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From Desktop Oldies to Mobile Delights Which Final Fantasy is Your Favorite so Far

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Fantasy sells. It always has. Books, movies, television, and video games, Fantasy attracts millions.

Why do those millions spend time and money on fantasy? Novelist Saladin Ahmed, a contributor to NPR, believes fantasy offers people the chance to build new worlds. In those new worlds, nothing is restrained by rules and reason. Gravity, physics, and logic do not apply.

Without limitations, plots and characters multiply without reference to the “real world.” Characters move and communicate in imaginative ways, and plots twist and turn because fantasy does not include straight lines.

So, people read Harry Potter, watch Game of Thrones, view showings of Star Wars, and play Final Fantasy games. Some prefer Fantasy Football for the same reasons. For various reasons, audiences want to get away to something fresh, new, and unexpected. For example, there are 15 Final Fantasy games, plus spinoffs and rip-offs.

Which Final Fantasy is your favorite?

  • Final Fantasy I dates to 1987, a Japanese game eventually released by Nintendo. At the time, it seemed strikingly original. As an RPG (role playing game), it offered up multiple plotlines and quests within quests.

Four teen heroes must restore the chaotic world’s balance. They use swords, crystals, and other materialized tools to navigate the fairy-tale world of dark orbs, mermaid environments, morphing characters, and time shifts. It all seems a bit dated now, but it was revolutionary at the time and established many of the content and technology features that define contemporary games.

  • Final Fantasy V took a while to hit the market as part of Final Fantasy Anthology in 1999. It met mixed reviews criticizing a “flat” plot. However, it also introduced layers of jobs that allowed players to customize their characters and their roles.

Kotaku reviewed as “wildly underrated.” Bartz discovers a princess and old man with amnesia as he searches for a fallen meteorite. Four young players heroes them trying to secure the crystals representing the elements: earth, air, fire, and water. But, the ability to manipulate their jobs opens the game to thousands of adventures.

  • Final Fantasy X focuses on Tidus, a sparkling personality leads the young heroes. The game includes very long battles, but the fun lies in solving puzzles at the temples hiding the Aeons they are trying to collect. Those long battles, nonetheless, turn this into a very long game.

RPGamer praises the game’s visuals; “With rich environments and stunning image quality, Final Fantasy X is by far the best-looking RPG ever. Period.” This sense of color and texture will continue through the development of the subsequent games in the series.

  • Final Fantasy XV hosts four young characters with a contemporary look who finds themselves in the middle of two plotlines. They first appear pushing a stalled car as they visit one town after another when it suddenly takes a turn into a weird reverse timeline.

They discover that group thought and action succeeds where individual heroics do not. Their original appearance, brotherhood theme, and engaging combat makes it an exciting game, but critics all remark about its ‘beauty,” a richly colored and detailed world.

From desktop oldies to mobile delights, which Final Fantasy is your favorite so far?

Each of the games in the Final Fantasy inventory improved on the previous game in appearance, technology, and content. The games have also mastered the devices they serve. The earliest games were published in an era before the mechanics of play had standardized.

The first games were configured for Famicom play and developed as Nintendo, Super Nintendo, and Xbox formats. They played on Game Boys, but the first mobile application was issued as Final Fantasy: Unlimited for U in 2002 for iPhones.

Microsoft Windows introduced a version in 2003, Apple iOS (2009), and Android (2012). Final Fantasy XV plays on PlayStation and Xbox, and FFXV: A New Empire mobile game plays on Android and Apple devices. Each release in the series should play across the range of systems. But, Final Fantasy XV is the favorite of players everywhere — at the moment.

From Desktop Oldies to Mobile Delights Which Final Fantasy is Your Favorite so Far
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From Desktop Oldies to Mobile Delights Which Final Fantasy is Your Favorite so Far


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