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Cell Phone Spy App – Legit or Scam?

 The Uses of a Cell Phone Spy App

There are so many vendors who offer cell Phone spy apps and SMS tracker products. It can be difficult to navigate this market where companies offer seemingly similar products. This article is providing tips for choosing a good product that would meet your needs.

Legit Spy Phone Software is used for monitoring smartphones and tablets. Why would someone use it?


The most common usage case is for parents who want to track their kids’ cell phone activities. Some families want to know who their children are talking to on Facebook and on various chat applications. They want to protect their children and feel secure.


Another case is for companies who enforce corporate policies on phones belonging to them. Employers have the right to install monitoring Software on phones purchased by the company.

Private detectives use spy phone software

A typical Spy Phone software user


Some private investigators and detectives offer a spy phone service to their customers. For instance, a customer might purchase a spy phone (smartphone with pre-installed monitoring software) from a detective agency and give it as a gift to their significant other. Later, the detective and/or the customer would have access to the target’s communications: texts, calls, photos. They would also be able to track their movements.

Private investigators and detectives have many tricks up their sleeve, and using bugged cell phones is one of them. Another common usage is using the cell phone spy software to track a person’s location. Since all smartphones have a built-in GPS chip, using a cell phone to track its owner is a natural tactic for private investigators.

Even if this seems to be in the gray area ethically, this practice is legal since one can install anything on a phone they own.

How Does a Cell Phone Spy App Work?

Spy Phone Software is a small application that runs invisibly on a smartphone and quietly reports everything to your online dashboard: calls, texts, photos, GPS locations. It can even be activated by a special code SMS to take a photo or listen to the surroundings using the phone’s mic.

What is invisibly, exactly? It means that it’s hidden from the list of installed apps. The target can never see the spy phone app in action, nor can he uninstall it or stop it from running.

To achieve cloaked mode of operation, this software can only be installed on jailbroken/rooted smartphone. There is no way for it to operate on a non-jailbroken phone, and we will discuss this further when talking about telltale signs of a fraudulent spying software scam.

real cell phone spy dashboard

that’s how a legit cell phone spy’s dashboard looks like

 7 Telltale Signs of a Cell Phone Spy App Scam

Since the market is full of dubious offers, it’s useful to be able to recognize a scam when the time comes to choose the right spy phone software.

Here are the most obvious signs of a fraud:


Legit spy phone software cannot be installed remotely. You need access to the target to install a legit monitoring app. Only fraudulent companies looking to make a quick buck advertise remote installation.


To get monitoring privileges on the device, spy phone software must be installed on a jailbroken or a rooted phone. If the iPhone is not jailbroken, spy phone software cannot get access to other apps’ data, such as chat logs, emails, etc. Same applies to a non-rooted Android phone.

Spy phone software has a very limited capability on a non-jailbroken or a non-rooted phone. It would have usually have access to contacts list and to the list of installed applications, but it wouldn’t be able to intercept calls and monitor chat messages.

If a vendor claims that you don’t need to jailbreak or root the phone in order to use the software, it’s surely a fraud or a very limited software.


Due to OS limitations, smartphones running Windows Phone OS cannot be monitored with an invisible spy phone software. If the vendor claims otherwise, it must be a fraud.

Some vendors claim that their software works on phones that haven’t been jailbroken or rooted yet. For example, when iOS 7.1 got released it took time for hackers to release a jailbreak. Between iOS release and jailbreak release, no spy phone software would function on a phone running a non-jailbroken OS.

Same thing will absolutely happen with the new iPhone 6. Once it gets released, scammers will try to sell “spy phone” software on that phone, although it won’t work until jailbreak is released.

Oh wait, the phone doesn’t even need to get released before some sleazy websites can claim that they support it. For an example, see – these scammers claimed support for iPhone 6 even before it was released.


A lot of vendors offering spy phone software have cookie-cutter websites that all look the same. What it means, that they’re all resellers of the same big company.

Would you like to buy from a reseller? Generally, resellers charge more for the software than the original vendor. They also provide limited support and can be a fly-by-night operation.

It’s better to get your software from one of the few companies that actually design and develop it, than from a reseller.

Look for a website that doesn’t look like a cookie-cutter reseller thing.

spy phone scam screenshot

“multimedia service that gives access to the SMS database archive”  – we also have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you. Typical spy phone scam website.


A scammer whose software doesn’t really function as claimed, won’t offer a free trial.

A legit company offers this option, so that you can make sure the software matches your needs before you give your credit card details.


If you search for a spy phone software, there are one or two companies who pop all over the place. It means they invest huge budgets into advertising. It also means that they don’t invest that money into development and testing.

A company which invests the most into advertising doesn’t necessarily have the best product.


Legit companies have a live support that you can contact through the website. Frauds are not interested in replying to your questions, because they only want your money.

How To Pick A Legit Cell Phone Spy App

A legit spy phone software vendor would, obviously, avoid the scammer signs. They would be an established company with a good reputation and no history of customer fraud.

Our current choices are mSpy and FlexiSPY. They are the first company to release a full-featured spy phone software product back in 2005, and they invest a lot into great support for the customers.

Live support and free trial are also offered.

Stay away from various scams and fraud that are abundant in this industry.

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Cell Phone Spy App – Legit or Scam?


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