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Things I Think on the Run

For past couple of years, I have been trying to cultivate the habit of Running 2 – 3 times a week on a regular basis. Though, not a marathon runner, yet, I do enjoy the range between 5 – 10 kms.

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I go on these runs without headphones, between 10 – 12 PM, which helps in clearing out head. This allows me to think about a bunch of stuff about life that I generalize by extrapolation while on the run.
So, I decided to note them down here.

    1. Motivation is overrated, Nothing is spontaneous
      There are several days, where I just don’t feel like getting off the chair or couch and hit the roads running. I go even further to convince myself that I’ll keep at the schedule by putting an intermediate spot next day and this is just one of those rare ones where one is completely drained out of any motivation whatsoever. Even believing that next time it will just spontaneously happen! Of, course it never goes down that way.

    2. Finding sweet spot is hard work, Improvise
      I have been stuck to live in places full of people, vehicles and cattles with all their nuisances which just takes the entire fun of being out in the open. I had to struggle to find the right window, which suits my preferences and avoid these distractions to the maximum extent. After trying out early mornings, daytime, early evening, I go between optimal window of 10 – 12 PM in night now.

    3. Not every day feels alike, Be disciplined
      There are just some weird days which pull you toward one of the extremes, not allowing to set the mood for a run. But, I have always regretted giving up on those days because, next day almost always turns out even worse. There just doesn’t seem any reason to give up because of circumstances. Only right thing is to stick to your commitment.

    4. Chaos doesn’t sustain, Rhythm is the key
      One can easily notice how my speeds digress widely during the run. It’s easy to excitedly start out sprinting or lazing around in the middle only to lose momentum in the very next lap. Chaos is fun but, doesn’t sustain. Best way to last long is finding the optimal rhythm for self that neither lets one burn out nor, wastes one’s resources by keeping idle.

    5. Journey can be tumultuous, Keep going
      Even on such a rather short route, there are numerous blockers that set me off. A honking car suddenly changes its direction to get rid of me, people on the sidewalks just won’t give up the entire half of the road while roaming in the wrong direction or, a combination of them will shoot a cloud of suffocating dust cloud, which I suspect is going to give me a lung cancer some day without me smoking! In such setup, I can either drive myself crazy or, focus on my goal. Only sane choice is, keep going.

    6. Adversaries are blessing, Face ‘em
      While out on a run, a sudden stomach Pain because of drinking too much water or, random backache because of incorrect posture or, a knee joint starts creaking. First thing that comes to mind during such times is “Hah, today just wasn’t right for this. Should stop it now”. But, I have come to understand this is just a passing thing and, if I can manage to make it through this brief period of indecision, physical pain vanishes away magically by itself too. Body gives up only after mind gives up.

    7. Situation makes nice things scary, Judge wisely
      Like most humans, I adore those canine friends of ours called Dogs. At households or during daytimes, they seem harmless, friendly beings. But, as soon as you are out on an empty road at night, they turn into these snarly, biting, scary creatures making you extra jumpy every time you come across one of them. Of course, this is completely due to frame of references.

    8. More can be done than thought possible, Stretch limits
      How many times I have completed that 4K mark thinking that’s all I have in me and can’t take this anymore. Only to realize that if I just don’t stop, not only do I cross the 5K but, even reach 6K, easy! Makes me wonder how little I understand about my true limits or, even if there are any? Or, it’s just me setting limits on my potential?

    9. Short term quick results are rare, Value macro
      It’s convenient to get excited about a day long routine to get effects of month long effort. But, they just don’t happen. Only when repeated countless number of times, a marathon will feel effortless. Only when thinking of the bigger picture, a single day’s pain will make sense. Even when an isolated effort doesn’t feel fruitful, knowing its role in the overarching goal keeps the spirit up.

    10. Things are better appreciated in retrospect, Extrapolate Future
      Most of the days, when I’m out running, zillion other things cross my mind that I could be rather doing, which are more pleasant and convenient and gratifying, right now. But, never has been a day where I chart the historical data and been disappointed about those runs. They have helped me to become more active, healthy and fit. And, projecting the trend, I can only predict things are going to get better even it just doesn’t feel right at a particular moment.

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    Things I Think on the Run


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