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Providing Visual AI for Mobile Apps through New SDK

Using Artificial Intelligence concept in mobile app development, as well as in Virtual Reality and the Internet of Things, brings to developers tens or even hundreds of thousands of downloads in just a few months.

AI allows you to create smart and advanced enterprise applications not only entertainment software. Building an AI assistant shows how the software tools are used. In the CNS AI are identical in structure to neurons. In future practice these tools are easy to identify and remember the process previously received data, and then analyze and apply it.

 So, if you want to know how AI is making mobile app marketing are smarter than using websites, read the information below.

What AI is: the basic principles

We will discuss how the application based on artificial intelligence works. To make independent decisions the main AI principle lies in the ability to be used. This process is influenced by input data and, in some cases, the expected result. To implement it, developers create an artificial neural network, which operates according to the same algorithms as the ones that the human brain uses to memorize things. Such networks use training samples to create graphs. Then, these graphs use input data to lead to the correct answer.

For building a network of course, the program code, is required and it is extremely complicated structure. To build your own artificial intelligence app, it’s so hard. And if you ask any developer how to do this in the easiest way, they will advise you to use special APIs. The most popular APIs are,, Clarifai, Tensorflow, Amazon AI and IBM Watson, are currently used in the marketing fields.

AI-based applications examples

Some of the artificial intelligence and machine learning app development applications are given examples as. We have compiled a list of mobile apps that you may not have heard of before unlike, again, Siri, which makes them even more interesting to discover.

• Socratic:

Socratic is an amazing application for iPhone owners with children. To explain to your child how to solve the math problem is the difficult one but for sure, many of us have spent much time and effort to solve but this one solve the problems so easily. With Socratic, you will no longer have this problem.

Simply take a photo of the conditions written in the class book or notebook, upload it through the application to the server, and in a few seconds, you will get the right solution not just an answer, but a detailed explanation to it! But this is not all.


If you want to like to update your knowledge of the English pronunciation, the ELSA application is just the correct solution for your problem! Many of the students are faced with the problem and they cannot find and failed to transmit sounds pronounced by native speakers. Now, you can try your hand at that again. In your device download ELSA app and choose the right training program for yourself.

 You should pass a series of test tasks, the results of which will help the application to identify shortcomings in your words pronunciation. Overall, you will receive detailed instructions to adjust your articulation is the result.

• Allo.

The Allo application, created for both iOS and Android devices owners, is an extremely advanced messenger. Allo is a beautiful artificial intelligence in your mobile for operating all operations in one button. Your FIRST impression may be wrong. Because it looks like many others.

Based on machine learning, this mobile app are generally shows the results and based upon how users communicate with this app this is also a kind of experience.  Allo is a new assistant tool which is been easy and powerful one to use. In most of android phones the Allo option is installed by user why because which makes app development easy and more powerful.

The built-in Allo mechanisms automatically generate the suitable answers (Smart Replies function), which you can put in correspondence with your friends. The further, the more. You can also use the automatic image recognition feature (that can be exchanged during communication) and a built-in bot that performs a highly intelligent search on Google for your requests.

8 AI Technologies that can be Used in a Mobile Application

1. Natural language technology:

For example, creating reports and market reviews is based on your application is about customer service, you need to use a natural language technology. It is offered by such companies as Attivio, Automated Insights, Cambridge Semantics, Digital Reasoning, Lucidworks, Narrative Science, SAS and Yseop.

2. Speech Recognition Technology

In the voice control systems one of the popular technologies used in interactive way and mobile application that connects is Speech Recognition Technology. For example, this technology, the Siri or Cortana system, allows decoding and transforming human speech into a format that is understandable to a computer. NICE, Nuance Communications, OpenText and Verint Systems are among the companies that offer such services.

3. Chat bots or voice managers

If you plan to have a business application that has to be able to interact with people online, to contain feedback from the user or the online community, in other words, to use chat bots or voice managers, then you will be assisted by Virtual Agents. Amazon, Apple, Artificial Solutions, Assist AI, Creative Virtual, Google, IBM, IPsoft, Microsoft and Satisfi offer the use of such technologies.

4. Machine Learning platforms

Suppose your application is corporate and also used for forecasting and classification, you should implement based on Machine Learning (ML). Companies associated with the sale of this type of ML technology are Amazon, Google, Microsoft, SAS and Skytree. There must be a lot of tech giants and given an propose a wide selection of software and tools with AI for developers.

5. Biometrics

Biometrics is a technology that allows you to identify measure and analyze human behavior and physical aspects of structure and shape of the body through work with images, sensory recognition, and voice and gesture control. It is used mainly in marketing research.

6. Text Analytics and NLP (Natural Language Processing):

NLC technology allows you to find the information you need in search engines, generate news, structure solid text. This technology is currently used for security and fraud detection systems.           

7. Emotion Recognition:

To read emotions from the human face another interesting technology that allows the software to read and with the help of advanced image processing or audio data is Emotion Recognition, so human senses are captured through subtle speech signals and voice intonation. This tool is widely popular among start-ups like Beyond Verbal, nViso, Emotion AI and Affectiva.

8. Image Recognition:

AI in your mobile application is an added advantage that you can successfully use Image Recognition technology based on the process of identifying and detecting an object/function in a digital image or a video. IR technology can be used to detect license plates, to diagnose diseases, to analyze clients, to verify users by their faces. Some companies that use Image Recognition as: Clarifai, they provides image recognition systems for customers;


In the current period, the integration of Artificial Intelligence into the latest technologies of mobile app development company, can includes the beginners by creating a software in our everyday life, can be called a revolutionary era. AI is a way to increase human activity like grasping the content/video from a page, and not just as a way of replacing people.

So we have come to the conclusion that the integration of Artificial Intelligence into everyday life is thrusting confidently forward. Indeed, the extent to which Artificial Intelligence comes into the life of mankind gives a lot of new challenges to people, and it entails many risks.

Further integration of AI in new mobile applications will give a new impetus to new opportunities:

  • Smart interaction,
  • Deep personalization,
  • Special opinion,
  • Intellectual answers.

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Providing Visual AI for Mobile Apps through New SDK


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