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Webservices testing is a process of testing its web based services and the related protocols like SOAP and REST. SOAP is standard protocol for sending and receiving web service requests and responses which was defined by W3C. SOAP uses HTTP protocol for transfer of messages. REST is an architecture that runs over HTTP it means REpresentational State Transfer. The REST emphasises the interactions between clients and services. Web Service Testing has the following steps: Understand the WSDL file Know the operation provided by web services Determine the XML format request which has to be sent Determine the XML response given Using any code or writing code for sending request or getting response The purpose of web service testing is to verify all the application programming interface (API) exposed by any application works as expected. Web services are a medium of communication where two applications will exchange the data apart from their architecture and technology. WEBSERVICES TESTING WEBSERVICES TESTING Why web services are needed? So in a modern technology if you want develop software you don’t have to do it by scratch directly you can plug-in to the application from any readymade service and start including those services in your application. For example, if you want to display the horoscope information in your application you don’t have to collect, process and render the data. You can directly collect the information from those people who provide those services. The difference between Web service and Web API: In web service, all communication or data exchange is by XML. It is defined by W3C and has defined standards Cannot compress the data, but can compress the HTML request. eg: SOAP In web API, all communication or exchange of data can be either XML, JSON or plain data. No defined standards. Can compress data. Eg: REST Web service testing with SOAP: It is a way to access the web services using XML messages that include WSDL catalog listing web services with their name, input and output field parameter details which serve as an ideal testing road map. It is well suited for performing transactions that have multiple calls need to enforce the strict client server contract and works well with the distributed enterprise environments. It is highly structured with error handling security built-in is designed for expansion for expansion and can use transport protocols besides HTTP. Questions: What are Web services? What is Web service Testing? What are the goals of Web services Testing?
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