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Want Your Business To Thrive In 2017? Start Planning Your Resolutions Now!

It may still be a couple of months until the year comes to a close, but it’s not a bad idea to start thinking about 2017 now. Imagine what kind of goals you’d like your Business to achieve in the new year. If you start planning for them early, you could potentially fulfill your New Year’s Resolutions by January!

There are many directions you may wish to go with your business. Maybe you want to aim for a greater profits. Perhaps you’d like to reach a wider market. Successful entrepreneurs often think about how they can give back to the community. There are various smaller things you might be considering. Improving work/life balance or boosting your business reputation can make a big difference.

Setting an agenda for 2017 is useful. You can focus on ending the year on a high and be prepared to take it to the next level in the upcoming year. Here is some useful advice and ideas for New Year’s Resolutions you might have for your business. Hopefully, you can find some that help your company!

Start Going To Events

Corporate events host a range of benefits for your business. Not only do they provide the best opportunities for networking, but they can also be a way to improve brand awareness and make sales. If you aren’t regularly attending business events already, then perhaps that should be your goal for next year.

There are many kinds of events you might wish to participate in. Conferences and trade shows are useful for making a name in your field. You get the chance to reach out to the media and network with like-minded business owners.

Sometimes, entertainment events are useful for businesses. Festivals often have opportunities for companies to put up stalls. You can let customers sample your products and even make some sales. You might even want to sponsor a local sporting event to get your name out there.

You can find worldwide business events for any field on sites like You may want to plan to attend a certain amount in 2017. You may simply want to find some of the most prominent and get your company involved.

Expand Overseas

Growing domestically is one thing, but you may have ambitions of becoming a worldwide enterprise. Going international is fantastic for business. You can reach out to lucrative markets and expand your business reach more than ever before.

Expanding overseas will involve many complications. You need to ensure you find a country where your business will thrive. What works at home may not work abroad. Be sure to do your international market research before trying to make it big in another country.

You’ll need to consider the logistics of expanding. If you want to create premises in another location, find out what properties are available. You may need to ship products overseas, so find a service to help you do it. For information, you may want to visit Shipping Containers. Sending cargo containers makes transportation of goods easy to anywhere in the world.

You’ll also need to consider cultural differences. The way you need to market your products in another country may differ. It’s also worth getting an international lawyer, as you don’t want to break any business laws when you get started. If you’re prepared to take on the challenges, it’s a goal that can reap many rewards for your business.

Become More Tech Savvy

As you’ve likely realized, technology is becoming more and more useful. New kinds of electronics, software, and apps make many tasks easier for businesses. You’re probably using a lot of technology already, but keeping up with the latest tech advances will prepare you for years to come.

You might want to learn how to implement cloud technology in your business. Storing data in the cloud is secure, energy efficient, and can even save costs. There’s also cloud computing software out there to make online work collaboration incredibly simple.

Smartphones also have many uses for businesses. You might want to encourage the use of efficient business smartphone apps in your company. That way, employees can do more work on their mobile devices, even when out of the office.

You should also get in touch with the latest business computer software. There are programs on Windows, Mac, and online for improving all kinds of daily operations. Learning how to use tech effectively in your business can make it run a lot faster and smoother. It can bring your business into the modern age, for 2017 and beyond.

Start Giving Back

Many profitable companies find a lot of enjoyment in giving something back to their community. There are many ways you can do this. It doesn’t always involve donating money- you can also give some of your time to help causes.

You may want to host or sponsor a charity event. Getting your employees evolved in fundraising activities can help you give to charities. If you find a charity you’d like to support, you can do a lot with your business to promote it.

You might even want to help your local community by taking on interns in the area. A simple way to do this is to contact local colleges and universities. Students are always looking for work placement opportunities. By taking on young interns and teaching them about your industry, you can help local people and even develop new talent.

Boost Your Social Media Operations

Social media seems to get even more valuable for businesses as time goes on. With even more new social networks coming out, it’s best to start getting prepared for 2017. You might want to set yourself a goal of reaching a certain number of followers on Facebook or Twitter. You could also aim to start developing a following on some brand new channels.

There are many ways to gain more social media followers. Make sure that you’re posting content that gets people attention. Don’t just stick to regular business posts. Humorous content and topical discussion often pique people’s interest.

You should also start looking into where social media users will go in 2017. Although Facebook is still the king of the social media world, Snapchat and Instagram are growing fast. Learning where your target demographic are likely to go can help you target your marketing more effectively.

Improve Profits

As a business, you should always be aiming to increase your profits. Still, it doesn’t hurt to make it a specific yearly goal. You could aim to make a 20% increase from last year or keep profit levels consistently rising from month to month.

There are many ways you can go about achieving this goal. Doubling down on your most effective marketing operations will always be helpful. If you’re managing to bring customers in using a certain method, make sure you keep doing it.

You should also focus on customer retention. Repeat customers are actually the primary source of profit for most businesses. Ensure that everyone who buys from you is tempted to do so again. Those who have a good experience will also tell their friends.

You might also want to look into cutting business costs. Simple things like buying supplies in bulk and removing unnecessary costs can help a lot. You could also reassess your insurance costs and utility suppliers. Learning to become a more cost-effective business will help your profit margins increase a lot.

Offer Something New

You might want to improve your company by providing something new and unique. Those who create or sell products could start offering a new range. It can entice customers and get them interested in buying from you.

You may even want to expand to new markets. For instance, home appliance stores may want to expand to offer computers and smartphones as well. It can help you appeal to many more customers.

Another idea is to expand your brand into another business sector. If you’re a web design company, you might want to start offering other digital services like web marketing and app design. If you already have a strong customer base, you can expand your brand into new operations and make profits instantly.

Improve Work/Life Balance

One of the biggest gripes for managers and employees is not having enough time for themselves. You might want to aim to create a better work/life balance for everyone in your business.

Overworking yourself isn’t always productive. In fact, over time it can make you lose motivation and focus. Taking more time to relax and perhaps even take holiday breaks can reduce stress and renew your enthusiasm.

You may want to offer employee benefits for work/life balance. A generous amount of paid leave days can make employees happy and keep them loyal. Flexible working options can also help. Some employers offer remote working possibilities. That way employees don’t have to make their stressful commute every day. You could also implement flextime, which means employees work the same amount of hours but at different times. It can make your office productive for longer.

Improving work/life balance for everyone will often help your business. Your staff will be much more satisfied and often work with a renewed motivation when they don’t feel overloaded with work.

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Want Your Business To Thrive In 2017? Start Planning Your Resolutions Now!


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