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Let's know about Ransomware. - Full Tutorial

Today, Ransomware is a topic in different countries around the world. So I wanted to talk about it a bit. Before that, I did not know anything about this, and I wanted to know something about Ransomware.

Ransomware is a malware. It's made by our important files as Automatically Encrypt. Usually, we use File Encrypt to increase the security of that file. Once we have encrypted a file, we need to recover it and use it to get the Decryption Key associated with the encrypt. There is a bit of knowledge about this.

If this "Ransomware" malware is infected by our computers, we are unwittingly typing our Files very fast and automatically encrypting it, we do not understand it. But again it does not get into the hand of the Decryption needed to restore the Files, and not get it. Instead, the Decryption Key goes to the person who created the Ransomware (Hacker). Now do not want to say what's going on next. After that, if we wanted to retrieve our files, we have to give a ransom to the person who created the virus. Within 6 hours, if we did not recover our data, Permanent Delete would not be able to recover our files. These six hours are so dependent on the power of each Ransomware. I can not say exactly 6 hours. It's simply the functionality of a Ransomware. Otherwise, it's going to be a nasty one after the Ransomware one succeeds. I do not look forward to that. Now what happens with a Ransomware, I think that there is one idea that one can do one for one.

A little more about this, Ransomware can be divided into two parts. This sort of thing was sorted out.

01. Encrypting ransomware.

This automatically filters all User Files in our hard drives. It means that we have a malware designed to attack our machine directly. That's because User Files applies Decryption Keys to everyone who created the virus. So it's the hacker. Then all the things have to be done.

02. Locker ransomware

This is different from the one before. By using this type of Ransomware, our Operating System is temporarily locked. We can not turn our computer on until the ransom is paid. But our User Files will not encrypt anything here, it's a bit of a relief. In simple terms, you can change the Boot Settings of the Operating System and prevent the computer from turning on. These were the only two ways. There may be more different ones.

So this is the one in the field where the 'thrill' is in the field is that when it comes to some issue, it's time to find a remedy. So, you may have some things. All right, we need to be scared of this Ransomware. Is that a normal virus guard possible to stop this attack? The answer is impossible. Because this is an oblique structure, it means that there is no unique reputation, so the virus guard can not detect an attack. The other story is that I told them to get that tribute. So you can go to the movies like the soil and get the tidy at you? Credit cards, Pay-Pal requests, or money can be easily trapped. But now they're well trading. They're coming from Bitcoin. It's difficult to catch that promotion. This is because when dealing with Bitcoin, no one can find their identity. Let's talk about it in front of this. That's why they can do whatever they need in any way, without any name.

So somebody else could think of this as if it were possible to find the decryption key. Do we have to find the Decryption key? The answer is not. The decryption key is not exactly the same as I used to say, and several times with Decryption Keys, I get an unbreakable encryption. So far, no one has been able to find a decryption key so far.

That's what Ransomware is. What's going to happen? How powerful it is. First of all, having a little idea is worth looking. Tell me a lot of big talk over this simple story. About these things are thinking of writing the next article. How can we make sure that our files are bothered with these kinds of attacks, and there are some interesting topics in this topic that are not only about the world's interest in this. Just come back with that kind of stuff before I go back...

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Let's know about Ransomware. - Full Tutorial


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