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How To Write Welcome Emails To Gain Loyal Customers

How do you define Email marketing? Let us go by the opinion of industry experts. Email is one of the top marketing channels to connect with customers and future leads. It is quite a challenging job to write emails that can convert prospects to loyal customers. You need tact, proper knowledge of English words and a clear understanding of the market. In this article let us focus on how to write welcome emails to gain loyal customers.

A. Email Marketing

Let us make one point clear. We are not talking about sending emails to many customers. Let us visualize, you have a Business website. Making a new individual opt for a free subscription is difficult.  Did she/he make the decision to add her email to your subscription for discounts and offers? Then, her/his action means of interest in your products or services. The person will buy the products/services within a short time or after some time. But yes, it all depends on how you greet the new subscriber after they opt for your newsletter.

email marketing

But, it is sad, that many businesses, even SMBs for that instant do not send a welcome email. So, they lose the chance to connect with people interested in their products/services. With a little push in the form of greeting letter, you can make the prospects turn to customers. In this article, let us focus on how to write welcome emails to gain loyal customers for your business.

B. First Impression – Best Impression

Some businesses send emails to persons opting for their subscription letter. But the content in the email letter is far from perfect. The result – first impression gives a bad taste in the mouth for the to-be customer. The content neither recommends warmth, greeting or personal welcome.

First Impresstion Best Impression

But let us focus on the topic of how to write welcome emails to gain loyal customers. Is a welcome email necessary, and what is the need to send one to a subscriber? Let us go into the details one by one.

C. Welcome Email

How do you describe a welcome email? Here is the best description. It is an exchange of pleasant greetings and information. That is, amongst a new subscriber and a business website owner. The relationship starts when a new individual opts for the email list of the business.

welcome email

In general terms, the email gets delivered to the Inbox of the individual before 24 hours.  Regardless of the time, the individual opts for the subscription.

D. Advantages of Sending Welcome Emails

Imagine a situation. You are an entrepreneur and have a flourishing laundry business in a small part of Mumbai. You wanted to gain more customers. So, you have become partners in a start-up offering services of online laundry in Mumbai(in fact, the entire city).

Advantages of Sending Welcome Emails

You also have a website through which the loyal customers can book for laundry services. Now, a new person in your area of business has opted for a newsletter from your website. And your customer service team plans to send her a welcome email.

How Will The Individual React?

Let us go by the vision of sales marketing experts. The open rate for welcome emails dealing with business offers is more than fifty percent. So, it has more advantage than normal newsletters. These letters act as a bridge of communication between subscribers and your business. They can get to know more about your products/services and future offers.

A subscriber, will, in more possibilities open the email. If the content is good and satisfies his/her needs, then the future emails will also get opened. The emails can get forwarded to their friends and relatives if the content is worthy.

How To Write Welcome Emails – Five Important Points You Need To Know

1. Welcome/Greet And Thank Them

Permit us to explain with an example.

Imagine, you are working as a team leader of Sales Operations in a company. It offers house cleaning professionals for homes in Mumbai. Your CEO has also entered into a fine collaboration with a start-up offering services of deep cleaning in Mumbai for apartments, offices and residential houses. Through this collaboration, he wants to extend his business.

It is month-end time, and the center of your office is going to host a comedy event. Now, two new interns have joined your team. They know your team members, but the entire office does not know them. So, how will you introduce them to the other departments during this live event? You will introduce them to the entire office team in a jovial manner, right. Since you are the head of a department, you need to perform this action in a respectable manner.

Thank you

The two interns are new entrants to your company. They may have many thoughts in their mind before you make an introduction.

Compare this situation with the new subscribers for your business website. They are new. They want special attention. So, the content in your welcome email should thank them for opting for the newsletter. The reason, there may be several competitors in the market. But they have opted for the newsletter from your company website. So, the act shows their genuine interest in your products or services. Add a personal touch of content in the welcome email to make the first best impression.

In the last part of the email, do not forget to congratulate them for their decision. The content should specify one aspect – they have taken an important step in their lifetime. It may be for many reasons – to save money, save time or improve their business.

2. How To Write Welcome Emails – Do Not Forget To Mention The Reason They Have Opted For The Newsletter

Now, comes the difficult part. You need to bring forward in a nice way the real reason that the subscriber opted for the newsletter. So, when does an individual opt for a newsletter? When do they want to remain updated on the discounts, offers and many more, right? But please note, that there is a genuine reason for their option. You need to find out the point and specify in your welcome email. Difficult, isn’t it?


  • Your content in the mail should specify the requirements. Next comes their expectations and what your business can do for them. Let us look into simple ways to build a natural commitment.
  • You can establish an emotional bond with the individual.
  • You need to assure the reason for their joining the customer list of your company. The content should reinstate the belief that the reason will soon get fulfilled.
  • You also need to reaffirm the benefits of your products and services.

4. How To Write Welcome Emails – Show Traits Such as Leadership, Authority

The individual or to-be customer has hopes on your business website. So, now is the time to ensure that their expectations are correct and right on target. In the content, you can specify –

  • The newspaper articles are written on your business or if you have won any business award.
  • It is the sales team who write the points in the emails in connivance with higher management.
  • If your company has made it to the Top 50 list, do not forget to mention. Please note, the content should be in perfect fashion. The content writer should focus on bringing a balance between reliability and credibility.

5. How To Write Welcome Emails – Answer To Their Expectations

In the welcome email, specify the time and date of the next newsletter. Then you need to provide info on its contents and the benefits of reading the entire content. Do not forget to mention that it contains a description of your products and services.


Do you have a feel of the market and the target audience? Then you should answer the questions not asked by the audience. The content should specify the answers without focusing on products and services. Try to make the to-be customer set expectations with your welcome email.

In general, a normal welcome process contains four to five emails. The first email specifies the content for future emails.

6. How To Write Welcome Emails – Get Information of their Social Media Platforms

In this era of digital marketing, having a customer opt for email subscription is important. But this feat does not make the entire picture. There are many reasons to stay connected with your customers even outside email. So, in the second email on welcome, give information on your social media platforms. For example, ask them to connect on LinkedIn.

social media platforms

In the welcome email, do not forget to have social media share buttons. This aspect will encourage subscribers to share your business info with their network.


A welcome email gives the rare chance to connect to the new subscribers. On personal, emotional and even the business levels. The more relationships you nurture, trust and loyalty will build up in the course of time. And they will become loyal customers for your business.

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How To Write Welcome Emails To Gain Loyal Customers


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