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Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh

A computer that is “not a computer, but a work of art.” Which “did not buy”, but especially did not sell (it’s the same Limited Edition, limited edition!). Which was, at the same time, but in different rankings, in the top five and in the five worst.

This incredible computer, guessed (and maybe predetermined), the appearance and layout of computers of our millennium, in my opinion, a vivid demonstration of the essence and spirit of Apple. It was developed in the “dark era” of the company, without the participation of Steve Jobs, the decision to start his design was signed by Michael Spindler, and the order to launch it was signed by Gil Amelio.

Against the backdrop of hundreds of monotonous models of “light beige”, it looked particularly bright. The video shown during his presentation, I watched several times.

The Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh (TAM) was designed by Jonathan Ive. If not for this project, Jonathan would have left Apple – he was bored. Having finished the project, and no longer expecting anything good from the company, Jonathan again tried to leave Apple, and almost achieved resignation – but the times were already different, now under the skin of an ordinary peaceful apple, a dangerous and aggressive predator with DNA NeXT, who saw in Ayve the deadly potential .

Ivan saved for the company John Rubinstein, senior vice president of Apple for “iron”, in charge of which was the group of industrial design. Realizing that he would not be able to persuade Jonathan, Rubinstein turned to Jobs for help.

What would have happened if Jonathan Ive left Apple in 1998? At a minimum, the world would not be the same as now.

Can you imagine a modest Quince, with a decent hairstyle and speaking like an ordinary normal person?

I have difficulty, but the video does not lie:

In fact, this is a promo video, a commercial for a computer that was very difficult to acquire (even with money), but the credits are for a later period, in which he is already “Apple’s senior vice president for industrial design group.” Top manager, with an annual “compensation” of a million dollars.

It’s hard for me to understand what Apple was trying to do by promoting the Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh. This unusual computer (Michael Spindler was going to make it mass, but in 1997 his opinion had long been of no interest to anyone) was released in an amount of 12,000 pieces, of which 399 pieces were left on Apple (for spare parts!).

The remaining 11,601 pieces were “put up for sale,” for 7,499 dollars. In the order to launch the Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh into production, there was another price – almost ten thousand dollars, and Gil achieved its reduction practically to the cost price.

On TV showed a commercial (see above), but there was no free sale of these computers, Apple supplied them only to the US, Japan, France and Germany. And somewhere else, but there were five or six such countries. Neither the Russian Federation, nor the most fanatical of the countries-amateurs Mac (Canada and Australia), was not on the list.

In Russia, rich and authoritative people (and this was the 90’s), offered “any money” for this toy, which none of their friends had. At me it was already in the past, Apple hastened to sell out remaining in a warehouse TAM’y to release them for the mysterious new Mac’a, in the end they were sold thousands for one and a half.

In fact, the demand for the Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh exceeded their offer, while the price was prohibitive and everyone knew that it was not easy to buy. If Apple, for example, once a week arranged an auction, and would sell it on 10 or 12 machines … But not that they have inflexible laws, there was no one to think about it, or something else – and now they write that “the computer did not have success, only 11 were sold with something of thousands of pieces.”

And you can not argue: yes, 11,601 pieces, minus a couple of dozen pieces, donated by one or other significant to Apple people. Among them were Steve, Jobs and Wozniak.

Steve’s opinions dispersed radically: Jobs hated this “the focus of all the worst that was on Apple,” Wozniak was willing to keep it on the desktop and use it.

By the way, why “1997”, if Apple celebrated the twentieth birthday on April 1, 1996?

Birth and death Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh
Memory – the thing is inaccurate. Therefore, before I throw my texts on the readers, I double-check them. Checks do not guarantee anything, but still, with them somehow more reliable.

And the sources recheck their information … in no way more carefully than I do. Here is one of, I’m not afraid of this word, tales about the hero of our narrative.

It seems that in January or February 1996, surprised to learn about the company’s 20th anniversary, Gil Amelio was furious, and demanded to develop and release a jubilee computer, and appointed “yesterday” for a term. And, the unfortunate tortured Apple engineers, poured into the beetroots and speckled this very Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh from the defective spare parts …

I did a little fake, sharpening the version of these sources … The version is untenable, because:

– the order to “create a special computer” for the 20th anniversary of Apple was signed by Spindler, or his “adjutant,” in 1994;
– In 1995, a working prototype of the Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh became the hero of the film Sabrina, with several differences from the release version, but quite recognizable;
– there was no rush, the design and layout of TAM impress with care and attention to detail;
– By April 1, 1996, the developers did not have time, but no one for it was not.

Some of these arguments can be disbelieved, but the Sabrina film is a document. If its creators did not have a time machine.

The Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh was announced and shown to the public in January 1997, and its “sales” began on March 14, 1997.

If you are aware of what was going on with Apple and around Apple in 1997, you’ll understand why no one paid much attention to this product: it was not up to him. Apple, in total secrecy, was developing a mysterious new computer (It was rumored that it should have been a XXI-century Mac, based on the Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh) …

At a price of one and a half thousand for a piece, the remains of the warehouse were liquidated in a matter of days. On March 9, 1998, Apple officially announced the end of sales of the Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh. Warehouses were needed for something else that already existed realistically.

Technical data
It’s impossible to say anything at all about the jubilee computer. Therefore, very superficially, I will inform the most important.

It was the world’s first all-in-one computer with a 12.1-inch LCD screen (30.7 cm). If you do not take into account the “power supply” in the form of a heavy closed bin.

The processor – PPC 603e, with a clock frequency of 250 MHz, was supplied with 32 megabytes of RAM (which could be expanded to 128 MB), and a 2-gigabyte disk.

All ports installed by Macs before 1998, a CD drive with 4x speed without write capability (in Batman and Robin Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh use to create a CD, but maybe they had some other version of this computer, from parallel history branch).

Sound. Yes, it was an impressive device for playing music, with built-in audio system from Bose …


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Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh


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