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10 Reasons you Shouldn’t Buy Xiaomi Mi3 – Xiaomi Mi3 Phones Review India

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Xiaomi Mi3 review IndiaRecently Xiaomi launched its Mi3 phones in India and there is a lot of hype around it. A lot of enthusiasts want to get one and are getting disappointed everytime they login to flipkart to buy one. The features of this phone really stand out for the money they are asking for and this is where a lot of people are falling for.

There are a lot of things that you must have heard positive about the phone due to publicity stunts but I’d like to focus on another perspective for you.I also have been closely watching what’s happening and there are a couple of things what every consumer should know.

1. Failure to meet even a small demand

Xiaomi is claimed to be the iphone of China. Now if the so called big company enters India market with such a small target and a vision looks a bit fishy.

This is more like a pseudo shortage that the company is trying to create to portray the users that the device is so much in demand that it gets sold out. Although the company has not come up with any official figures but as per Zauba an import export tracking webiste they only got 10,400 devices to India. Even iPhones were not sold out in 5 seconds :-)

Imagine if you get so frustrated in buying a device what kind of frustration you might have to tackle once you purchase it and need a service.

2. Lack of Xiaomi service centers in India

The company also claims that it has service centers across 34 locations in India, but the fact is, it has presence in only 20 major cities through outsourced 3rd party service providers. So not only during purchase the Xiaomi might be a pain for you going ahead as well.

In case you’re considering buying a Xiaomi Mi3, make sure you go through this list here.

3. High cost Accessories and content

Again you might find the Xiaomi Mi3 cheap and might find it useful in your day to day life to attend calls and stuff. But this might be well accomplished with any other phone as well. For completely enjoying the phone you’ll definitely need accessories and these accessories might give you a hole in your pocket.

A lot of other phones also come up with many preloaded useful applications which adds up the to cost. If you start using these apps with accessories, the final cost of Xiaomi Mi3 will also shoot up.

4. Heats up quite easily

Xiaomi Mi3 heats up quite easily. This might not be the biggest concern for people making short calls but for people who are into talking for long time, this might be a major concern.

5. Very long time to charge

Although Xiaomi Mi3 claims to have long talk time and standby hours but the fact is, the phone really takes very long to charge. Not mentioned in many of the Xiaomi Mi3 reviews it takes up to 4 hours to get the phone completely charged till 100%.

If you think that you will leave it for charge while you sleep in the night, it might get you in further trouble. If you keep the phone charging once the battery is fully charged, it will have an impact on the life of the battery.

6. Low sunlight legibility

When it comes to use the phone outdoors, it’s a major disappointment. When you’re using it indoors and dark areas the screen is good but when you take it outdoors the legibility becomes really low. The screen is shiny and takes fingerprints very easily so you might have trouble using it Xiaomi Mi3 outdoors.

7. MIUI eats up lot of memory

MIUI is the user interface that comes with the Xiaomi phones. Every user is attracted by the 2 GB RAM that comes with Xiaomi Mi3. But, what you should know is that the MIUI itself is very heavy and takes up to 1 GB of RAM. So as a user you’re only left with less than 1 GB of RAM.

Thanks to the memory management features of the Android that your phone will not crash but in case you install any other theme other than the optimized default one, your available user RAM will further go down hitting the phone’s performance.

8. Lack of customization for Indian users

Many of the skins that you get are meant of China and in Chinese language and not being developed keeping in mind the Indian users. You might be seeing nice things but not able to use them because of the Chinese language. Buying a high end phone but not able to use it properly doesn’t make a lot of sense.

9. Security

A lot of phones including xiaomi is also accused of sending user data to chinese servers. This might be a serious infringement to your privacy and you might not be ready to compromise with your security at any cost especially with information is sent to China.
Source: NDTV

10. Credibility

I’d suggest any user who wants a Xiaomi to just wait and watch for a while instead of showing such a haste and let Xiaomi prove its credibility in India. Technology is here to stay and if not Xiaomi there are other great alternatives come to India in the near future.

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10 Reasons you Shouldn’t Buy Xiaomi Mi3 – Xiaomi Mi3 Phones Review India


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