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Benefits of Outsourcing Software Development

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Your Software Development company business is well established with business booming. Your customers are happy and the in-house team is delivering perfectly to the T. You, naturally, will now be considering the next big step. As a result, you will most certainly need to hire new development and QA staff to keep pace with the growing business dynamics. If you’re considering outsourcing some of your software development projects, then let me tell you – you aren’t alone!

As businesses grow and expand, many firms are rethinking their approach to software development outsourcing. Companies, by and large, outsource to cut costs. After doing the math Outsourcing Software Development commonly comes cheaper than doing it in-house. The primary reason to this is due to the lower cost of living in many outsourcing destinations. However, less expensive workforce is not the only benefit to outsourcing. Benefits of outsourcing software development that your firm will reap include access to skilled expertise, reduction in overheads, and flexibility in staffing with increased efficiencies and high productivity levels, lower turnaround times – all this adding to more profits for your business.

Proper planning and research is needed in picking an outsourcing partner whether it is on shore or offshore. Granted, outsourcing offers immense benefits to any business firm but if not outsourced to the right service partner it could put your business to the risk. But by outsourcing to a carefully picked third party, your business can focus on its core competencies gaining a competitive edge in the marketplace.

This article uniquely explores the many of the unexpected benefits of outsourcing software development that may not be obvious.

1.  Add New Skills and Know-how

Many a times certain projects require specialized skills and technical know-how to get it to fruition. However, the software development company may not necessarily have those specific skills and developing capabilities readily available in house. In such a scenario, outsourcing holds the key of bringing experts to the table having an excellent track record. This will also save time for the business to upskill their teams or hire new hands. Therefore, partnering with a third party vendor with excellent credentials will help you develop software solutions with the latest tech without having to master them themselves.

2. Run your Business 24X7

One of the benefits of outsourcing software development is that you can leverage the time zone differential between your country and the offshore location from where you are outsourcing. It gives you the opportunity to make full use of your 24 hour day. While you are closed for the day your contracted vendor sitting in another city in a different country and in a totally different time zone can take over from you and get the job done. They can finish the critical tasks to be sent back for your review the next day. This lets you do keep your business operations running round-the-clock.

3.  Faster Access to Superior Talent

Hiring outstanding software developers and engineers can be exceptionally difficult due to high demand for this breed of talent. Building an outstanding software development team involves a humungous amount of recruitment efforts. It becomes particularly tough when there is a need to hire fast. Leveraging the services of a first-rate outsourcing partner is a great way of getting quick access to high level software developers and engineers. You can expect to fill an open position, typically, within 2 to 4 weeks. Sometimes much faster.

4. Improve Development Processes

Adding a remote software development team can provide you an opportunity to improve your existing development processes. You might just find someone who can do this job for you. Outsourced developer team will also bring in understanding of new design methods, development tools, unique application skills and loads of varied experience like working on a diverse cloud platforms. This can uncover a world of opportunity for your business as the new set of skills could be tapped in to develop new products and services in the future. Sharing best practices, skills and methods will produce quality deliverables faster leading to higher rate of customer satisfaction and thereby creating a stream of loyal customers.

5.  Bring in a Fresh Perspective

If your team works in the absence of outside interventions then they run the risk of falling into a pattern of though processing conditioned by group values and ethics. Such a scenario could lead to bankruptcy of ground breaking fresh ideas and your team might fall in the rut of the usual solutions. This could be dangerous. It makes you out of touch with your industry, your competition, and your customers.

New out-of-the-box thinking is required to write great software. Adding an external software development team will most certainly help you get new perspectives and fresh ideas. More often than not, you will be surprised with feedback and suggestions from your outsourced remote team members to resolve and develop software solutions.

6.  Focus on Business Goals

Businesses are constrained by limited resources which need to be judiciously and efficiently employed for business sustainability and growth. Predominantly, hiring and managing software development teams is not considered a revenue driver function nor is it included as a business core competency. Therefore, outsourcing this support function would free your key resources and allows you to focus on building your brand, invest in research and development and move on to providing higher value added services. Even in a software development firm additional non-core functions can be outsourced to a third party so that you can prioritize focus on more critical tasks at the heart of your business.

7. Reduce Time to Market

In a competitive marketplace speed is the mantra to success. It is essential your business innovates quickly and launches the service or the product in the market beating the competition. Interestingly, an outsourcing company is a great way to gain control of the speed of your software development. You can upscale your remote team outsourced to get your project completed faster instead of allowing your limited available resources command the timelines. This makes your services or products better with high quality deliverables, faster turnaround times and reduces the lead time to market for your product.

Closing Thoughts

Successful outsourcing requires a robust understanding of the business firm’s competencies and future direction. Rather than focusing on financial aspects, in this article we have looked into ways to make use of outsourcing software development services to unlock additional business value. Before taking a decision to go for outsourcing the managers should weigh in the pros and cons of their move. But as pointed out the indirect benefits of outsourcing software development are immense. It is a common observation these days IT businesses are increasingly leveraging outsourcing as an enabler for business growth.

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Benefits of Outsourcing Software Development


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