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Is satellite Internet better than cable?

Satellite Internet or Cable Internet

Depending on where you look and who you ask, you may have heard conflicting things about whether Satellite Internet is better or if cable Internet is. The reality is that the industry is changing. With every advance in technology, the two services are becoming more close in their capabilities – making the choice of which to use harder than just picking according to what is offered in your area, says Robert Kleymore from

How do they compare in speed?

While cable Internet does have an advantage over Satellite Internet in speed, the gap is both closing – and may be an unfair criterion to use for comparison. Many sites does a good job of comparing all of the different providers for both cable and satellite Internet. When it comes to looking at the download and upload speeds, you really have to keep your access requirements in mind. For many people, the Internet is used primarily for email and social networking – this is not an activity that requires lightening speeds of access. The reviews show that with even the lowest speed on a satellite Internet service, you can probably do everything you do now on the Internet without any noticeable lag. Watching movies and multi-player gaming is still more fluid on the cable networks, but for that you should be using a streaming service unless you have money to burn.

How do they compare in price?

Satellite Internet is more expensive to install at first, but there are more options now that help to bring down that price including renting the equipment. Once you are connected, the service runs about the same as cable Internet does after the first year. This is where things can get very tricky, cable Internet often advertises low prices as both a sign up incentive and for the first year. They rarely list what your prices will become after that first year. Satellite Internet also has more upfront options about download speeds and limits that allow for more flexibility in consumption rates and charges.

How do you know where satellite Internet is for you?

If you live in an area where there are no cable network providers, then the choice is very easy. If you live where you can choose between cable and satellite then you have to take several things into consideration. Right now, cable is still slightly more reliable; but satellite can provide more security for your data. The speed issue really doesn’t matter unless you are a hard core gamer or only stream movies. Also, your feelings about choice in service are important. If you are an advocate of free choice, you may just want to support the satellite Internet providers as they move into areas traditionally served by cable companies.

The one advantage you can’t ignore

The one advantage of satellite Internet that you can’t ignore is that it can go places that cable can’t. A cable provider can’t deliver service unless a cable already exists in the area. To run cables into an area is usually so expensive it has to be underwritten by the government. With satellite Internet, all you need is the antenna and the receiver. This is what allows it to go where cable can’t and makes the actual installation cost less expensive when looked at over a decade’s worth of Internet service.

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Is satellite Internet better than cable?


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