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jRat 5 (The Most Universal RAT)

jRat is obviously a Remote Administration Tool, written in JAVA. Hence the name Jrat. The advantages of it being written in JAVA is it allows for remote access to any system running JAVA.

Some of the most handy features of jRAT are listed below.

  • File Transfers
  • Remote Viewing
  • Website Redirection
  • Modifying System Files
  • Keystroke Logging
  • View Running Processes
  • View Installed Programs
  • Screenshots
  • Chatting
  • Installation/Uninstallation/Updating of software
  • Plugins

From an IT point of view this can be a very handy tool. Someone calls you with Computer problems you can tell them to download the stub you created with jRAT then you can pretty much do anything and everything on their system. Including having a conversation with them view chat.

There is currently a free version of jRAT and a paid version of jRAT. However obtaining jRAT becomes difficult since hackers are using it for malicious purposes.

File Transfers

Once the client has activated the jRat stub. You can send I file from your computer to the clients computer. You can send it to any location on their computer, however I would recommend sending it to their desktop so they see it immediately.

Remote Viewing

There are times you need to see exactly what your client is doing on their computer. And sometimes you need to control their mouse and show them exactly what to do. With remote viewing on jRAT this is possible.

Website Redirection

Surprisingly some people don’t know how to type in URL’s and rely on search engines all the time. So when you want to tell a client to go to a website and download a Program or file, they will end up using the search engine which will show them a list of results that may or may not be what they need.

With jRAT’s website redirection you can redirect them to the site that you want them to go to. So no one will be in the dark.

Modifying System Files

If the client has a virus or some other malware, files like the hosts file may have been modified. With jRAT you can modify files and put files the way they need to be in order to make the system work correctly.

Keystroke Logging

Lets face it. Unless your a Linux user many people wont know how to type any commands. And many people will be scared to type any commands. However there are times when such things need to be done. Telling your client to type ipconfig and knowing they typed ifconfig instead of ipconfig saves a lot of time, when they tell you they got a funny error. You will know why they got the error and be able to correct it faster.

Viewing Running Proccess

Many people know how to view the running processes on their systems. However not everyone knows which processes are conflicting with other processes. Viewing all the running processes on the clients computer and being able to kill them has many advantages. Simply explain to them why your killing certain processes so they know for next time.

View Installed Programs

Sometimes programs will install just fine a persons computer even if the program doesn’t support the system. Maybe the person doesn’t have enough RAM to run the program correctly, or maybe the program is older and works for older systems. And yet maybe the program has dependencies that need to be installed as well in order for the program to work correctly.

For example if a person installed a program that require the .NET Framework 4.5 and they only have the .NET Framework 3.5 installed. And the program used the NSIS installer and the developer didn’t include a silent install of the .NET Framework 4.5 then the program will install but wont be usable. Surprisingly this scenario is to common even with big reputable software companies.


Taking screenshots allows for you to keep a record of issues on the clients computer, so you can document them and if they ever need you again you have documentations of problems they had in the past which may be connected to the new problems.


Talking to your clients via chat can have many advantages. For example if you want them to type a command. You can type out the command for them. Then they can either copy and paste it or type it out exactly as you typed it out for them in the chat.

Installation/Uninstallation/Updating of Software

This allows you to install programs they need in order for them to achieve what they want to do.


One of the best features of jRAT is the use of plugins. If you need jRAT to do something that it doesn’t ship with, you can check to see if someone has made a plugin for it. If a plugin exist you can install it too jRAT. If it doesn’t exist you can write your own plugin. This makes jRAT an incredibly handy tool to have.

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jRat 5 (The Most Universal RAT)


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