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Where there is contentment, problems finish.


Empty Handed We Come And Go Away (Part 1)

There is an old saying that we came empty-handed not only when we entered this particular life but when seen from a broader perspective, also when we entered the world. The same is the case when we leave this life or the world as a whole. Every birth for the soul is a fresh chapter or innings in its journey of life.

Everything that has come to us will definitely go away from us one day. While some may perceive this basic fact of humanity to be unrealistic and not in tune with practical life, but the fact is that attachment or the tendency to possess or cling is a defiance of this law, which leads to a form of fear filled spiritual suicide because the joy and contentment that seems to come from this tendency is only temporary and artificial and between these moments of happiness, there is fear of the loss of the physical or non-physical object that you try and possess, embedded in between and this fear causes the object to start controlling you and you feel suppressed and in bondage. As a result, your inner potential and creativity remains untapped and even starts reducing, without you realizing it consciously. In such a state, you fail to see and accept new ideas, opportunities and people in your life. You inner world becomes closed and chaotic and very difficult to manage and your internal self is weakened and harmed, leading to an internal self suicide. When someone stops clinging to anything, physical or non-physical, they don’t become indifferent or cold, but their consciousness just starts becoming broader and functions without any limits, barriers or boundaries.

(To be continued tomorrow …)

Message for the day 10-02-2018

The one who works to remove the sorrow of others is the one who is loved by all.

Expression:When there is the one aim of helping to remove the sorrow of others, there will be nothing negative while dealing with others. There will also be no expectations from others. Working with the natural desire to bring benefit to as many as possible, enables one to continue to contribute to whatever extent possible.

Experience: When I am able to have this one desire of helping others be more happy, I am able to make a contribution for others’ happiness and progress. I then find that others naturally appreciate my selfless contribution and their good wishes help me feel light and experience progress.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumari

The Right Intention For Happy Relationships

Never do anything for anyone, do only for yourself. Sound selfish, but herein lies the secret of being selfless.

With relationships often are attached words like sacrifice, compromise and adjustment. Each word sounds more like a suffering rather than happiness. Relationships give us the opportunity to do a lot for others, but we need to check our intention. If we think we are doing it for them, then we could be doing it outwardly but not necessarily be happy inside. If we have negative thoughts of unwillingness or resentment and we do the right action, neither we nor they will be happy, because they will receive our mental energy. And then we will feel we did so much for them and they are still not happy. Before doing anything, introspect – why do I want to do it … because they will be happy …why do I want them to be happy…because they matter to me and there will be harmony in the relationship…if there is harmony, I will be happy…so I am doing it for my happiness, not for them.

Actually we are always doing it for ourselves, but we believe we are doing it for them. We are not making any sacrifices or compromises, we are doing it for our own happiness and this is liberation. We no longer feel like a victim; we are doing everything for our own self; we are responsible for the consequences of the decision and most important we don’t expect them to do anything for us. Let’s think of all the things we feel we have done for people and yet felt very let down by them…let’s check today, till we finally come to the answer – I was doing it for myself.

Message for the day 08-02-2018

Introversion brings out the positivity within.

Expression:Every human being has an innate positive nature because of the inherent qualities of love, peace, happiness etc. that are within. Introversion, the practice of looking within, enables one to be in constant touch with oneself and one’s true nature. It helps express these qualities in everything that is done. Because of having practiced for a long time with them, these qualities emerge very naturally at the time of need.

Experience: The practice of being introverted helps me in experiencing those qualities within me, which otherwise remain hidden during difficult situations. Thus it makes me have true self-respect and enables me to finish my ego. It also gives me the power to recognise and accept my mistakes, thus giving me the courage to work on them successfully.

Health Is A Matter Of Choice, Not A Matter Of Chance

The effect of thoughts on our physical health is well established. Each thought has an effect on the cells of the Body. A large number of diseases today are psychosomatic, which means persistent negative emotions like stress, anger, fear, hurt, mistrust, jealousy, guilt, manifest in the form of disease. Let us now focus on the effect of positive feelings on health. Love, peace, happiness, forgiveness, acceptance, appreciation, trust, enthusiasm – each powerful and positive thought is having an effect on the cells of our body. It’s not about the right thinking when we are not well only, but it’s about our thoughts at all times. Let us begin clearing our emotional blockages, past hurt, resentment, not being able to forget and forgive, it’s only a thought away. The situation may have happened days or years back, but if I am able to feel that emotion even today, then I am carrying an emotional blockage, which has already begun creating a physical blockage of energy in my body.

When we talk about healing, we always focus on healing the physical ailment, but if we don’t remove the root of the ailment which is an emotional blockage, the physical ailment can recur. Each time we are choosing compassion over anger; forgiveness over resentment; trust over doubt; co-operation over competition; appreciation over criticism – we are choosing health over disease. Let us be aware of every thought that we create regarding our body – whether it is about the way we look; about our health; an addiction we wish to give up – it is a message to the body which the body will obey. So, let us detoxify the mind and erase every past memory of pain, because detoxification of the mind begins the process of detoxification of the body.

Message for the day 09-02-2018

Where there is contentment, problems finish.

Expression:Contentment enables one to have a positive outlook towards life. So the one who is content always works towards solutions, as he is never disturbed with situations, but is always relaxed. This automatically brings the ability to contribute to others and give them the support to bring progress within them. Such a person works for his own self-progress too.

Experience: When I am content with everything that is happening, I am able to be light in all situations. So even in the biggest difficulty, I am never caught up with the problem, but am always thinking of the solution. My mind is busy with finding the solution, so internally I remain unaffected with the problem.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris


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Where there is contentment, problems finish.


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