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Frequent Internet Outages: What To Do About It?

How to fix internet outage|Businesses today can’t afford internet Outages. When faced with a situation like this, they will need to spend a significant amount of time, money and energy on handling the issue. In 2013, Amazon went down for only 30 minutes and the entire damage was estimated at nearly two million dollars in a lost sale.

As we’re all guilty of taking modern utilities such as the Internet for granted, we tend to not even think about what would happen if we were left without it. Then, we’re faced with an internet outage and things get even worse than we could imagine.

Both home and business users are affected if they lose their Connection to the Internet but businesses are also the ones who will suffer from several consequences just because they were unable to connect to the Internet for a few hours.

As the number of internet outages in the business world is increasingly growing, IT professionals were focused on finding the most efficient ways to resolve it but also prevent it. Below, you can find some of the prevention measurements that could help you protect your business from internet outage.

1. Examination

You will need to examine the system for both internal and external weakness. If your company faced downtime, you will need to determine where the problem originated.

If your entire business is out of the Internet, you will need to check is it a router or firewall issue, configuration issue or maybe even hardware issue. These are just a few of the most common causes of internet outages in companies. Without knowing what caused it, you will be unable to resolve the problem.

2. Opting for network infrastructure

To prevent the huge damage that an internet outage can cause to a business, you will need to opt for network infrastructure, and not just any of them but for those that are on the enterprise level. Many businesses will make a mistake of saving money by opting for lower-grade hardware not being aware that this decision will cost them way more than an enterprise-level infrastructure.

The enterprise-level upgrade will cost you so little when you compare it how much money would you spend if you opt for lower-grade hardware and face the serious consequences of not being well protected by it.

3. Having a redundant network connection

Of course, there are businesses whose damage won’t be as severe as above mentioned. Those are businesses whose activities don’t depend on the Internet connection. Unfortunately, there are not a lot of businesses like that anymore, so if your activities depend on it, you should consider having a Redundant Network Connection.

That doesn’t imply just wireless and wired connection if they’re coming from the same provider. Instead, build a redundant connection that has different provider and network carriers. This will ensure that when one of your networks is having troubles, the other network will take it from them.

4. Employing a backup solution

Not being able to access the Internet might cause your team to lose files and things they’ve been working on at that time. This unexpected event might last really as short as 20 or 30 minutes but the damage could be bigger than you can imagine it right now.

Thinking of using cable modem if your internet provider has fibre or investing in LTE failover could save you a lot of trouble. Not to mention that one of the biggest concerns when talking about internet outages is actually data loss. What are you doing to ensure your data is safe and stored at all times?

5. Choosing cloud, hybrid or on-premises infrastructure

The biggest losses for the majority of the companies that face internet outages are expressed in their sales numbers or in their data loss. When talking about data loss, how are you protecting your valuable, sensitive data? Are you trusting more the cloud, hybrid or on-premises solutions?

As most of today’s businesses will choose to have their data on the cloud, you need to keep in mind that during an internet outage, you will be unable to access that data. Moreover, there have been some rising concerns regarding the safety of these solutions, so it’s best if you can combine cloud with the on-premises solution to ensure the best protection of your data.


Yes, internet outages happen to everyone, but the level of damage will depend on how well you’ve prepared for it. If you invested in some of the prevention measurements, it means you will be able to work normally when the Internet connection is restored. Make sure you don’t wait for the last moment because the costs will be tremendously higher!

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Frequent Internet Outages: What To Do About It?


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