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What Equipment Do You Need To Become a True Vlogger

Vlogging equipment

This post is a guest contribution by Mr.Sam Pierce. Read more about him in the author bio below the post.

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Vlogging is becoming more popular every day, and it looks like everyone is trying to become a new star on YouTube. Perhaps you think that with the right idea and your original pitch, popularity is just around the corner. And who knows – maybe! However, not everything is as simple as it seems.

You can shoot a good video for a vlog if you come up with a good topic, being interesting for the audience in front of the Camera, as well as use the right equipment. Then the picture will be of high quality.

But special attention should be paid to additional equipment. If you really are going to be the best, then on YouTube you will need equipment to look good.

Let’s face it: the audience is cruel. Bad sound? Do not like it anymore! Disgusting video quality? Double dislike! Therefore, before you start the path to the top, let’s look at the basic equipment that you will need.

We have prepared several recommendations for the selection of equipment. Now it will be easier for you to navigate in the devices needed to capture high-quality and captivating video.


The first thing you will need is a camera for YouTube.

But don’t worry, you do not need an insanely expensive and advanced camera to create good content. Many videobloggers use the built-in webcam on their computer, or even their own smartphone, which can make the best results nowadays.

Video Blogging

Image Source: Pixabay

For vlogs, in which you just sit in front of the camera, the DSLR camera for YouTube will be the most successful choice. Your audience will definitely notice and appreciate the high-quality video.

So which YouTube camera do you need to purchase?

There are many great options, even if you are limited by budget. You can choose a compact camcorder, an entry-level DSLR, mirrorless camera or even a GoPro.

The selected camera will depend on the level of your experience and the type of video that you record. With such a wide range of available cameras, the choice can be difficult.


Image Source : Pixabay

To support your camera you will need a tripod.

If you have a heavy model, you can purchase a tripod like the Magnus VT-4000. But in fact, any option will be reliable, especially if you plan to install a camera in the room.

Other options include a mini tripod, such as the Oben TT-100, if your camera is mounted on a desk, or Joby GorillaPod for travel. If you are with GoPro on the road, you can shoot your own vlogs by attaching the camera to your head – this will be enough.

Also, experienced video bloggers use tripods and monopods, as well as manual stabilizers to mechanically reduce vibrations during shooting.

And the tripods can be with floating heads, ensuring a smooth image. Also, the optical and digital stabilizers, which are available in additional lenses for cameras, proved to be quite good.

But it is important to remember that digital stabilizers need good Lighting, otherwise, the video will be of poor quality.


Image Source : Pixabay

Nothing ruins the content like a bad sound.

Most viewers can forgive mediocre lighting and video quality, but if the sound is bad, then they probably will not stay long.

The fastest and easiest way to improve sound quality is not to use the built-in microphones on your camera (or computer if you use a webcam). Use an external Microphone.

It’s even better to record sound from an external microphone to a portable recorder, bypassing the horrible sound devices inside compact cameras.

Many bloggers or streamers are satisfied with a standard headset (headphones with a microphone). They are cheap, and at the same time, they come across with good sensitivity. When the image is more important, and not the sound, this option is quite suitable.

You can also use an external clip-on microphone. At a small price, it has a good level of noise reduction and sensitivity.

Having accumulated experience with video and sound, you can think about how to achieve greater clarity and purity of sound. Here you can distinguish condenser microphones. They make the voice more alive, filling it with colors and preserving all the shades of spoken language.

The easiest way to capture the best sound is to add a directional microphone that has a certain area of recording. The microphone itself is very sensitive when you direct it, but it will not catch sound from the side or from behind. The closer you can get the microphone to you, the better. If you are only a few steps from your camera, then the option with a conventional directional microphone is good enough.

If your camera is placed at a distance of several feet or farther away from you, installing a microphone outside the camera is a must. And since the microphone is not limited to use, you can choose a large, more professional directional microphone.

Note please:

You will also need a special stand to hold the microphone in the desired position. Try to place it above you, just outside your image screen, for optimal sound capture.

Are you planning to sit at the table in front of the computer (or close to it)? Then the USB microphone is a simple but effective way to capture quality sound directly to your computer.

This is especially effective when you use a webcam to capture video.

I recommend checking out the various options from Blue, especially the Yeti model. If you are walking along the path of a USB microphone, you will need software to record sound from your microphone. Programs such as GarageBand (for Mac users) or Audacity audio editor with open source are simple and easy to use. They allow you to record, manage and export audio for final editing.


Image Source : Pixabay

In the case of vlogging your lighting should not be a fantasy, it just needs to be effective.

Your main goal is to focus yourself in the center of attention of the audience, as well as to avoid unnecessary shadows on the face.

While you could simply use only ambient lighting in your room or natural light through well-placed windows. For the professional quality of your videos, I strongly recommend assembling a basic set of soft light, for example, such as Impact Soft N.

This kit or any similar option gives you two soft light sources that you can arrange in front of you to ensure smooth and pleasant lighting. Alternatively, you can light one large bright source located about 45 degrees to the side and slightly higher than your head. While the other light must reflect off the wall or ceiling to raise the overall level of room lighting.

The simplest thing is to make the lighting yourself. For example, you can buy a pair of conventional lamps with LED or another source of white cold light with a color temperature of 5500K.

Note that fluorescent and halogen lamps should not be bought. Because of the features of the spectrum of the first lamps, the finished video will have a greenish tinge. And the second very warm.

Whenever possible, lighting racks are used to optimally place the light sources. If the brightness is too high, use a diffusing filter that softens the light, as well as reflectors.


Image Source : Pixabay

The background is selected depending on the vlogger clothing, materials used and lighting, as well as the camera.

Advanced bloggers usually use a tissue green chromakey that hangs on a hand-made or purchased holder.

There are mobile and folding holders of different sizes, which allows you to choose the desired height and length, depending on the size of the room in which will be shooting. It is important to avoid clothes with shades that are close to the background color.

Obviously, the background should be neutral, otherwise, it will distract attention from you. If you use a background, you need to make sure that you have separate lighting specifically for it to provide the perfect picture from behind.

The more lighting on your background, the better your results will be. It is also important to maximize the distance between each other and the background.

Final Thoughts

Image Source : Pixabay

As for working with video, the investment in this work is not difficult, and only with the basic collection of video equipment, you can really increase the production cost of your content.

A quality camera, basic lighting setup, and an external microphone will help you create professional-looking and sounding content. And since the YouTube vlogs are dialog-oriented, I can not stress the importance of capturing a good sound, which should be considered the top priority.

Many mistakenly underestimate the importance of high-quality sounding of their videos, overly concentrating on video content. But it is in this way that you deliver information to your regular viewers and potential clients.

If they do not understand what you are trying to say to them, the chances that they will watch the video grow to the end. Think about it and make the right conclusion.

Of course, there are other nuances than just equipment. For example, the scene you are recording. It can play an important role in the production value of your videos. Do not lose sight of a well-chosen and decorated background, as it can give viewers a direct idea of the format of the vlog.

Ultimately, it does not matter how good your video and sound, if no one knows that they exist, so a good promotion and a thoughtful marketing plan are of paramount importance for the success of your vlog.

So, what are you waiting for?

Start to do, start moving forward, and who knows, success can be just around the corner.


Author Bio:

Sam Pierce is a tech blogger and founder of FindTheDecision. He provides simple, in-depth reviews of tech products and services which make a difference to your life.


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What Equipment Do You Need To Become a True Vlogger


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