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Everyday Linux User provides reviews of the top Linux based operating systems for the normal, average, everyday user. There are also tutorials showing how to install and use Linux.
2017-05-17 20:31
Some of you will be aware that I haven't posted on this site for a little while.I haven't given up on the site. On the contrary I have been working on moving the site away from the current b… Read More
February And March Linux Articles
2017-03-22 19:28
IntroductionI am aware that it is a while since I added any content to this site. To be honest I have been inundated with work and so I have had little opportunity to write anything worthwhi… Read More
Q4OS - Part 4 - Life Without Windows
2016-12-16 10:49
IntroductionAs the regular readers of this blog will be aware I have embarked on a mission to try out Q4OS as my sole operating system for a month to see how well it stands the test of time… Read More
An Everyday Linux User Review Of Zorin 12
2016-12-10 22:19
IntroductionA short while ago I was worried that Zorin had ceased to be because the current release is so far after the Ubuntu LTS release on which it is based.Well Zorin 12 is here and ther… Read More
An Everyday Linux User Review Of Q4OS 1.8
2016-11-30 20:32
IntroductionI reviewed Q4OS for the first time last September and the review was largely positive.In that review I had mixed feelings however because it looked like Windows from circa 2000 b… Read More
Make Q4OS Look Like Windows With XPQ4
2016-11-30 20:29
IntroductionWhen I wrote a review about Q4OS last year I was emailed about a package called XPQ4 which makes it possible to make Q4OS look like other versions of Windows such as Windows… Read More
2016-09-13 18:55
This is just a quick update for the people who voted for their top 5 Linux distributions.The winners of the gift vouchers were David Bley for his entry "An alternative list of the top 3 Linu… Read More
What Has Happened To Zorin Linux?
2016-09-08 18:50
Zorin OS has been one of the most innovative Linux distributions of recent years with its theme changing software that allows users to mimic other operating systems such as Mac OSX and Windo… Read More
2016-08-01 13:15
IntroductionLast week I wrote a list of the 5 Linux distributions I recommend for the everyday linux user.As expected I am receiving comments asking why I didn't include this distribution or… Read More
How To Fix Linux Mint Wi-Fi Issues
2016-07-13 19:54
IntroductionWhen I first bought the Lenovo Ideapad Y700 a few months ago I wrote a guide showing how to install Linux Mint alongside Windows 10 on the computer. I have just updated the guide… Read More
An Everyday Linux User Rant About Steam
2016-06-23 20:33
When Valve's Steam was first introduced to Linux it was seen as a great victory. Finally prime time gaming will be available to the Linux masses.That was some time ago now and there have bee… Read More
The Everyday Linux User Jargon Buster
2016-06-14 19:18
IntroductionI received a comment at the bottom of one of my articles which expressed bemusement about all of the acronyms and terms used within my reviews.I am therefore writing this guide t… Read More
2016-05-03 21:34
IntroductionI very rarely review hardware but having spent over £1000 for a computer I decided it was worth documenting my experiences thus far.Today I will be looking at the Lenovo Id… Read More
A Roundup Of Linux Articles From
2016-03-30 21:45
Introduction Due to ongoing commitments I have been unable to experiment much this week with regards to new distributions and I have no new tutorials to give you.I have however been wri… Read More
2016-03-08 20:38
IntroductionI once reviewed another Linux distribution called SolusOS back in 2013. That distribution was based on Debian and used the GNOME 2 desktop environment.As with many smaller distri… Read More
2016-02-02 20:59
IntroductionThis guide will show you how to set up the Raspberry PI Zero. The Raspberry PI Zero is an amazing little single card computer which retails for about the same price as a couple o… Read More
2016-01-10 12:12
IntroductionThis article is fairly late onto the scene but my original articles about the Raspberry PI are all becoming a little bit long in the tooth and so it is time to revisit them and m… Read More
2015-12-07 21:52
IntroductionI did have a review lined up for this week but due to illness I haven't prepared as well as I would have liked.Instead therefore I thought I would provide a list of Christmas pre… Read More
2015-09-16 19:18
IntroductionLast week I updated an article at which lists the top 25 Linux distributions on Distrowatch and gives a short description of who they are for as well as any pros a… Read More
2015-09-08 22:57
Windows 10 has been released and the majority of the reviews that I have read have been largely positive.Quite a lot has been made about the concerns about privacy especially when it comes t… Read More
2015-09-08 21:45
This is a guest post by Matthew Davis:About Matthew Davis -- Matthew works as an inbound marketer and blogger for Future Hosting, a leading provider of VPS hosting. Follow Future Hosting on… Read More
2015-09-01 21:37
IntroductionThe one thing I really like about Linux is that there is always something to write about and sometimes articles just seem to fall out of the sky and land on your head like a larg… Read More
2015-08-30 09:34
IntroductionWell everybody, as you may or may not know I haven't always been the biggest fan of Mageia. My last review was called "Mageia 3 - Gone In 60 Seconds". It was given this titl… Read More
2015-08-17 22:11
Last week saw the latest release of the Bodhi Linux distribution. In the past Bodhi has been the flag bearer for the Enlightenment desktop environment but the latest version uses a new deskt… Read More
2006-06-07 11:16
IntroductionA couple of weeks ago I reviewed openSUSE 13.1. In that review I listed all the applications which came pre-installed with the KDE live DVD.I mentioned at the time that simply li… Read More

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