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Film Types

Photography is an art which cannot be learned but can only be mastered up to any extent possible. But being creative is not the only thing which is required; instead one should have knowledge of all bits and pieces in the Photography field. Then only they can master the skills of photography and be more creative towards it. One might be thinking that what is the most important thing in the photography camera which shows the result. It can be anything from small component to a large one in photography camera, but the most valuable thing is the Film of the camera which single-handedly operates the whole operation. But this doesn’t mean that others are not important, but films have the upper hand over the others as they act as the basic thing which leads to the main thing which is a visible photograph.

What is a photographic film in the camera– Coated on one side with silver halide crystal which is small and light sensitive also known as gelatin emulsion this all in a transparent strip sheet of plastic that’s what known as photographic film. The size of the silver halide crystal determines the contrast and resolution of the film. If the exposure is too high, then it will darken the film, so here the full exposure is not provided with the help of the camera lens. Then after this, the crystals absorb the light which creates an image in the emulsion and then after some chemical process is done in the photo studio which then develops all this into a visible photograph. Photography is not about a single thing it’s a huge mixture of everything it can involve corporate headshots, wedding photographers, portrait pro photographers, etc. and all this requires different types of tricks and techniques with different camera properties. Like in the corporate headshots a suitable business technique will be used, in wedding photographers, a socialistic technique and trick will be preferred, a portrait pro photographer will prefer more creative technique. So this is all differentiated by types of films because this will decide what will be the outcome in the visible photograph. Different types of films depend on which type of result one is willing to get, mainly depending on the film speeds, types of camera and many other things the type of film used in the camera depends. Below is a list of some types of basic films used in camera for different purposes. They are as follows-

  • Black and white film- Black and white film is the most uncommon one of all the other types of films as this was used back in the old days but now only preferred by some creative artists who are out there in search of something new. Some photography schools also have this just to introduce them to the students of the photography schools. Exposure is properly needed in this black and white film as this is colorless, so it needs to be exposed properly. The chemicals which are used to make this a visible photograph is also not readily available, but an acid bleach solution will work.
  • Print film- In this both colors and sometimes black and white is preferred as this also produces negative which are transparent in nature. A negative can be defined as a photograph whose dark and light area are exchanged in between different colors and this what makes it stand out. Print film is printed only onto photographic papers only by the help of contact printing. Here the process is more complex as compared to the black and white film but need not worry as one can easily lean all the processing of the colors in photography classes. As photography classes also teach one about the color processing on this type of film. The print film is considered black and white films moreover because of the availability of the resource is much easier for print film.

Color film- As the print film is known to produce negative transparencies with inter-changing the colors. Here the color film is used to produce positive transparencies in the colors are only used where required t produce this into a visible photograph. These are mainly preferred in event photography and product photography, as event photography and product photography requires a majority of colors. Sometimes these transparencies are used with the help of a magnifying loop which is mounted on somewhere which is called slides. These films are also known as reversal films and to produce the visible photograph a color reversal sheet which is in large format is used. This helps in obtaining a high- resolution image.

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Film Types


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