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A Gadget which can Awaken your Force

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When I got my first Laptop, I was always Interested in customizing it to my favorite Anime or Fantasy series. A decade back, I came across Star Wars series when my friend gifted me a Star Wars series video game CD  named “Star Wars: Episode I, The Phantom Menace “. I was totally new to Star Wars, but as soon I started playing the game, I got so deeply involved in the video game that I actually started imagining everything around me as the world of Star Wars. I started watching all the movies of Star Wars series. Well, I must say, once you’re inside the world of Star Wars, you’ll never like to come back to earth.

This promotional poster from the 1977 Star Wars movie was my first ever Star Wars wallpaper.

Copyright (c) Star Wars.

Copyright (c) Star Wars.

As a kid, such fantasy sci-fi stories were so fascinating that everything we see on the screen  comes to life around us. I was a huge fan of Darth Vader and always wanted to own the Darth Vader mask. However, I failed to find any online deal for that.

Recently, I came across HP’s new Notebook named HP Star-Wars Special Edition Notebook. When I saw the promotional picture of this special edition notebook, I thought that it might be just a promotional device. However, when I saw the video of the product, I suddenly found myself back to the world of Star Wars.

If I’d own this Star-Wars Special edition Notebook, I would never find myself again on Earth. I could feel the grace of the Star Wars just by looking at the video.

Every morning, I can see the red keyboard backlights illuminating my dark room as if it is asking me to come to its own world of fantasy.

world of fantasty


As I approach the Star Wars Notebook, I can sense the power, the grace and the power of being a Sith, thanks to those special background sound effects of the device. I feel like a warrior and a super-soldier. I feel like if the device is a direct connection to the world of Star Wars and they are calling me for help. I would pick up my bat and as soon as I touch the touchpad of the notebook, my bat would turn into a super power lightsaber. Yes, that’s the power of the magical device.


My Ultimate Lightsaber

I can sense the power of Vader and his intentions for destruction.

Vader: It’s time for me to end everything that don’t deserve to be alive.
Me: Do whatever you want to do, the power is with me, the power of Special Edition Notebook.
Vader: It doesn’t matter how much power you use against me, It would be completely useless.

vader calling

I leaned back and picked up my blanket which suddenly turns to the magical shield. I  wore the blanket like a cloak. I can finally feel like a warrior.

Me: You might have faced  many strong warriors in your life but you’ve never faced me. This lightsaber and magic cloak is the creation of HP Star-Wars edition tablet and this is the mightiest weapon in the universe.

Vader: Do you think that’s gonna work against me?
Me: Well, all people even the strongest ones have weaknesses.

Vader: However, I doesn’t!

I waited for few seconds, touched the keyboard of the notebook. As I touched, I could experience high amount of energy. Vader charged towards me with his full power and I , wearing my magic shield cloak, charged towards the “button of destruction” (Escape) and BAM! Vader was destroyed.

vader lost


The victory was mine, I can hear the background sound effects from the Star Wars notebook which makes me feel as I’ve achieved the victory. I have succeeded as a warrior. Yes, a true warrior!

He might be strong but can’t beat this powerful device and the energy of Intel core i5. That’s the power of this device and the power is a combination of HP’s intelligent, Intel’s speed and the magical strength of Star Wars. I might be 23 years of age, but such devices can take anyone to the world of power and fantasy, the world of Star-Wars.  This powerful device can #AwakenYourForce. It is not just a notebook, it’s the secret power of HP.  It’s not for all but definitely for a true warrior. If you have the courage , this device is meant for you.

In case you want to know the secret source of power for the device, they are as follows:

6th Generation core i5 Processor (the source of speed which is faster than the speed of light)
Red Backlit Keyboard (The source of lightsaber)

Windows 10 , the best from Microsoft
12GB RAM (you can fight with 1000s of enemies at one time or even more than that. Countless!)
1TB Storage (store details of all the enemies around the galaxies, yeah, you can kill them all)
NVidia Graphics (the secret power weapon, it can generate power and performance more than the world’s strongest man. Yes, even more than Super Saiyan Goku. )
– Lots of other secret items which are meant only for the special ones owning this device. This is not just an ordinary Notebook, it’s the “Notebook of the Galaxy

Meanwhile, Vader in another parallel universe after the defeat and after experiencing the power of this device of the Galaxy…

vader laptop

(Apart from the Lightsaber Bat Image, all the images and videos belongs to Star Wars and HP.)

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A Gadget which can Awaken your Force


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