and Moe is because they want to deflate my bubble when I got excited about seeing article which Moe says was a link to another article and through the worm hole backed me up that computers are today's choice and the best choice for time-travel. Just what I told Larry and Moe years ago.

Anyway I went over there and bragged about it in their forum as timecrime1986. My other ID became unusable long ago when Larry forbade me from posting computer code on his forum.

Well they don't want to say I was right. No apologies for the trolling and hacking my sites and computers. So I love to talk about what I do in public to set the record right in areas where they cant touch me. So here is my speech for tonight in this blog.

First of all through the worm hole with Morgan Freeman (One of my favorite actors by the way and a great choice to host through the worm hole. Now they said man could time travel by running a computer simulator of the past.
Now they were not all wrong about that. I have some experience programming simulators and I can tell you that because its too man made too controlled the results are never really right. Nature really does need to be involved. Now below you will learn that with my form of time-travel I let nature do its stuff. All I do is program a computer to find it as it might of happened in the past or will happen in the future. My methods let nature do its thing I just have to choose which computer media offers the best results. That is my job. Now, moving on...

My science of time-travel starts with check-sum hacking. The art of creating a file from a check-sum.  Using these check-sums to re-create a file was called "fire codes" by some which seemed like a good terminology to use. So if you had a list of these hack-able check-sums which means (the file can be recreated not just simply verified.) then if your computer burned exploded what ever you could take this list to another computer and recreate your files. Well it did not catch on very well and did not go very far mainly due to the complexity involved in writing software to mathematically do that well. A program called Rsync was the only program to do that which caught on but it had to use a list of check-sums where I use only 1 or 2 check-sums. Rsync works over a weak internet connection where I work over no internet connection at all. Instead I use a little information, a binary counter, and a search bot.

Well about 25 or so years ago I was way ahead of the game. I was working on systems to save tons of data as a simple number. It started one day when I was using scientific notation and I thought to myself "Man there must be a way to keep the whole number". Which again lead me on a long journey including check-sum hacking.

My best creation was my VCNS vector coordinate numerical system invented by yours truly Lloyd Dudley Burris of Little Rock, Ar USA. Or you can call it the Burris Numerical System if VCNS is not appropriate for you. I was going to call it that but I did not want to sound too conceded or self serving. The concept of VCNS was invented by me when reading about Einstien's train thought experiment. In VCNS (Burris Numerical System) information is thought of as a object moving through space with its reference point. 
(Ray if your the math wiz here you should get this. I gave up on the Darbster long ago. Yes insult was implied you troll.)

VCNS or Burris numerical system is made to represent place values in a number in mathematically in time instead of space. It eliminates needing to write the whole number out or store it on a computer (hence using space). So that an extremely large number like a computer file for instance can be represented with a simple small number instead of a large number. A computer file can be thought of as just one large number.

How it does that is by giving each place value in a numerical base representing a specific number a path back to its previous place value also representing a specific number in a numerical base which in turn has its own path back. So that all you need to keep to use the entire number is the very last place value.

But there is a twist. I could not do it using conventional mathematics. It took a little help from Einstien and what I ended up with is my path concept being thrown out the door. Instead my concept became each place value in the number being relative to the other place values in the number depending on your point of reference. But it works. It really really works. As you well see if you read this blog and run my program.


You see not only can VCNS (Burris numerical system) be used to code data mathematically in time but it also can be used to DECODE DATA MATHEMATICALLY OUT OF TIME  AS WELL!!! Now this is where Larry and Moe have the problem. Moe first of call everyone can forget him he is not going to understand but Larry does not see how this applies to physics. Duh Larry its Einstein applied to information and numerical systems you stupid. Talking to Larry. THIS IS CALLED COMPUTER TIME TRAVEL. Larry and Moe GET OUT OF YOUR CHAIRS AND READ THE NAME OF MY THREADS AND LOOK AT WHAT I AM SAYING AND STOP SCRATCHING YOUR HEADS YOU IDIOTS!!! DUH!!!

But again, I still like my temporal check-sum hacking too. And, to the public, coding mathematically data in time and decoding it from time is:
COMPUTER TIME TRAVEL DA DAAAAAA....  There you go, on to the rest of the blog.

Besides having a host of other benifits like being able to store all of mankinds knowledge as a simple small number AND STORING THAT NUMBER MATHEMATICALLY IN TIME INSTEAD OF SPACE. Access to all of space-time including technology, entertainment, litature, music, and more.

Morgan Freeman when you said computers can be used to time-travel you were not kidding. you guys may have only being coping someone else but you too ran a article stating computers can be used for time-travel. YEEEHAAAA Rainman and Darby aka Starlord of fake (Larry and Moe - my nicknames for them.)

Keep in mind VCNS is just one of the ways I can time travel with computers. The other way is with my counters and data mining bots. This blog when I started it was mainly about temporal hacking using check-sum hacking.

What VCNS does is it starts coding what ever data I give it as a number. It starts as a 1 and codes up. Now the number gets bigger. When it starts to flip over 5 digits the program flips the plus and minus signs in my equations now the number which is 5 digits long starts getting smaller but data is still being coded into the number. Right before the number starts to flip past one and go negative my program flips the plus and minus signs again in my algorithm now the number starts getting larger again. When I am done coding data I could just as easily have all of mankind's knowledge stored in this 5 digit number. But time is the constraint factor here. How much time do we have to spend coding and decoding. You see time has is its limits too because as humans we have a limited life span putting it nicely. So you can with basic numerical systems store information in space. That is why when our hard drives is full on our computers we are SOL. But with my numerical system based on Einstein's work (Train Thought Experiment) data is stored IN TIME. So the end result is we can now now STORE INFORMATION BOTH IN TIME AND SPACE with VCNS (Vector Coordinate Numerical system or Burris Numerical System after the inventor) And, the process is 100% reversible for decoding. Here how it works using binary.

1 = 2 or 3
2 = 4 or 5
3 = 6 or 7
4 = 8 or 9

even numbers are binary 0 odd numbers are binary 1. So if we decode 9 we have.
1 0 0 1.
9 decodes to 4 which decodes to 2 which decodes to 1.

One of the equations for VCNS:

V = V + or - (((V - R) * (base - 1)) + N)
Note: always use the absolute value of  V - R. That means take the minus sign off if it is negative.

V and R are interchangeable which means we can do (R - V) instead of (V - R).
N is in base2 is 1 or 2 in base3 1, 2, 3 and so forth. Now you might have some confusion because in base two there is 0 and 1 but my equations work with 1 and 2. Its just the way I made my math work out there are still 2 digits for base two and so forth with each base. It works out mathematically.
That means that for N 1 = 0, 2 = 1, 3 = 2, 4 = 3, and so on.

From here the equations for decoding can be worked out. Each time V is coded R is evaluated whether it should be changed. Those changes are by equations or tables. V is only coded and decoded with the equation only no tables involved.

I do have equations for R and I have tables for R.
R needs to keep up with V when coding and decoding. So any equation for R would reflect that. The tables find R when V is decoded and the tables can be used to choose R when coding instead of using an equation to find R.

I have been pretty stubborn about not telling people how to find R. Ok, what I did to find tables for R was to come up with equations that let R keep up with V during coding and decoding. Now, as the program ran I recorded my R's for decoding and I logged the data from the program running. Later I took that data and analysis-ed it to create tables for to find my R's as V codes and decodes. Now, I will say you still may run into situations in your tables where you have to come up with a fix but creating a table for R can be done but it is tricky. Then if your lucky you can take that table and find an algorithm you can use to create that table as the program runs and just change the range as you need it of the table the algorithm creates. VCNS is a complicated numerical system and it has its pros and cons. Like for instance it is made mainly for computers to use.

In true VCNS R and V are moving at velocities and their velocities have speeds and rates of changes.
And the distance between V and R have speeds and rates of changes too. You see Larry here is the physics. Visualizing information as physical objects moving in space time with their reference points. The end result is beautiful. Its pure beauty. Its wonderful. Those speeds and rates of changes are reflected in the equations and tables for coding and decoding both V and R in space-time. HERE TIME-TRAVEL WITH INFORMATION CAN BE DONE. WHY? BECAUSE INFORMATION HAS NO MASS NOR ENERGY TO SLOW US DOWN.

In true Einstein manner VCNS is ued to code data and save that data within time itself using true pure Einsteinian (new word not in dictionary) principles.
Not shown here is how I decode, equations for decoding and the tables I use which are too large to post in a blog.

When I say V and R have velocity and rate of change what I mean is when I decode V, I take V before decode and which is V1 and V after decode which is V2. V1 - V2 = V's speed. Now, I also run V1, V2, and R1 thru my tables to get R2. R1 - R2 = R's speed. Now R3 speeds minus its previous speed is the rate of change of R's speed. The same with V. You see R has to keep up with V during the coding and decoding process. As long as R is correct we can plug it into the equations to calculate V.

(Note: Included in this blog is a qbasic program demonstrating more about VCNS.) You need qb64 to run this. This is in the old qbasic. I hate posting my real name because Larry and Moe post it and use it against me every chance they get. Well, their trolls and disinformation agents, what else are they going to do? Not real science that is for sure.

In the program below you are about to see I used different variables for V and R. At the time I was going thru an experimenting phase as to what to call my variables.

VCNS the name was designated before the math came along because it was a project. As a project I planned it out to invent something. I worked on it each and every day for hours and hours sometimes staying up all night and going to work the next day.

Each digit was suppose to have a path back to the previous digit which could be expressed mathematically. I called this path vectors and coordinates. Later I ended up adopting Einsteins work with a point of reference R but I kept the V for vector because even though V was data with the reference point and in my equations it had a path back to its previous value as my project had intended though my meaning for path and the meaning of path had changed considerably.

Thus I still called it the Vector coordinate numerical system. Now, again as I point out the number containing the data stays the same size in (digits/place values) because the data is STORED IN TIME INSTEAD OF SPACE MATHEMATICALLY.

Here let the program run and hit d to decode when your ready.  The program can be paused to use the pause button on your computer keyboard to pause it. Here is the link to download qb64.

To download qb64 to run this program. Run qb64.exe and copy and past the code from the blog to the editor window. First highlight and copy the code in the forum. I held down my left mouse button and dragged my mouse down the code then I used my page down button until I got the the bottom of the code then I finished up with dragging to get the code selected then right click and copy. Or on the keyboard ctrl+c. Then the code is copied and ready to be pasted in qb64. Run qb64.exe from the downloaded folder after unzipping it. You may have to use the editor window menu. In qb64 hit edit then select past to past the code. Then in qb64 hit run or f5 then start. As my program runs hit d to decode when you get tired of watching it code. The compiler will create a executable program and run it. Also if you want run your virus software to be safe before running qb64.

This is a screen shot of the VCNS coding data in time:

This is a screen of my VCNS decoding data from time.

Here is the video of VCNS (Now I call it BNS for Burris Numerical System).

I have hundreds of programs for VCNS as I developed it I even have a un-published book written on it.
Now if the code is a bit long please understand. I was able to copy and past from the blog directly to the qbasic editor and run the program so you should be able to do the same. Again, hit d to decode.

A little more about this program. If you run it 8 hours then hit d for decode roughly it takes 8 hours to decode.  Decoding is a little faster. If you only run it 15 minutes then d for de-code 15 minutes to decode maybe a little less.

So, Now nothing is being saved here. The statements I had for saving were remarked out. The numbers and data/information you get as you code mathematically you will get when you decode remarkably that same information is being decoded mathematically out of time using Einsteins principles.  This was a working experiment in 2002. So I did all kinds of things with this code it was my laboratory and when I was done I disabled a lot of stuff and stood this baby upright on her own two feet and I said walk. And she did.

This is a very good math simulation demonstrating how VCNS works using Albert Einsteins train thought experiment. Since I dont have the space to upload a full version of VCNS for everyone I am able to give a pretty good example of VCNS.

Where is the data in VCNS? The data (in a numerical base) is in the distance between (V - R). That means the distance between the object moving in space and its reference point.

Now, I decode my data by dividing the reference point into V and looking at the remainder. If the reference point is moved in a controlled way then by dividing V into R we can find N.

This may be hard to understand but no it is not, because lets say coding up V = V +(((V - R) * (base - 1)) + N). So the distance between V and R is influenced by N as V the object and R its reference point travel thru space-time.

The reference points are controlled. V moves only by computing the equations adding or subtracting from or to V then adding in N the data. And because both N and V are numbers the data (in a numerical base) manifest itself in the numbers. Oh, say like a engine transferring power to a transmission which transfer the power to wheels. Something like that except mathematical.

By controlling the distance between V and R while V codes and controlling R at the same time then when we divide V by R we can look at the remainder to tell what the data is.

Its like a train (OH DID EINSTEIN SAY THAT? I BELIEVE HE DID.) THAT WE ARE KEEPING ON TRACK. (IN YOUR FACE Ray and Darby!!!) By that I mean if you divide R by a specific number oh lets say 4 its remainder will stay constant. Now V's remainder is not constant but V's remainder is determined by the data (again in a numerical base.)

Now not shown here in my experiments I have switched V and R around where V was R then R was V. How I did this was I used two V's basicly using V itself as a reference point for the other V while switching off between them which one was the reference point and which one was the V variable. (Another post in the future it is too much to explain.) AND STILL CODING DATA IN TIME IN A CONTROLLED WAY! I even did a matrix (yes like on the movie matrix. Morgan Freeman I am getting very close to you here but another post for another time.) of variables one day and controlled all of them but dang it was a very very extremely complex operation.

But, to keep it simple I will just talk about V = V +- (((V - R) * (base - 1) ) + N). Besides dividing V into R it is possible to move V in a stuck a way that is specific to V's = specific N's but there again it is something outside the scope of my post. It just works best that way to use the simple version of VCNS that I have just giving.

I had not looked at this in eleven years until the other day. God I have advanced so much since then. I bet my thugs Darby and Rainman at  and and fake are working over time trying to get the public not to believe this. Oh well, disinformation agents will be disinformation agents. Let the boys play and leave the time-travel to the real men.

Start of qbasic code (I used more than 5 digits here to obtain more 1's and 0's before the flips. And I kept the number of digits the same to demonstrate the space concept.)

Rem VCNS - Vector Coordinate Numerical System invented by Lloyd Dudley Burris.
REM COPYRIGHT C 2002 - 2013
REM Lloyd Dudley Burris
REM Little Rock, Arkansas
print "This program and VCNS is the intellectual property"
print "of Lloyd Dudley Burris Little Rock, Ar"
print "Copyright C 2002  all rights reserved."
print "Hit enter to continue."
input a$ 
a$ = ""REM ----------------------Initilize R#-------------------------------------
DIM r#(255)
r#(1) = 1
pt1# = 5
rf# = 100
count = 2
a# = 0
a# = a# + pt1#
test = (a# / 2) - INT(a# / 2)
r#(count) = a#
IF (r#(count) / 2) - INT(r#(count) / 2) = 0 THEN r#(count) = r#(count) + 1
REM PRINT r#(count); count
count = count + 1
IF a$ = "s" THEN STOP
IF count >= 254 THEN EXIT DO
LOOP UNTIL a# = rf#
pt1# = pt1# * 10
rf# = rf# * 10
IF count >= 254 THEN GOTO redob:
IF a# + pt1# > 999999999999999# THEN GOTO redob:
GOTO redoa:
r#(254) = 950000000000001#
r#(255) = 999999999999999#
REM ----------------------Code P# up.--------------------------------------
range = 237
REM p# = 1000
p# = 100000000000001#
c = 0
REM file$ = "vcout.txt"
count = 0
bt = (p# / 2) - INT(p# / 2)
IF bt >= .5 THEN bt = 1
COLOR 2, 0
PRINT , , p#; "+"; bt; r#(range); count
REM WRITE #1, p#, bt, r#(range)
IF (p# + (p# - r#(range) + 1)) > (r#(range + 1)) THEN c = 1 ELSE c = 0
IF c = 0 THEN p# = p# + (p# - (r#(range)) + 1)
IF c = 1 THEN p# = p# + (p# - (r#(range)) + 2)
IF a$ = "s" THEN STOP
IF p# > (r#(range + 1)) THEN range = range + 1
count = count + 1
IF range = 254 THEN EXIT DO
LOOP UNTIL p# + (p# - (r#(range)) + 2) >= 999999999999999#
bt = (p# / 2) - INT(p# / 2)
IF bt >= .5 THEN bt = 1
PRINT , , p#; "+"; bt; r#(range); count
a$ = INKEY$
IF a$ = "d" THEN GOTO Decodedown:
REM ---------------------Code P# down.----------------------------------
range = range + 1
count = 0
bt = (p# / 2) - INT(p# / 2)
IF bt >= .5 THEN bt = 1
COLOR 2, 0
PRINT , , p#; "-"; bt; r#(range); count
REM c = INT(RND * 2) + 0
IF (p# - (r#(range) - p# + 1)) < (r#(range - 1)) THEN c = 1 ELSE c = 0
IF c = 0 THEN p# = p# - ((r#(range)) - p# + 1)
IF c = 1 THEN p# = p# - ((r#(range)) - p# + 2)
IF p# < (r#(range - 1)) THEN range = range - 1
count = count + 1
IF range <= 238 THEN EXIT DO
LOOP UNTIL p# < 150000000000000#
bt = (p# / 2) - INT(p# / 2)
IF bt >= .5 THEN bt = 1
PRINT , , p#; "-"; bt; r#(range); count
a$ = INKEY$
IF a$ = "d" THEN GOTO decode2:
range = range - 1
GOTO repeat:
REM ----------------------------DECODING AREA-------------------------------
REM ----------------------------RESTRICTED AREA:PROGRAM AUTHOR ONLY!!!------
REM-----------------------------[DECODING + TO -]---------------------------
Decodedown: REM from + to -
bt = (p# / 2) - INT(p# / 2)
IF bt >= .5 THEN bt = 1
IF bt = 1 THEN range = range - 1
COLOR 2, 0
PRINT , , p#; "-"; bt; r#(range)
IF bt = 0 THEN p# = p# - ((p# - r#(range) + 1) / 2)
IF bt = 1 THEN p# = p# - ((p# - r#(range) + 2) / 2)
a$ = INKEY$
IF a$ = "s" THEN STOP
bt = (p# / 2) - INT(p# / 2)
IF bt >= .5 THEN bt = 1
test = (bt = 1) AND range <= 237
IF p# = 100000000000001# THEN GOTO finish:
LOOP UNTIL test = -1
bt = (p# / 2) - INT(p# / 2)
IF bt >= .5 THEN bt = 1
COLOR 2, 0
PRINT , , p#; "-"; bt; r#(range)
REM ----------------------------[DECODING - TO +]---------------------------
range = range + 1
Decodeup: REM from - to +
bt = (p# / 2) - INT(p# / 2)
IF bt >= .5 THEN bt = 1
IF bt = 1 THEN range = range + 1
COLOR 2, 0
PRINT , , p#; "+"; bt; r#(range)
IF bt = 0 THEN p# = p# + ((r#(range) - p# + 1) / 2)
IF bt = 1 THEN p# = p# + ((r#(range) - p# + 2) / 2)
a$ = INKEY$
IF a$ = "s" THEN STOP
bt = (p# / 2) - INT(p# / 2)
IF bt >= .5 THEN bt = 1
test = (bt = 1) AND range >= 255
LOOP UNTIL test = -1
bt = (p# / 2) - INT(p# / 2)
IF bt >= .5 THEN bt = 1
COLOR 2, 0
PRINT , , p#; "+"; bt; r#(range)
range = range - 1
GOTO decode1:
print "Time travel forward and backwards complete."
print "Hit Enter to finish."
input a$

End of qbasic code.

For those not wanting to look at the program here is simple example I worked up. Which is also a continuation of the above example I gave of VCNS. These give more detail about how the code works and why it works.

So starting out r = 1 and v = 1
r = 1 and v = 2
r = 1 and v = 4
r = 1 and v = 9

Oh now it gets way better. As V increases now we can increase R. Morgan Freeman your going to love this if you really like science. Now if we control the speed and rate of change of V and R which yes Moe I know is a derivative now we can use this equation to code data in a five digit number that codes up and down. All we need to know when we are done is HOW TO FIND ALL THE R'S AGAIN AND WHEN TO CHANGE R AS V CODES AND DECODES. Its a spin off I took from Einsteins work more to the point I invented this reading about his train and the sound coming from the train and being relative to the train. Data too is relative to the observer. That is my addition to Einsteins work. Why is data relative to the observer. Ok lets decode 9.

2 = 3 or 4
3 = 5 or 6
4 = 7 or 8
5 = 9 or 10

Here r = 2 v = 9. Now 9 is a binary 1 using a different reference point we have:
1 1 1 0. CHANGE THE REFERENCE POINT AND WE CHANGE THE DATA. And if we flipped the system and used odd numbers as zeros and even numbers as ones again it is changed but mathematically using R as the reference point and V as the data I have proven that data is too relative to the observer. Just like time and space is relative so too is computer data.

Now using just VCNS along I could decode data out of space-time (space-time papthways I mentioned up above) if I wanted but I also wanted a more conventional approach too. So I started with ordinary check-sums.

What Larry and Moe over at their fake do not realize I have being doing this for close to 30 something years now. I know what I am talking about.

Now, finding time travel media I did not start until a few years ago to make a clarification. Cracking check-sums though and storing data as numbers and storing data in time well I started that pretty much when I was in high school with my commodore 64 computer. Computers and myself have come a long way. Again, it was only a few years ago that I actually started decoding video, audio, text, and other types of files out of space-time itself as time-travel media. It was a progression in my work that I was destined to do.

For those wanting to play with this if you make R dividable by 4 always then when you divide V into R you can use the remainders to tell what your number is in the numerical base that you are using. Yes you can also use any number base you want. I have this down to a COMPLETE NUMERICAL SYSTEM ALL ITS OWN IN ITS OWN RIGHT.  You can do math with it. Oh please someone do some math with it. It gets really weird from there. I multiplied my number once and decoded it an all my numbers that I decoded were multiplied too.

Anyway advance VCNS uses equations and tables to plot the course of R as v codes. It also uses equations and tables to plot the course of R as VCNS decodes data out. A real VCNS code could go something like this. This is just a quick example no math computed here. This example was not computed from my equations it was hastily drawn to put up as visual as to what the numbers might look like for those not looking at the program.

r = 1 v = 1 data = 1
r = 1 v = 3 data = 1
r = 5 v = 8 data = 0
r = 5 v = 15 data = 1
r = 9 v = 28 data = 0
r =25 v =  36 data = 0


r = 25 v =  36 data = 0
r = 9 v = 28 data = 0
r = 5 v = 15 data = 1
r = 5 v = 8 data = 0
r = 1 v = 3 data = 1
r = 1 v = 1 data = 1 (we can igore the last one if we want too. )
(Actually I have worked with sequences of 1's and 0's to tell me when to flip that is change the plus and minus signs in the equations to change the direction of the coding and decoding. I also use ranges whether or not I am using embedded system instructions in the coding and decoding.

Now on a computer this goes way faster. With the equations and tables I can store a terabtye of data and write it down on a napkin and go to a different computer and decode the terabyte of data. A great way for an agent to smuggle data out of another country. Now for decoding data out of time below I outlined the process with check-sum hacking. But with VCNS it is a little different. The ranges of numbers to search for are now instead of check-sums become combinations of different V's and different R's combined with of course my other equations and my other tables that are used. With VCNS it is much more difficult to extrapolate how to do my searches. None the less it can be done. I am working on it by coding files with the same check-sums then looking at the V's and R's and work on finding an algorithm to create a rolling-check-sum counter with VCNS/(Burris Numerical System). From there I can use check-sums as I normally do to extrapolate what check-sums time-travel media I am looking for might be in. Except I am using VCNS/(Burris Numerical System) numbers to search those check-sum ranges at specific file sizes. Also you see, computer files can have different file sizes for the same check-sum. That is another element of my work I have not talked about so much. But, so much of my work is so really extremely complicated that I have a large informational disconnect when trying to discuss it with people. If Ray and Darby are not truly agents then they are surely the victims of their own stupidity as I have said all along in my blog and to them through these many years. 

So what VCNS does is code data in time instead of space. The data is there you just cant see it because it is stretched across time. Time is the variable that determines the max amount of data we can code or decode with VCNS. The data does not exist all at once in space like normal computers it exist mathematically across time. It is a hard concept to follow. It was my work on VCNS that lead me to the next step of using computers to search for time travel media with check-sum hacking. And last a VCNS number can be used both AS A CHECK-SUM AND AS A WAY TO STORE DATA IN TIME!!! The check-sum contains the data!!!

How does storing information in time work anyway? Let me tell you. Einstien used relative. Space-Time is relative to the observer. Well to be relative you need a reference point. A reference point is a point of reference to view something from. With a reference point now we can measure time. With a reference point we can judge distance and so forth. So, my equations with VCNS use a reference point to to make every position in VCNS relative to the observer. To emulate Einstien with a numerical system specially setup to utilize time instead of space to store information and perform calulations and to function as a numerical system, data storage system, and yes it can also be used as a check-sum to represent a computer file.

Last minute thoughts about VCNS, the program and the true nature of time:

I have not looked at the above program for a long time but I can tell you that all you really need to know to decode the data from V is R and the very last V. As long as R is always known V can be calculated without saving it to the hard drive or to memory. Now I want to point out that R along can not tell what the data is so with that in mind where is the data? It is not all in space at the same time as with conventional computers. No, it is stored mathematically across time because of Einsteins Reference point.  So point in fact with VCNS even if all the R's are saved V can be calculated with out saving the data or saving all the V's  itself. Only the very last V needs to be kept the rest can be discarded. And R does not tell what the data is. So the data is saved in time not in space. The above program test the principles of VCNS and demonstrate it to the user.


Saving the data in time was one of the first things I showed Starlord aka Darby at the fake tti ( And of course Darby belongs to . It flew completely over his head that he was looking at time travel. That he was looking at DATA SAVED IN TIME INSTEAD OF SPACE. No he did not get it at all. Completely stupid about real time travel. And he wonders why I talk about him and Larry so. And later on you know what that coward Darby did. I brought it up how I showed him my program when I posted the same one or a different one on their fake forum and THAT FREAKING CLOWN DENIED EVER SEEING IT. I SMELL A DISINFORMATION AGENT WORKING FOR THE CIA.

As Einstein pointed out space-time is relative because of the reference point. I believe it is the reference point that we need to time travel, to speed time up, or to slow time down.  So a reference point as a variable I used it mathematically to store data in time as I believe it applies to real physics.

 The time-line is a string of reference points relative to their data. THAT DATA IS US, MANKIND, AND THE REST OF THE UNIVERSE.

Example of WHY REFERENCE POINTS STORE DATA IN TIME. The point of reference is a point in both space and time that observes the data. To observe this data we have to be at that specific reference point in time at that specific place in time. So, being at the same reference point at the same place at the same time we can observe the data that was there in space and time.

time = 0 "reference point" "data"
time = 1 "reference point" "data"
time = 2 "reference point" "data"
So if you have a specific piece of data at time = 108237 and your at time = 834293847388. You have to decode backwards in time plotting a course with reference points or working from all known reference points to get to time = 108237 to get the data at time = 108237. You see - this is time travel. The number stays the say size no matter how much data you have because it is again - stored in time.

This is a type of encryption because we can code a large amount of data as a 5 digit number and send V in one direction and the R's used to code V in another direction and if V gets caught without R the data can not I repeat can not be retrieved because it is stored in Time. If R gets caught without V it is still useless to retrieve the data.  No, we have to have both V and R to decode all the data out of a VCNS number.

Now I can calculate R and use tables to find R but the public has not caught up with me yet. Still if someone codes V without my tables and without my equations I could not retrieve the data because I would not know or have R. Because this uses Einstein's principles this is not ordinary encryption at all because THERE IS NO SAVED DATA. Again, there is nothing saved except the very last V. But without R there is NO DECODING V. I use tables and equations for finding R in my programs at home.

This is how real time travel works. If we use the famous Worm Hole it connects two parts of space-time. The Worm hole becomes R the reference point to two different parts of space-time. Here in our space-time we all only have a R which we can access only to move forward in space-time. Now in VCNS we can use R to decode the previous information but in real life we can only use R to move forward it is not accessible to move backwards. Somehow traveling past the speed of light is suppose to change our points of reference so we can travel backwards in time. It is the point of reference that we have to manipulate to time travel for real.

On that note the famous Philadelphia Experiment learned how to change the reference points of space-time with respect to the ship and their crew. And I know in fact that time can be changed without using speed. You just have to use energy to manipulate the changes in space-time as if you were really moving below or faster than the speed of light even though you are not. That is what they found out in the Philadelphia Experiment. Oh, I forgot. That is classified and suppose to be folklore and legend. (How that might work I might talk about in a future post.)

So VCNS (vector coordinate numerical system) was written and invented by Lloyd Dudley Burris of Little Rock, Ar (Oh im going to burn in hell now but lets give credit where it is due) and patterned after Einstein's train thought experiment. VCNS is my ode to Einstein. My accomplishment to pattern a numerical system after his work. I just want the world to know about it. Again, which is why I am here. I am also here because FREAKING DARBY AND RAY RAN ME OUT OF THE FORUMS.

In real life the universe is ageless. It does not age because matter and energy is conserved. So what regulates the life and death of the universe. TIME!!!! So, reference points in space-time are the universes biological clock. Reference points send time forward letting the universe live. When it is time to die reference points send time backwards or even stops it completely to let the universe die.

We were not meant to control time because time is the universe's biological clock. If you try my program up above what happens when you hit d for decode? Time in the program goes backwards. What happens when time in the program ends. The program itself ends. What will happen when time comes to a end in our universe. All things as we know it come to a end.

Yes, time and reference points are truly the universes biological clock.  How much time does the universe have. It is my belief that depends on how much energy was in the big bang. That amount of energy I believe will determine how far time will go. Some other brain might tell you different. As far as real time-travel is concerned I do believe the laws of physics do have exceptions or loopholes if you will. Meaning true time travel might be possible.

Advancements in VCNS and Time-hacking:

So suppose we want to run a program on a parallel computer. Now the problem is for the program to finish it would take 100,000 years. Well, what if we could use methods for temporal data computation which would from my current work on time-travel with information get those results back in say 24 hours instead of 100,000 years.

My theories here involve check-points in the computations that can be verified mathematically after receiving the results back from the future or the past. Messages with check-points that can be verified will be kept but messages with check-points that can not be verified will be thrown away. The check-point will be where the program was at in its processing.  What I am using for this research is a simulation that I programmed in fact a long while back. I told Darby aka starlord about it at He made fun of it and thru it back at me. Oh Moe, you cant fix stupid. And yes you are stupid and Larry too.

It is a simulation of balls bouncing around in a box much like the old Atari programs. Except in my simulation each ball has its own counter and a program that it uses to communicate with itself in the future and the past by searching the counter for messages to and from itself in the time-line. My fifth dimension simulator in my previous post at work here in this simulator.

Using my A/B algorithm with binary counters and search bots the ball searches for messages to itself in the time-line telling itself when it collides with another ball which it writes out to a message to the hard drive and deletes it. It is created and deleted so when the ball finds its own message from the future or the past in the binary counter (fifth dimensional computer simulator) it found a real message written to itself somewhere in space-time.

The check-points here are times in the simulation and I am experimenting here with methods of verification before the check-points are reached. Those methods can be encrypted signatures that only the sender and receiver of the message would know as well as information from the real environment that only the sender and receiver of the message can verify. My Methods of verification get very complex. There is more about that than I can write about here at this time. Basically I am experimenting with a form of mathematical quantum entanglement to be blunt about it.

The goal of the simulation is to let the balls bounce off the wall but not each other. When a ball has information telling it the x,y coordinates of a future collision at the last minute it makes a course adjustment. Here the realities and pitfalls of time-travel come into play in this simulation. And there is way more happening than can be observed because real time travel, relativity, and quantum mechanics come into play here. What the user should see is the balls bouncing around without hitting each other. But many realities even paradox's were worked out before the final result is observed because the balls are communicating with themselves in time through their fifth dimensional computer simulators.

Later on down the road I will move the simulation from x,y coordinates to results of computer computations running on a real computer but the computer itself will be like the balls in my earlier simulation. So instead of a bunch of balls communicating between the future and the past I will have a bunch of computers communicating with themselves in the future and in the past again with their fifth dimensional simulators. This is still a very early work in progress but looking promising. This would be great for bio-genetics, nuclear research, and what not.

First test of temporal parallel computing coming up in the future:

For my first test of temporal parallel computing project: no it will not be true quantum entanglement but it will be temporal parallel computing. What I decided to do was set up a very complicated search for time travel media of the future or the past. But this time instead of running just counters for that only and only that I will run two sets of counters. One counter will search for this time travel media but the other counter will search for messages from the future or the past for the results of the first counter. Alternate realities in the past too will be searched because they will be useful here. (Yes Moe (Darby aka Starlord) the past too because there are alternate realities of the past. I know this is stretching it for you Moe but hang in there I will keep it simple for you so you can keep up.) Now when the second counter finds a true message it will verify it then the first counter will take its results and X out places it needs to search thus speeding up the search results. Thus speeding up the time it takes for this time travel search to complete. To note: This will be tested twice. One test with 1 counter only the other test with the second counter. I got to keep it scientific. Really I just want to know how well it works thats all.

Since I am telling my secrets can anyone guess what I use for data-packets in the messages that the balls search for with the A/B algorithm in space-time? Anyone? Well, I embed a VCNS number in the messages when it comes to delivering a high amount of data.

In my Email temporal communication system that I use for myself at home I have ways of attaching file attachments which do include regular hack-able check-sums but often if I want to send a video to myself in the past I use a VCNS number embedded in the text message. So my counters do not have to work as hard and neither do my other helper programs. It just makes it run faster which is the name of the game. As the counters turn in the check-sum range my bot searches the counters for messages to and from myself in the future or the past and save them out to file and the file attachments are decoded. In my simulation when I get to regular computers doing temporal communication VCNS will be used for the data packets embedded in the messages.

VCNS as a space-time model:

What vcns represents at least to me is a model of how space-time works. The reason it represents how space-time works is because of Einstein's relativity. From the quantum world on up every mechanism in space-time is dependent on another mechanism of space-time. And now this is where things get weird depending on where you are and under what physical conditions you are under your view of  space-time is different from other positions in space-time. That is why quantum mechanics  has a big problem.

So, what vcns does is take a mathematical point of reference and insert it in an equation with a factor known as the data. Now the a clock is set in motion for both the reference point and the data. TO SIMULATE AN ACTUAL TIME-LINE. Then the data and its reference point are put in motion just like in Einstein's thought experiments. So, at each reference point at a specific place in time the data changes. JUST LIKE THE REAL TIME-LINE. So, as you see VCNS was meant to be a very simple model of space-time itself based on Einsteins very own observations of our universe. Though as fate would have it is also the very best way of storing information in the universe as soon as mankind can figure out how to calculate R because I have my limits as Larry and Moe have found out as to what I will give up.

Exploring the universe in different ways.

Me complaining. Bypass if you do not want to here it.

Larry and Moe will always try to throw their version of physics at me if or when we talk which is not often any more. What I fail to seem to get across to others and them is that Einstein explored the universe through his mind only. Black holes and all that stuff was discovered from a human's mind only without space-exploration at all what so ever. Einstein never left the freaking planet. He never left the ground so far as I know.

So I take information with computers and construct it in a order that may have existed in the future or the past so what? WHAT THE HECK DIFFERENCE AM I FROM EINSTEIN!!! Einstein explored the universe through his mind ONLY. His freaking brain only with NOTHING!!! So why cant I run a few binary counters to retrieve computer media files of the universe in the past or the future?

What are Larry and Moe aka Rainman and Darby of and trying to prove? What the hell is their freaking problem??? I DANG WELL KNOW WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT.

And they get mad when I call them stupid. WELL DUH? Do those guys even know the power that the very fastest computers in the world have? Those machines could make mince meat of a single paragraph of written information of messages from the future or the past as compared to my machines. And what makes my machines special over theirs is I have algorithms to cut short this time by many many factors.

Why my stuff works.
Lets say we download a file from the internet. We get a download bar saying oh you have 5 minutes till your download is complete. So, say I am constructing a file with real information. I have algorithms that can see that file and know what a constructed file looks like. So it in turn can take a measurement of how much construction needs to take place. It then takes this construction measurement and puts in into a speed calculation to tell how much needs to be mathematically added or subtracted from to the counter as a number to speed up this construction. I could get more technical but this post is too long as it is.

Yeah, my stuff is that good. As the file comes into focus my programs knows how much to slow the counter down or speed the counter up or even reverse the counter to get the next constructed file of the future or the past.

Now I want to point out ALL THIS IS DONE BY ADDITION OR SUBTRACTION TO THE COUNTER!!! My programs look at the computer file as just one very big long number. To my programs computer media of the future or the past is just a number and a number only. Ironically I start out searching check-sum ranges of just numbers and end up with a computer file that my programs see as just one big number. It is irony at its purest form.

Space-time as a hard drive:
When I speak of the computational world I also speak of space-time in and of itself being like a computer hard drive though the real computational world is every reality that can exist in space-time. So, I may only exist so many years in space-time itself but Einstein said that all of space and time exist AT THE SAME TIME. So maybe in 2076 I wont be alive but my information will exist between my birthday and my date of death in space-time. If all of space-time exist at the same time then my information is always ON FILE in space-time. Maybe not in the sense as a computer file but my information is there. Now when the universe comes to a end it is my belief that hard drive will be wiped clean. If it restarts again the universe should fill up differently than before. Eventually it will come full circle until the entire computational world has existed at one time or the other in a real universe. So, if there is life after death and you dont like yours now just wait. It may be different the next time around.

Now that is where my form of time-travel comes in. My computers act as a device. A controller if you will to access the information in space-time. To bring it forth and copy it from one area of space-time to another area of space-time so as to make it readable in the here and now in our own little area of our hard-drive space in space-time. And it does this by good old fashion cryptography. Running a rolling check-sum counter and data-mining the counter until it finds time travel media. This is my fifth-dimension simulator. And it runs like a scolded dog. No offense to animals or animal lovers intended.

No physical laws to stop computer time travel:

Information by itself has no mass nor energy. Since it has no mass or energy there is nothing from stopping it from traveling from one point in space-time to another. But it needs a little help. My methods which originate from cryptology, check-sum hacking, math, and of course my invention of a  new numerical system VCNS or Burris numerical system.

All are very valid methods used to access information that is not meant to be accessed or that can not be easily accessed. Whether it be stored on a server at the pentagon, in the white house, at the CIA or NSA, or a torn up scrap piece of paper in the trash , or lost somewhere in space-time it does not make a difference how you get it. It does not make a difference what methods you use to get it.

All that matters is that you can get it safely without getting into trouble. That is what I do. I hack safely. I hack causality. I hack space-time itself. And nobody gets hurt. I develop a profile of the information that I am searching for. I program a binary counter to turn within the range of the information I am searching for. I set up my bots to look at the counter and accept or reject the found files. Both the counters and the bots are kinda of like my blood hounds. I give them the scent, rev up my counters, and set my bots loose like a pack of dogs after a raccoon. The rest is history.

My counters are programmed to turn at different speeds because they too are programmed to find information. Its the bots job to accept that information and copy it out or move on. The counters job is to find information. This is done with three methods of programming. Artificial Neural nets and Statistical information processing and or graphing information and judging how close the curve you are looking for matches the curve you have now. I use three methods to judge how fast to turn my counters. When the counter gets to its slowest speed my bot waits then eventually makes a judgment call then gives the go ahead to the counter to keep on trucking buddy. Then the counter revs back up and on toward the next file. Basically in a nutshell that is it.

Two different but similar types of technology:

I often think of my VCNS and my check-sum hacking as a comparison to NASA and the USA government. The USA has UFO's probably flying all over the galaxy in secret but NASA is stuck with simple primitive rocket propulsion. So my VCNS is the UFO's and my check-sum hacking is the rocket propulsion. But I will say I do need check-sum hacking because it is just plain easier for me to extrapolate what check-sums time-travel media will be than for me to extrapolate with VCNS what VCNS numbers to search. VCNS is pretty good at what it does but it is highly complex to work with.

Time may be different for the Universe than for us:

If all of space-time exist at once then time for the universe begins and ends in an instant. It is us that experience that time slowly as it folds out. It is a dimensional thing and again proves time is relative to the observer. Time for us is like a speed camera talking a slow film of a very fast explosion in which we are caught in. We experience every billion trillion of a millisecond of what the universe actually experienced in 1/100,000 of a second. That is just an example to prove my point. And, this view was really my personal thoughts on this subject. Some brain might tell you different.

Time-traveling to alternate universes or alternate realities:

Can we really get to parallel universes? Can we really get to parallel worlds or realities. Can we time travel for real? Well that depends on a lot of things that science is not really sure about right now.

Now what I call reference points some would refer to as the ether or space-time. But I am talking about points that are both a specific location and a specific time within that ether or space-time.

That would be like overlaying Einsteins space-time with a map of other things. Kinda like how they overlay a weather radar map which is a satellite photo overlaid with with information. To visualize my reference points you need to take Einsteins space-time and overlay it with information to understand all the other things that is going on inside of it which would be a lot harder to do because we are working with at least 4 dimensions.

It is a good bet that there is far more to our reality and far more to our space-time and other universes and yes even to other dimensions than we really realize. HEY DARBY YOU STILL SCRATCHING YOUR HEAD OVER MY PROGRAM???? BAAAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!

Finishing up:

So now back to the my science of time travel with check-sums.

1. We need a hack-able check-sum. A number we can construct a computer file from. This is our method we will use on our binary counters.

2. We need a range of hack-able check-sums. That the time-travel media we are searching for will be in. This normally has to be extrapolated (mathematically calculated). This is our search area for time-travel media. Like looking for a lost person at sea to visualize.

3. We need binary counters running like crazy that create every possible collision of a specific check-sum. (Tiggs (screen name no he is a good guy not on my bad list.) yes we do search check-sum collisions. No it don't mean this technology does not work.)
These counters have the ability to speed up, slow down, go forward, go backwards, stay on the same check-sum, or go up or down to another check-sum.

4. We need Bots or programs that look at the counter each and every time it changes to SEE IF WE FOUND TIME TRAVEL COMPUTER MEDIA OF THE FUTURE OR THE PAST.


5. Use a verification method(s) to verify when we have found time-travel media.
Computer media from the past or the future. This would be other third party programs our could be programmed into the search bots or search programs. We will at least want to verify the file format of a video, audio, text or other type of time-travel computer media file we are looking at for. At the minimum we verify the file formats. But we could be verifing lots of things. Like when I search for emails I verify the email address I verify the sender and receiver with complex methods. I look for file attachments and verify them you name it. There is lots of stuff that can be verified. Maybe I only want one specific type of media like a news broadcast video from the future. If it was not a video from that specific news station I would discard it and keep going. I could write a book on methods of verification for time travel media. More post from me for the future.


Now using my A/B algorithm if A in the future and B in the past both know the hack-able check-sum range of their messages to each other then both A and B can use my method of time-travel to communicate with each other to and from the past and the future. Two way communication backwards and forward and yes with file attachments and a email like system as good as you want it.

But be very forewarned and I have learned. Time-travel is very weird and unpredictable. What I get out of my system can change the future and can change the time-line. Not only my time-line but the whole worlds time-line depending on how big the event is and what I do or say about it that effects others.

Even a small change in the timeline has bigger and bigger changes as the future progresses. So what I do now may only effect the time-line very little but as time goes on and on those changes can magnify completely changing the future very far down the road. So a small change in the time-line now becomes a mass flood of changes in the time-line as time progresses.

That is why my signature at the fake tti says "Who would know if the time-line was changed? Who would stop me?" For now no one. Time-travel is not regulated and legal here and now except in China. Here and now I can get away with murder. Not actual murder but everyone gets my meaning.

Larry and Moe can complain all they want about me but it will never change the fact that every day I run my software on my parallel computer called time travel station one looking for time-travel media. It wont change the fact that I do a lot of programming and research into my form of time-travel. It wont change the fact that time-travel im sorry to say has been invented and it has been invented by me. It wont change the fact that I am a time-traveler in my own way and all that complaini

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