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How Does Surveillance Technology Influencing Our Daily Lives


Technology has been reshaping our lives since its advent. The Use of Surveillance in today’s society is an increasing debate with respect to the privacy rights of the individuals. Surveillance is so much ingrained in our world, even before the revelations of the former NSA contractor Edward Snowden about the collection of our sensitive data and monitoring our every move.

Edward Snowden

Image Source:By Laura Poitras / Praxis Films, CC BY 3.0

Surveillance technology and its uses is a hot topic of technology trivia debates, but have we ever thought that how this move is influential to our society and how it is creating a feeling of paranoia amongst each one of us.

Electronic surveillance is not as trivial as a connecting technology like arnic backshells but it is entrenched in our daily actions. The government gives us an excuse for our safety and security with the help of electronic surveillance, but is, in fact, breaching our personal space.

Is keeping an eye on every move of an individual without his content is correct? This is a question we should ask ourselves and if we are satisfied with the ongoing happenings.

In this article, we will show you a mirror into some of the ways in which surveillance technology has influenced our lives:

E-Surveillance Technology

One of the positive aspects of E-surveillance technology is that people are aware that videos cameras are watching their moves around banks and grocery stores. The room for any illegal activity is nonexistent.

This makes our environment secure than ever. However, these surveillance contracts are given to the private companies, the government should take control into securing the critical information of our personal information and correspondence to protect from cyber-attacks, fraud, and theft.

Responsible Use of Surveillance Technology

We have seen that surveillance devices like video cameras, computer surveillance programs, and GPS trackers are more in reach of individual members of the society due to the lower financial costs associated with it.

We have a bigger responsibility now to prevent any invasion of privacy at the workplace or injustice with caregivers due to video surveillance installed by the homeowners. The consent of the workers and employees is imperative to avoid any messy lawsuits against the companies investing in surveillance technology.

Behavioral Impact

In fact,in a study led by Washington University’s Lamar Pierce and his coauthors,found when under tech survillence,the rate of employee theft has been reduced to a striking 22%.

The result shows that people are at their best behavior when they believe that they are watching. This self-consciousness will increase in the future. Let’s hope that it has a positive impact on society instead of creating chaos and mistrust.

Constructive Changes in Society

As mentioned above, people behave in a more civilized way when they think they are being watched. As a result, the crime rate in cities with a surveillance camera has diminished by 50% fatal traffic accidents and parking violations are reduced.

Although criminals try to sabotage the online cameras with cyber-attacks, they are rarely successful due to the vigilance of the law enforcing authorities.

Benefits of Telemedicine

The wonders of telemedicine have astonished medical practitioners. Now, a doctor can monitor the performance of patients remotely just because of the surveillance technology.

The patients who lack mobility and access to health care services are relieved as the doctors can monitor their performance. It can also be applied to a sick child at home.

You can use your home cameras to keep an eye on the child if he needs any assistance or not. Now, doctors can treat the symptoms of minor diseases from anywhere and prescribe medicine to the underdeveloped areas around the world.

Access to security devices

The gift of research and development is the optimization of security devices to such an extent that it is affordable to amicable homeowners. You are able to upgrade the security features of your home by just installing a couple of cameras. People can now view who is at the door of their home by just one click.

In the coming decade, this technology will grow to such heights that people will be able to control the electric systems in their homes.

Family Ties and Intimacy Issues

Not al the advancement of surveillance technology is on the brighter side of the picture. People are now hooked to their phones and can be traced anywhere from a satellite channel.

They don’t turn the signals off even if they are with their loved ones and family. It puts them in a weaker spot of being tracked and blackmailed accordingly.

The fear of any embarrassing moments be published on social media has kept people at a distance from each other. They have stopped valuing the beauties of life and are not concentrating on how they are perceived on social media platform by people they never know or met in person.


With the evolution of technology, we can suspect that the surveillance mechanism will impact our lives more than before. There is a major concern about the privacy of an individual apart of some of the constructive outcomes of this exercise.

The real challenge in the future will be to deal with surveillance in an optimistic manner and with the consent of the individuals who are being watched. The surveillance companies and governments have to take active measures to secure the data storage systems from going into the hands of criminals or terrorists.

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How Does Surveillance Technology Influencing Our Daily Lives


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