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Bugs in Your Mobile Version You Must Get rid of

bugs on phone

Before we start talking about which Mobile bugs to get rid of, let’s see what a mobile bug is.
Business dictionary explains it well:

 “Unexpected problem with a software or hardware that causes it to falter or fail, or is just annoying to the user. Hardware bugs are remedied by a new circuit design, software bugs are usually ‘debugged’ by including a small program (called a ‘patch’) to bypass the problem. Patching provides temporary relief, until an updated (supposedly bug-free) version of the software is available. Patches and updates, however, often generate their own bugs and thus perpetuate the debugging-updating cycle.”

Technology, no matter how well designed, always has some little irritation. Let’s have a look at bugs in your Phone you must get rid of.

Slow Wi-Fi connection

This is an irritating one. You try to connect your Wi-Fi, but your mobile refuses to connect, disconnect or takes forever. Say you’re in the middle of trying to create a mobile website, something really important and your Wi-Fi just drops. This bug needs to be resolved as soon as you detect it.

How to correct it:

> Try resetting all your Network settings.
> Make sure you have the latest firmware.
> The further away from your router you move, the weaker your signal will be. Keep this in mind.

Mobile data does not want to connect

This issue ties in with the previous point. Imagine this, you are in an area with no Wi-Fi but you do have data on your phone. You switch the little icon on but nothing happens. Or worse, it connects and then suddenly drops. This could leave you in a situation, especially when you have no call minutes. Make sure you get this bug sorted out.

How to correct it:
> Go to Settings/Wireless & Networks/Mobile Networks, and see if there are any settings for Network mode.
> Make sure it is set for your mobile network.
> Make sure you set up an APN for your data network. Find Mobile Networks, Access Point Names in Settings and create an APN. Your > network provider will be able to give you the settings.

Apps won’t update

I have had this problem with a few versions. You download an app and it performs well. After some time, you get the ‘new update’ alert. When trying to update your app, nothing happens. Sometimes when you have this issue, trying to update can cause your phone to freeze. No one is happy when their phone freezes.

How to correct it:
> Use iTunes on your computer and update the apps that are stuck. When you’re done, plug in your mobile phone and sync.
> An option no one likes is to do a factory reset.

> Many times these apps are not designed properly and the owner should consider to create a mobile site. Mobile sites are at times more reliable. It does not cost much extra. They can even hire the services of a mobile site creator.

Attachment on an email or text, won’t open

You’re a web designer and you have just sent in a few proposals. After a short while, you receive a notification that reads “I need help to make a mobile website”. This is exactly what you do, so you excitedly try and open the email attachment with the proposal on. It does not open. You try a few more times with no success. You should not have to struggle with opening any attachment so this is definitely a mobile bug.

How to correct it:
> Try clearing the cache of the email app.
> Delete the email account and add it again.
> Check the size of the attachment and make sure it is not just taking long to download.

Alarm not going off on time

I have been late for work many a times because of this bug. Actually what it does is it changed the time on your phone, hence my alarm going off 2 or 3 hours later. There have been moments when the time was right but the alarm still did not go off. My frustration with this bug had me sort it out quickly!

How to correct it:
> Make sure you do not have any apps that are interfering with your alarm or clock settings.
> Also make sure your alarm has the ‘repeat’ ticked.
> Check your volume levels and make sure your phone is not muted.
> Reset your phone and update you iOS.

Author Bio:

Megan Grant is a content writer who works at Fix Mobile Usability Her life credo is “Be yourself, believe in yourself”. Her hobby is writing, reading, learning. Dreams of becoming big-name author and blogger

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Bugs in Your Mobile Version You Must Get rid of


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