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The Best Ways to Get Rid of Unwanted Data

Rick Delgado

Big Data holds a lot of profitable potential for a business. While you’re looking at how much consumer interest can be gleaned from the lakes upon lakes of data, enabling you to better predict their interest and better tailor your services to reach the right audience more effectively – what you’re missing is how much room it takes. Big Data lives up to its name; it’s massive. Few companies have the room to store millions upon millions of bytes of data, even with flash storage, and that means it’s time to start getting rid of that data. But nothing is ever “truly” deleted, right?

If you’re looking to get rid of Sensitive information to free up space and want it actually gone – not hidden somewhere a motivated hacker can find it – you need the right technique for getting rid of your unwanted data. Here are the best ways to truly eradicate your sensitive digital information.

  1. The Extreme Solution

Everything is easier with technology; which is why moving things back to the physical level is seen as extreme. The fastest way to make sure your data is gone is to eliminate its storage device. Translation? Trash your hardware. Preferably through a shredder. It’s not the most cost-effective Solution, but if you’re looking to make sure that data never sees the light of day, then before you store it, make sure it’s placed on a drive you’re okay with destroying. Then, when you need to clean house, you can completely wreck the drive physically and ensure no expert hacker gets in.

  1. The Less Extreme Solution

Deciding to get rid of a portion of your Big Data is a heavy decision, but once you’ve settled on it, you need to be thorough. If you’re not interested in destroying equipment, then you can simply save whatever data is currently on a drive – that you want to keep – and completely wipe the drive of everything else. Depending on what kind of operating system you possess or drive you use, the process may vary, but in most cases this is as simple as “PC Settings,” then “General,” then, “Remove Everything,” then “Reinstall.” This will return your drive to its original settings and also wipe your computer of any traces that may be left behind. Once you’ve finished with this, you can download your other files without risk of a hacker finding the sensitive information you’d rather have gone.

  1. The Cost Effective and Time-Smart Solution

Kryptel is a program created by Inv Softworks, designed to not only encrypt your sensitive data, making it all but impossible to hack with its total of four different types of encryption, but also shred it upon request. When you find too much space is being taken, you can use their DoD 5220.22M algorithm to shred your data by completely randomizing the more subtle components, essentially making it impossible for hackers to unscramble. This option is available to you for only $30 for the Standard Edition which can operate on a USB, allowing for mobility and convenience, but also a $40 version called the Enterprise Edition, which allows more customized tailoring by those who are more computer savvy.

  1. The More Delicate Solution

CryptoForge Encryption Software falls under the more delicate category, as its strength lies with its encryption abilities more than its data-shredding abilities. It possesses a DoD 5220.22M technique for getting rid of your sensitive information, and you can choose up to 99 passes for making sure it’s gone. However, before it brings you to the point of needing to be rid of data, it ensures your data is never on the radar of hackers. Its encryption methods are available to you for only $40, with four different options to choose from, including Triple DES, AES, Blowfish, and Gost. By allowing you to keep your data safer from the very beginning, you’re able to shred your data with more peace of mind that hackers haven’t even made it a target yet.

When it comes to getting rid of the data, it depends on how sensitive your information is. If the consumer information you have is potentially damaging, such as banking information or home addresses, then taking the extreme precautions could ensure your business doesn’t go under thanks to a surprise data breach. However, if you possess less sensitive information, then by taking the time to purchase these programs, you’re ensuring that you maintain a reputation of professionalism and confidentiality with your customers, without the additional effort.

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The Best Ways to Get Rid of Unwanted Data


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