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Top 5 Robots & AI Tech You can buy in 2017


So What is is Robotics?

Robotics is related to more than one branch of engineering and science that includes mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, computer science, and others. Robotics handles the look, construction, operation, and use of robots, as well as computer systems due to their control, sensory feedback, and information processing. The Robotics is evolving day by day as the new inventions are going to be launched in 2017 and we hope that these inventions going to change our lifestyle and get things done easily.

These Robots are now going to come with a Latest and smart technology with affordable prices of range ($300-$800) in 2017 with advance features.

Here are the Top 5 robots which are going to launch in the market for 2017:

Jibo Robot:

It is the First Social Robot for home Usage. Jibo is Friendly, helpful, intelligent Invented by the robotics experts Dr. Cynthia Breazeal. Let’s watch what Jibo can perform, and how he is able to easily fit into the family and how it is Helpful in all sorts of families with many different situations.

Jibo loves people. So once you enter an area, he can’t wait to communicate with you. He could greet you, ask you a concern, or tell a joke. You never understand what he’ll say or do next, which can be half the fun. You can watch above mentioned video to know more about the nature of the Jibo Robot.


  • Able to connect with your home appliances
  • Intelligent Tracking action around it.
  • World’s best Camera inbuilt in it.
  • Recognize the face and voice of closure ones.
  • Independently takes video and photo.
  • Very Much Entertaining and useful for kids.
  • The multi-platform terminal is supported.


  •  It cannot able to move from one side to another.
  •  Needs to carry or shift from one place to another place even in a home. It means if you want Jibo robot then you have to pay for 2 or 3 robots for taking full usage of it depends on your house.  

You can easily buy Jibo Robot at $499 for family usage and $599 for developer edition and they also offer Jibo bundle includes one battery and a charging base with SDK for anyone who ask for it for $799 from here

LG Hub Robots and Mini:

The “LG” debuts with its futuristic Robots to launch at CES(Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas, 2017. A little White machine with two blue glowing “eyes” on the front showering the emotions with its expressions to the users. David VanderWaal Describes this Robot as your intelligent home assistant having a quality of doing many home based works Just like switching on or off various appliances connected to it through wifi. The LG’s Director, Taryn Brucia Would not give a release date but he makes sure that it will be released in some countries this year, 2017.

There two versions Of Hub Robots with its own usage:
Home Based:
(a) For doing home Based work LG launches a two Hub robots with two available Sizes one is Large in size and other is Mini Hub Robot

(b) LG also makes it easy to Cut the grass of your Lawn with its new Hub Robot easily and efficiently.
Public Use:
(a) For Helping Public LG launch their technology to use in the Airports which guides the crowd to tell their destination and details regarding their Air tickets

(b) Other is For the cleaning purpose. We can use these robots in Multiplex, Airports and where we feel it is beneficial for us to clean the surface.


  • Play music
  • Tells weather report
  • Orders Vaccum cleaner to start cleaning and turn on/off your oven.
  • Guides Public at airports.
  • Cleaning at any public place like multiplex, airports etc


  • With this Hub Robots you would also have to own a smart  Oven, Vacuum cleaner, Washing Machine and refrigerator only then your Robot is able to get things done.
  • If you would not buy these then it is useless it means you have to spend many dollars if you want the proper usage of the Hub robots.

It is going to release in 2017, with an approximate price of ($400-$800). Let see what should be the next to come.

Robit Robot:

It is the most helpful home robot, for your family. This is what that get things easily done. Robots that help around the house are frequently one of many top features of more positive visions of the future that is if they don’t really switch on us and make us their slaves. Robit the house robot doesn’t look effective at this kind of betrayal, though. Using its large body, thin neck, and vaguely Satsuma-like skull (not to mention its insufficient arms) we’d feel safe letting it into our home.

Robit’s task-driven, android interface runs on apps, apps that define a largely discrete pair of actions that can be daisy chained together. So in place of using the robot’s voice recognition (which wasn’t functional on the prototype I saw) to offer it commands, you only drop a series of app actions into a sort of drop box interface.

You can watch above mentioned video for further features about Robit.


  • Autonomously moves around the house.
  • Track your lost things like keys.
  • Play Games with kids.
  • Health Conscious like: calculate calories etc.
  • Home Security, Education and Home Utilities.   
  • It runs on apps just like your phone.


  • It cannot be used for any physical work.
  • Not having Screen to show Video call.

You can easily buy “Robit Robot” for ($329) from here:

Zenbo Robot:

It’s your smart little Companion Let’s meet Zenbo, a new robot friend for seniors, kids, and anybody else who wants to invite a less cute, real-world version of BB-8 within their own home. Jonney Shih, Asus Chairman showed off Zenbo on stage at Computex today, describing the robot as a smart home manager, security guard, hands-free kitchen assistant, and family photographer.

Zenbo looks like an iMac G4 riding a Sony Rolly but seems to work like Amazon’s Echo, providing recipe recommendations and similar services in reaction to voice queries. Users also can use Zenbo to buy goods online by logging into accounts and inputting passwords using their voice, and take photos such as an autonomous selfie stick.

You can watch below the Full Featured video regarding “Asus Zenbo Robot”


  • Move around and assist well.
  • Take pictures, record videos and make video calls.
  • Connect with smart home devices and orders item online.
  • Learn and adapt your desires with AI.


  • It has only one drawback that Zenbo cannot be used for any physical work.

You can buy “Asus Zenbo” at ($599) from its official Website

Kuri Robot:

It Might be the first family robot with which you want to spend a time. The “Mayfield Robotics” making their Debut with Kuri to launch it at CES in Las Vegas. Kuri’s main mission is to complete simple tasks like reading bedtime stories to your kids or following you around while playing NPR, taking care of your kids like Nanny etc. It can take videos while running around the home, or see who just came in the door.  

Every Component in kuri Works to create a dynamic interaction that brings out a real sense of personality. It has Cap touch sensor which makes kuri to respond a human touch a truly personal way and having Mapping sensors which enable to navigate your house autonomously.


  • Having Mapping Sensors enable to navigate.
  • Wheels are Big enough to handle a wide range of flooring and carpets.
  • Powerful processor for speech recognition, mapping, and entertaining.
  • Contains Camera of 1080p to click HD pics in eyes.
  • Kuri Automatically goes for a power nap when energy is running low.


  • We are not able to use Kuri for physical work.
  • We could not able to do video call.

You can buy “Kuri Robot” from its official website for $700t it is yet available only in the US.

What’s Up and Coming:

Boston Dynamics:

Also, there are some other kind of robots which might be seen in future which are related to Boston Dynamics, where Boston Dynamics is an engineering and robotics design company that’s best noted for the development of Big Dog, a quadruped robot made for the U.S. military with funding from Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), and DI-Guy, software for realistic human simulation.

They are very well developed for the physical work and can do many such things which these robots can’t able to do.

You can watch the Video mentioned below for grabbing the more details regarding the Dynamics.


These different type of Robots are very much Helpful and can change the lifestyle of a common person which led to a great transformation of the life for the People in this era.

These Robots record our shows, play our music, and even run our cars. We only don’t view it since these “robots” don’t have a face we can talk to or perhaps we are able to kick. Technically robots are automatic motorized tools, but they’re generally known as clunky humanoid foils which have bumbled about popular media for pretty much a century – mechanized characters of humor, or menace without status, rendering their violent removal a small plot without guilt. We hope as new inventions are invented every year this 2017 brings us more inventions which may improve our ways of living in this world. Definitely, you are going watch these robots in future to present in every home and it is assumed that These Robots are going to be true Companion near “2025”.    

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Top 5 Robots & AI Tech You can buy in 2017


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