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iPad hacks/tricks that does not involve Jailbreaking

Trying to see what cool stuff others are using their Ipad or maybe a neat trick you use others may not know.For people who are adventurous but don't want to actually go the  jailbreak route.

Here's a list of sum of them:

  • Double-space creates a period.
  • Adding an extra letter at the end of certain words will auto-correct to contractions.  For example, "weree" will be "we're".  And "welll" will be "we'll".  (This works consistently on the iPhone, but there seem to be some inconsistencies between auto-correct on the iPhone and the iPad; your mileage may vary.)
  • Holding down certain characters will often pop up characters with accents.  Likewise, holding down the dash ("-") will give you — (an emdash) or • (bullet).
  • Holding down the shift (or punctuation button) and dragging to the character you want will then immediately return the keyboard to the letters (note that there's an occasional bug with this on the iPad)
  • Holding down a ".com" button will let you select from .net, .edu, and other domains.
  • Via the Settings app, you can set the triple-Home-click to accessibility options.  Most notably, if you like reading your ebooks inverted (white text on black background, which is supposed to reduce eye strain), you can set the triple-tap to invert the device's colors.
  • Some people don't know this, since only four apps appear in the dock when the iPad is purchased, but you can actually put six apps down there.
  • You can select what Spotlight searches for in the Settings app.  Don't want it searching podcasts, for example?  Just uncheck it.
  • You can use the Settings app to have Safari auto-fill your contact information in fields, as well as names & passwords (two separate settings).
  • You can set Notes to sync with Gmail.
  • Gmail won't push.  However, you can set Gmail up as an Exchange account.  Your ability to search the server for older emails will be wonky, but you'll get push Gmail.

If you're looking for third-party apps for tricks, there are a ton.
  • Flip/Bubble text lets you write text uʍop-ǝpısdn or in ⓑⓤⓑⓑⓛⓔⓢ
  • Captio lets you quickly email a message to yourself (or to a task management email address, like for Toodledo or Evernote).  Just pull up the app, type your message, and click send.  There are other similar apps, but this is the fastest I've seen.
  • Dragon Dictation and Siri Assistant will let you dictate an email or other message.
  • 1Password will store usernames & passwords for you and autocomplete web fields with them.
  • Both Read It Later and Instapaper are supported by many Twitter and RSS apps.  They're both web services that will take a link you give it and grab the web page (or just the article's text & pictures) and let you read it later, even offline.  They both have apps for iPhone & iPad.
  • TextExpander, for those apps that support it, will let you type a "snippet," such as "%dd" to insert variables (like today's date) or large selections of text.
  • Trunk Notes is a markdown-based Wiki.  Can be served via WiFi for desktop viewing/editing.  Good stuff.
  • Air Projector lets you "project" PDFs and photos over WiFi.  Just browse to the provided-URL on your local network, and you'll get a slideshow presentation.
  • Air Sharing lets your iOS device function as a WiFi file server.
  • Screens is the best VNC viewer I've seen yet.  Seems pricey, but it's totally worth it.  Much, much better than its competitors.
  • Air Display lets you use your iPad (and iPhone) as an external monitor for your computer (via WiFi).  Works really well, though—as expected—don't expect high refresh rates.  Still, it's a great app if you often have your iPad propped up while you're using your computer.
  • PlayOn will stream Hulu to your iPhone or iPad.  It will do both standard Hulu and Hulu Plus content, and it will even do the "web only" Hulu content.  However, note that the service isn't free, and you have to run a server program in Windows (I run it on my Mac via Parallels).

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iPad hacks/tricks that does not involve Jailbreaking


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