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2020-10-19 06:00
You’re sitting in your car, driving along. A flash goes off. You instantly know what it means as you quickly glance down to the speedometer. You know an automatic letter is winging its… Read More
2020-08-24 06:00
Every car produces heat. Not only from the combustion in the engine, but also from fast moving parts such as the wheel bearings. Without proper cooling, your car could potentially overheat o… Read More
2020-08-17 12:13
Without question, other drivers on the open road are probably likely to be your number one problem. And yes, let’s not even talk about the lycra louts. Don’t you know the laws ap… Read More
2020-07-27 06:00
Did you know that your car ceiling has another name? Professionals call it the car headliner. As it lines the top part (head) of the car. Most people don’t even think about this part o… Read More
2020-07-20 06:00
No one wants a leaky vehicle. However some leaks can be very revealing, helping you spot early signs of damage and danger to your engine and your car’s fluid systems – such as th… Read More
2020-06-22 12:56
It’s a situation you don’t want to happen. Returning to your car – or waking up in the morning – to find your car’s been the victim of a break-in is no fun. Sad… Read More
2020-06-02 20:06
Having a responsive, powerful steering system is absolutely essential for the modern motorist. Urban travel can be so demanding that vehicles need to be extremely responsive. The parts that… Read More
2020-05-25 06:00
Even though turbocharged cars have been around for a while, they are still more complex than your average road car. With the advent of computer controlled engines, they admittedly do not req… Read More
2020-05-18 13:42
Suspension is all about giving your car a smooth ride. Can you imagine what it must have felt like for those first motoring pioneers as they bumped and rocked their way over every single shi… Read More
2020-05-11 06:00
Look down the side of any tyre in the UK, and you’ll see a number of markings. Have you ever wondered what these actually mean? They’re put there by manufacturers to display diff… Read More
2020-05-05 06:00
Most of us have done it. With the tight constraints of some modern car parks, coupled with some serious bad parking, it’s all too easy to give a little nudge or ding another parked car… Read More
2020-04-20 06:00
At some point in your life you might need a tow. Whether that’s because of a breakdown now, or your electrical car runs out of juice in the future, there’s no better way to get a… Read More
2020-04-15 20:38
Your car needs to combust petrol. And as every GCSE science student will tell you, this needs three things. Fuel, an ignition source and air. In engines, this is supplied by the petrol, d… Read More
2020-03-23 07:00
No one wants to have a crash. But as the saying goes accidents do happen. And the more you’re out on the road, the more likely it is that you’ll either make an error of judgement… Read More
2020-03-16 07:00
Replacing your cam belt is a vital part of your car’s maintenance schedule. Leave it to break, and you could cause untold damage to the rest of the car. If it fails, then the knock on… Read More
2020-03-06 14:48
Skids are more likely to occur when there is a loss of friction and therefore traction on the roads. Snow, ice and water can cause a lack of proper grip on the tarmac causing your car to sli… Read More
2020-03-02 07:00
Way back in 2013 we looked at how you could clean up your environmentally inspired driving choices. Let’s face it however – since then there’s been so many changes to ecolo… Read More
2020-02-24 07:00
Your fuel injectors are a vital part of the engine. As part of the main combustion system, they deliver fuel into the pistons, ensuring there’s enough fuel to drive your vehicle forwar… Read More
2020-02-10 11:58
Your head gasket is a vital part of the engine. If it’s not working as the manufacturer intended then this can lead to bigger problems. You’ll find this critical seal between the… Read More
2020-01-27 07:00
Yes, there is the Highway Code. There’s also a set of penalties and fines that keep you on the straight and narrow when behind the wheel. But what about that unspoken code of road beha… Read More
2020-01-20 07:00
Everyone had to learn at some point. Learning to drive is considered a major life achievement for young people and it’s never too late to get behind the wheel. Of course, once the less… Read More
2020-01-06 13:54
Being in a car can often give you the illusion of protection and invulnerability. You’re so separated from the outside world you can forget the more pertinent realities of the situatio… Read More
2019-12-30 07:00
 Over the years we’ve mentioned the dreaded cut and shut job many times. From the selling tricks of dodgy dealers to spotting cloned cars. Although this problem was more prevalent… Read More
2019-12-16 07:00
Your turbo is an important part of the engine, helping you accelerate faster and get to top speeds in important situations. It gives you that thrust when you want to overtake on the motorway… Read More
2019-12-02 07:00
Have you ever returned to your car to find that someone’s dented the bodywork? Fortunately not all dents require an expensive panel beater to put them right. Here’s our guide to… Read More
2019-11-25 07:00
Keeping your car looking good is important. But letting others see you in the dark is vital. Headlights not only show you where to go, they also let other cars travelling in the opposite dir… Read More
2019-11-18 07:00
Yes, in the summer there’s nothing quite like a sunroof. It’s the easy way to let the heat out, the light in, and a cool breeze through your cabin. However, if this window in the… Read More
2019-11-07 07:45
You’ve been out and met some friends. The subject of when to use fog lights has come into the conversation, and no one seems to have the answer. What do you do next? That’s right… Read More
2019-10-28 17:36
Buying a car is a process fraught with potential problems and dangers. There’s a reason why the stereotype of the used car salesman exists, although the majority of people who work in… Read More
2019-10-21 06:00
There’s a saying in show business that you should never work with children or animals. It’s because they both require special attention, and nowhere is that truer that in the bac… Read More
2019-10-14 06:00
When you sell on your new or second-hand car, you’ll want to achieve the best price possible. A well looked after car, both in terms of the exterior and the engine is obviously more de… Read More
2019-10-07 06:00
The purpose of your fuel pump is fairly self-explanatory. The part pumps fuel from the tank into the engine, so if it’s not working correctly this can be problematic. It should run for… Read More
2019-09-30 06:00
As the heat rises in the air and the harvest becomes full, sap is often extruded from the trees around your home and on the roads. Whilst parking under a tree is a great way to protect your… Read More
2019-09-16 06:00
We’re a nation of pet lovers and dogs need a lot of attention. The bigger the pooch, the more exercise and days out it requires for good health and vitality. Walks in the county and on… Read More
2019-07-29 06:00
Scratches in your windscreen are more than annoying. They can also impact your clarity of vision and stop you from ascertaining full visibility on the road. A small scratch can lead to a big… Read More
2019-06-10 06:00
Thinking of getting a new city car? These little motors won’t break the bank and have what it takes to navigate and manoeuvre around the tight urban streets. Each one has been selected… Read More
Best Used Family Cars For Under £5,000
2019-05-27 06:00
Money is always tight, especially when you have a growing, young family. Getting a flash sports car or speedy motor is no longer the priority it once was in your more formative years.Fortuna… Read More
Our Spring Driving Tips…
2019-05-15 10:37
You’ve noticed the nights pullling out. The weather should theoretically be hotter and better. It’s very tempting to think about the Spring as the time of year when everything st… Read More
Signs That Your ABS Pump Is Failing
2019-05-06 06:00
An ABS pump is a vital part of many modern braking systems. In previous articles we have discussed how you can replace your ABS pump – but what are the sure signs it needs changing?Wha… Read More
7 Signs Your Wheels Need Aligning
2019-02-18 07:00
What causes wheels to go out of alignment? It doesn’t always have to be a knock or prang. Wheels can simply stray as you drive over rough surfaces and speed bumps. However if you hit a… Read More
Our 10 Most Annoying Driving Habits
2019-01-21 07:00
Getting irate behind the wheel of your car is never a good thing, but sometimes people act so erratically and stupid there is no other response than to get a little vexed. There are mistakes… Read More
Tips For Safe Driving At Night
2018-12-17 07:00
So far this year we have told you how to replace your headlight bulbs to make sure you have full brightness on the road. Now it’s time for us to look at how to make sure you’re s… Read More
Nine Of The Best Fast Cars For Under £5K
2018-12-03 07:00
Everyone likes a bit of speed behind the wheel don’t they? Great for pulling away at junctions or getting up to pace on the dual carriageway. Some people however like a bit more oomph… Read More
How To Clean Your Engine Bay
2018-11-19 07:00
Does a clean engine bay matter if you never see underneath the bonnet? Believe it or not there are several benefits to cleaning your engine bay. Dirt and grit could cause the pulleys and bea… Read More
Demisting Your Car Windows
2018-11-05 07:00
Poor visibility is a danger to yourself and other motorists when out on the road. Misted windows can prevent you from getting a clear picture of the road. Do not move off in your vehicle unt… Read More
Preserve Your Car Seats’ Good Looks
2018-10-22 06:00
Regular cleaning can ensure that your car seats keep their good looks. This practice prevents stains from becoming permanent fixtures in your car and prolongs the process of discolouring and… Read More
Staying In Your Mechanic’s Good Books
2018-10-15 06:00
If you want decent prices, the odd favour here and there and a happy interaction with your mechanic it’s always good to keep them onside. Once you have found a decent mechanic in the e… Read More
2018-10-08 06:00
Thinking of buying a new car? With used prices staying high you have to put in a little effort to get the best price possible. Make the right preparations and you can ready for all the negot… Read More
How To Replace Your Car’s Fuel Filter
2018-10-01 06:00
A fuel filter does exactly what you’d expect it to do. It cleans out any impurities from the fuel, helping prolong the life of the fuel injectors and the fuel pressure regulator, as we… Read More
How To Adjust Your Windscreen Washers
2018-09-17 06:00
Windscreen washers are an important safety feature on your car. Maintaining full visibility at all times on the road is vital. If you are in any way obscured from seeing the complete picture… Read More
7 Of The Best Student Cars For 2018
2018-09-10 06:00
It’s that time of the year once again. The weather is mercifully cooler, business is picking up after the holidays and everyone’s returning to education. This is especially true… Read More
Signs Your Car Is Due An Oil Change
2018-08-27 06:00
Symptoms of low oil include your engine feeling sluggish. It may suffer from poor acceleration and you could find yourself sitting behind the wheel wondering what those knocking and ticking… Read More
Our Guide To Motorway Driving
2018-08-20 06:00
Getting out there on the motorway for the first time or even if it has been a while can be daunting. With the constant flow of traffic, it takes time to get used to the constant changing lan… Read More
Our Tips For Avoiding Travel Sickness
2018-08-13 06:00
Travel sickness is real. Although it is more present in children and the elderly, it can strike anyone and turn a journey into a real ordeal.Travel sickness is a kind of motion sickness. It… Read More
Driving With Hayfever
2018-07-16 06:00
The suns out, the fields are dry and the pollen is filling the air. If you are one of the thousands of people in the UK who suffer from hayfever then the best months of the year hold a hidde… Read More
Surviving A Road Trip With The Children
2018-07-12 06:00
The summer holidays are most certainly coming. Together with your partner as your only support you are planning one of the most difficult missions. Deploying a successful road trip taking th… Read More
The How To Buy A Car On EBay Guide
2018-06-25 06:00
From rare 50p pieces through to imitation Rod Stewart tartan trousers, you can buy almost anything on eBay. And unsurprisingly more people are turning to this popular e-Commerce platform to… Read More
How To Clean Your Tyres And Wheels
2018-06-18 06:00
Cleaning your tyres and wheels isn’t only a cosmetic measure. Of course, your car will be more imposing with freshly shined rims and black tyres, but as with many instances of car care… Read More

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