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Why 5G Technology Will Be Life Changing

We live in a digital world, one that is Connected via satellite, fiber optic cable, and wireless router. From laptops, desktops, tablets, smartphones, and even our watches, we can check email, watch video, pinpoint our place on Earth to within a couple of meters, and communicate in real time via text, voice, or video. But this connectivity comes at a cost of sorts – a communications Network that is quickly becoming taxed with the amount of data that is being shared on a daily basis by billions around the world. This is where 5G Technology comes in. It promises to be the solution to our information needs.

What is 5G Technology?

In simple terms, 5G technology refers a 5th generation wireless mobile telecommunications network. When fully deployed, it will eventually replace 4G networks worldwide. With it, bandwidth will increase, downloads will grow larger, latency will be reduced, and speeds will be improved. However, as with many evolutionary developments, the change-over won’t happen overnight.

Currently, 5G technology is being slowly rolled out by telecommunications leaders like Qualcomm for testing and evaluation purposes. The technology is being designed from the outset to support multiple device types and an array of different spectrums. And while no technology is truly future-proof (perhaps excluding the hammer), 5G should last for many years.

What are the Capabilities of 5G?

Compared to today’s existing 4G network, 5G technology promises output capacity that is 10 times greater, latency rates that are decreased up to 10 times, 10 times the connection density, and traffic capacity and network efficiency that is up to 100 times greater than the current standard. In other words, network speeds are set to drastically improve, resulting in faster and larger downloads (up to 10GB per second), less buffering, little to no downtime, and a vastly improved overall user experience when viewing online content over the air. Additionally, 5G technology promises to be more accessible as well, with nearly 100 percent uptime and 100 percent availability.

How Will 5G Change the World?

Ultimately, 5G technology enables the connected world that we all dream of to become a reality. Right now, you probably access online content primarily from your phone. That isn’t a big deal, and a 4G network may be sufficient for your current needs. But in the future, it won’t be just your phone that is connected. Your car will be connected. Your home will be connected. Your wearables, and perhaps even your clothes, will be connected. Data files will grow larger, and mobile apps and software programs will become more robust. In the end, the Internet of Things will become reality not just for the few, but for the many. And that requires an advanced, comprehensive, and reliable wireless telecommunications network – 5G technology aims to provide for this need.

Anyone of a certain age can remember a time when browsing the Internet meant waiting literal minutes on end for a single page to load. Downloading even a modestly sized file meant leaving your computer for hours at at time, and preventing your family from using the telephone, lest they interrupt the download (remember, this is a time when the Internet was accessed over modems). And yet, these same individuals (now in their 30s) can now stream entire seasons of television in a single go right from their phone, television, or laptop, with little to no interruptions in service. To say that Internet speeds have improved is a dramatic understatement. 5G technology, and eventually sixth- and seventh-generation networks, will have much the same impact on your life.

The Future is Wireless

It’s fair to say that some uses of 5G technology have not yet been invented. And that’s perhaps the most exciting thing of all. The future is looking to be increasingly wireless, which means a robust, high-speed, reliable wireless network is going to be needed. Just as computers become ever more capable in order to support more robust and capable computer programs, the same is true for our wireless network. As more of the things around us become connected, they demand a network that is capable of supporting them. 5G technology is the answer.

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Why 5G Technology Will Be Life Changing


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