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Experience v/s Interface

Decoding the UX UI dilemma

User Experience Design can be defined as “the process of enhancing user satisfaction by improving the usability, ease of use, and pleasure provided in the interaction between the user and the product” whereas the aim of User Interface is “to make the user’s interaction as simple and efficient as possible, in terms of accomplishing user goals” By these definitions we can see the interconnectivity of the terms more commonly known as UX and UI in the tech industry. These design concepts are essential for the development of any comprehensive website because of its functions. A website never comes with a manual or a guide book. It is a service which is either self explanatory or works on the existing knowledge of the customer. More often than not a customer often blames himself for not understanding a complex and difficult to navigate web design. The precise use of UX and UI is to create designs which are not only easily accessible but also engaging at the same time, creating a holistic experience for the user. Both terms are centered on the user and this further emphasizes the role of a happy user for any website. The productivity of your business relies solely on your customer and a good web design will definitely take you a long way. The personality of your business is reflected on your website which means that you probably need a good UX and UI designer to enhance and engage the user in the best possible way. Both terms may sound similar, but UI and UX have different roles to fill and different methods to do so. There are a few overlapping elements in both and sometimes designers do possess the skill set to work with UI as well as UX. However, the objective as well as the scope of the two fields differs in nature and this is what sets them apart.

Design matters…

A combination of interface design and interaction design assures that your customer can easily navigate across your website and find what they are looking for without any trouble. The aim of User Experience Design is to make web browsing a smooth process. Let’s look at E-commerce as an example. These days, more often than not we shop online, either on Amazon or eBay. User Experience designers study our interaction with payment gateways and how convenient the shopping process is. From viewing the product to adding it to the cart, UX looks at a holistic process. In a nutshell, from a click of a button to what appears on your screen next is your experience. UX entails a large scope for constant change and updates. With new gadgets pouring into the market everyday and even more research and development in the field of technology, user experience is constantly developing. Other examples of a good UX design include being able to use navigational keys or reading content as you scroll down a page instead of loading a new page all together.

Simplicity is everything…

In the User Interface industry revolutions come and go. In 1983, Apple became the pioneer of Graphical User Interface which changed the definition of UI since. The elegance and simplicity of the Apple UI came from its touch interface and application icons making it a user friendly experience. Thus, Apple summarizes the importance of UI design in a nutshell. UI design cannot achieve simplicity without an in depth understanding of what the users need. A UI designer needs to have a holistic approach to understanding a user in order to achieve his or her goals.
User Interface design patterns are solutions to web design problems which are recurring. A UI designer has to look at different aspects of design programming. Patterns help them create simple designs which are comprehensive as well as user friendly. There are several UI design patterns. The first is getting input; some websites require the customer to give some information about themselves, this means that the content needs to be tailored accordingly. Secondly, navigational tools allow customers to smoothly browse through a website. More importantly a UI designer needs social tools so that customers can engage and interact with other customers.

Both UI and UX are equally important. UX is not UI and vice versa. What matters, is a good user experience as well as an optimized interface is essential for any website.

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Experience v/s Interface


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