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Desktop Portfolios, Paper Wallets, Cold Wallets: Choose How To Manage Your Cryptocurrencies

If you have been thinking about investing in bitcoins, but you have an iPad, an iPhone or an Apple Watch, you should not worry, because for these options you can also select different wallets and manage your money . Next, we will show you a couple of them, especially those that have more security and are easy to use.


Bread : according to the opinion of different users, Bread is one of the best portfolios to Manage your money. It is available for Apple Watch and for iPhone. With this type of wallet you will have a very simple interface to use, independent, and very light. It is also open source, and uses SPV so you can check transactions. Among its other options, this portfolio has Touch ID, that is, it has compatibility for identification by means of the fingerprint. With this purse you can make your expenses and make purchases without having to wait for the transactions to be confirmed.

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Airbitz-Bitcoin Wallet  or Edge : this purse changed its name to Edge a few months ago and launched a multi-cryptoactive portfolio withintegrated ShapeShift to make exchanges between currencies. It is available for iPad, Mac, iPhone and iPod Touch. Its use is simple and is different from what other options offer. It has a purchase and sale function for residents of the United States. You can pay with Bluetooth without needing QR codes. It has a Touch ID for iPhone users.

The backup of Edge’s portfolio is encrypted in P2P cloud servers and a two-factor authentication system. It can be synchronized on multiple mobile devices. It has an integrated password recovery capability. You can diversify funds in different portfolios within the same account. It has support for around 140 currency exchange rates. It has a search engine for transactions by category or notes. You can configure the mining commission per transaction and have an integrated calculator to make conversions easily, among many other features.

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Copay : this open source wallet works with multiform HD, which is provided by BitPay. Among its functions, it makes it possible for access to be shared among different users, as well as being able to manage several Purses without compromising security. It has a Spanish translation and is available for iOS, Windows Phone, Chrome, Android, Mac, Linux and O SX. It offers support for Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash , as well as for Bitcoin portfolios in test networks. It has an integration to buy and sell bitcoins, as well as to buy Amazon gift cards .


In addition to these purses, there are other physical or hardware . These purses are small devices that can be used without the need to be online. From them it is possible to manage cryptocurrencies as well as store private keys, without being connected to the network, which also increases security. The disadvantage they present is the cost of them, since some are high. Among these types of portfolios, Trezor stands out:

Trezor : this is one of the most representative hardware purses, because, if you feel insecure about managing your bitcoins from your computer, and you want them to be well protected, Trezor is an excellent option, since it allows you to store your private keys, and also perform operations without the need to be connected to the network. It is available for OS X, Linux, Windows, plus it has compatibility with other types of purses, such as Electrum, Copay, MyEtherWallet or MultiBit HD. Trezor offers support for Bitcoin, Litecoin, Zcash and many other cryptocurrencies.

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If despite the functionalities that have the purses that we have mentioned, still want to manage your money from your computer, there are also some options that give you security. For example:


This type of wallets can be installed on the desktop computer or laptop. If you do not use them frequently, and you want to store them safely, or manage them as a way to invest, sell or buy them, this could be an acceptable option. Next, we will show you some of them that work with Windows, Mac, OS X and Linux.

Bitcoin Core: this purse was the original, created by Satoshi Nakamoto , and which has been verified and updated by the developers of bitcoin cryptocurrency. Its node is complete and routed through Tor, which gives users a higher level of privacy. However, the speed could be reduced because it requires a lot of space on the computer.

Armory: when it comes to security, this application is one of the most indicated. Perhaps its use is more complex, compared to the rest of purses, but it definitely has a high level of security due to its multifirm system. It even allows you to have your funds cold, or without having to be connected.

Some purses already have a version for websites , from which operations can also be performed, such as selling bitcoins, buying them, making purchases, and even making transfers.

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Some examples of these purses for browsers are Bitcoin Wallet, Coinbase , Xapo or Blockchain , which can also be used from the mobile. One point in favor of using this type of purses is that it does not require committing space or memory in the computer, but with an Internet connection, you can access your funds from anywhere.

However, a negative aspect of this type of purses is that, being in the network, the data will be stored there, so you can control your money less.


The paper purses are very safe since they are based on the Bitcoin system, as well as on a cryptography model. However, security will always depend to a large extent on users.

Having a paper wallet, offline , offers security almost completely, since there are no risks of malware , keylogger or any virus. Just generate the purse and print it, and there will be both the bitcoin address and private keys, but in a paper with two QR codes. This service is offered by various portals in the network and there are tutorials on YouTube that teach you how to make your own paper purse.

Everything depends on the way you want to manage your money, and under what security measures you want to have your bitcoins. But as you have seen, you currently have several options to secure your funds and perform your transactions.

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Desktop Portfolios, Paper Wallets, Cold Wallets: Choose How To Manage Your Cryptocurrencies


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