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Marketing your website – Homebrew style

You got your website up, everything works, and you’re waiting for customers to visit. Everyday your check the stats and the numbers are lower then you thought they would be or even worse there at zero. You decided that you needed to fix this and so you start searching the Internet for answers. Your search through a few website for answers and they all say, “Work on your SEO!” you thinking, “Great, I will pick up a SEO at Wal-mart on the way home, hehe!” Your click the last link before you give up, it just happen to be this article.

The first thing is to bring visitors to your website is tell them that your online, simple right! There only one problem, no one can hear you with all the noise. Lets face it, the Internet has become so noisy, that most people can hear themselves think when they are on FaceBook, (just look at the post some days). So how can you cut through the noise and tell your next customers about you and your website.

Using one of those SEO website maybe be a start good start but as you notice most of these website are selling you a SEO package for your website. If you want to blow money on your website you wouldn’t be search for answers on online. Plus, we both know when the money stop with pay service so does the visitors. If you want to build a Business you need to build right to make it last. Let not lose focus, back to the problem getting visitors, and building your online business.

Just like a business in the real world, there no real get visitors fast fix. But here a couple of ideas that will help you build a customer base. Some these ideas will work, some won’t. Your must decide how much your plan on using them or if you should use them at all. Remember you know your business and you know what works. To build a business right that will last you must have it reflect you. If it doesn’t you’re running someone else business.

Idea One: Using Social Media to boost your customer base. Your use Facebook, Twitter, SnapChat, etc., if not you know what they are. So there no reason the explain them. What important is how you use them for you business. Think to yourself: Which post do I like to read on my social media? Real people doing things or fake stage events with unreal people. No one likes to be hustled for any reason. So real people doing real things win out every time. Be honesty when posting to your business social media page. Don’t lie, one day a future customer may want the same as you “fake service option!” If doesn’t turn out like the posting you can lose future business.

Idea Two: Turn your social media pages over to your employees. Give each employee a chance to post up what they should be on the company’s social media. Remember to set some ground rules. Like no porn, bad jokes that make the company look bad, must be family centering like posting, etc. This will give them a chance to tell your customers about the culture and service of your business from real people. Plus, it will help remind the employees that they are part of the team and they are needed.

Idea Three: Make fun videos to post on social media, video hosting, your website for share about your business. Take a pen and paper and write out ideas of things your company does that you want to share with your current and future customers. For example, your business rebuilds Chevy engines for racers and restored cars. Think about the process, what the first thing your business does went it gets an engine to rebuild. Most likely clean and tear down the whole engine. How does your business do this? Is there a way that your business does it better than any one else? Next is the rebuild, do you use all new parts or only replace parts that are worn out and why? If you get your brain thinking about it you most likely have couple of video to share. Take care not to make them over five minutes long. Any long they take to long to load and to long to watch.

Idea Four: Review your meta data. Then you started to website, blog, etc, you fill in a lot of meta data with words that you thought was right at the time. A business is a living thing that changes and you meta data should change also. Take time and review it. Start with the keywords, do you still use or offer any of the keywords you start with? Next, the description, does it tell what your business is doing today or does it need a rewrite? You get the idea! If your meta data is old and outdated, your current and future may feel your business is not up to speed.

Idea Five: Review your website for old and outdated information. Take a pen and paper, write where the old and outdated information is on your business website. Decide what should be done with it. Sometime there is only the need to update, other times delete in order, total rewrite. Remove all outdated photos. If your business doesn’t sell or have the service any more it will confuse people trying to learn more about your business. If you want to keep some of this information online, consider adding a “history” section to your website.

Idea Six: Ask your current customers for feedback about your online shop (website, blog, social media, etc). If you ask most of time your customers will be happy to help but remember that it’s always hard to tell some one if you don’t like something. They may shy way from telling you the bad parts. Tip: Tell them about the parts you think suck first! This way they will know you don’t think it’s all roses and they will not upset you with the truth.

Idea Seven: Look at similarity websites, blogs, social media, etc and write what you like and not like about them. After making a list, see if you’re doing the same things you disliked about the others. We can learn a lot from others and our own mistakes. Take your time work through only one or maybe two websites, blogs, social media, etc a night. This will give time to really look through them.

That about it, so go out there and Marketing you website – Homebrew style!

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Marketing your website – Homebrew style


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