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9 Benefits of Artificial Intelligence You Need To Check Right Now!

Benefits of artificial intelligence|There is one major change, which has happened in Technology. Did you make the guess? When the wheel was invented, it was as a non-living resource. Your ancestors used the new technology innovation to make life better. In recent times, just notice the difference.

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning applications are much more superior in intelligence than humans. So, the difference is that machines are occupying an equal place to humans in the globe. In this article, we are going to focus on recent trends in technology. And let us focus our article on the benefits of AI in technology.

Examples of Artificial Intelligence and Recent Trends in Technology

1. Smartphones

In these days, everybody owns a smartphone. There are also chances, that this article, you are reading on a mobile. You can guess the popularity of the phone, as English language experts have given a new term – ‘Nomophobia’ or the fear of the mobile far from your reach. With smart virtual assistants and numerous apps becoming the order of the day, the entire world is in your hands. With digital payments fast becoming popular, you can complete day-to-day activities by just tapping on your mobile. This is another example of the benefit of AI in technology.

2. Smart Cars and Drones

Have you ever ordered food via an app? Then you must know the delivery guy comes to the home to offer the food package. Now imagine, if the same delivery happens by a drone. Amazon has made experiments on this aspect. In the future, you may have a drone which supplies not only food packets but also small parcels from e-commerce websites. The way a drone flies, can make changes, all this works on the concept of artificial intelligence. You can count this aspect as another benefit of AI in technology.


3. Automatic Cars

Have you heard the concept of driverless cars? Okay, have you heard about Tesla? The one obstacle that many blind persons have is going to the college to study. Now, you have taxis such as Uber and Ola. In the future, you may have driverless cars. Another point, you need to notice is how does the driverless car can go via the traffic signals and come to a stop? Well, the same concept of artificial intelligence is made use of, even in this field.

automatic cars

4. Social Media Feeds

Okay, you are living in a developed country. So, not much information about cars and drones. We understand. How about a platform which you regularly use? We are talking about Facebook, and Google ads. Please note, many decisions you make on these platforms are because of Artificial intelligence.

social media

Facebook takes note of your behavior, interaction and every activity you do on the platforms. The next time of logging, you can see the profiles of friends you most likely chat with. If you have a Facebook page to promote your products, you may get notifications on the post that has got the most traffic. All these works on the concept of artificial intelligence.


Let us imagine, you are an expert skilled in computer repair in Mumbai. You have a website and have also teamed up with the best home improvement company which offers doorstep repair services. Now, based on the interactions the customers do with the posts, advertisements, you can visualize the color, content which works more with the audience. Especially, if you make use of AI tools online.

6. Video Games

Okay, we come to the real place where AI is most used. Video games. So, in a game, you can make use of any sign or levels.

video gamesThat is when AI got used in the first instance on a large scale. But now, it has crossed the extent of the imagination.

7. Online Notifications

Have you ever made shopping online? In an e-commerce website such as Amazon? Then you must know that after you buy a product, you will get notifications. The previous person who brought the same product also browsed other items. Now, you will be tempted to go and search for the products.

online notification

If it suits your requirements, then you will make the purchase. Now, a big e-commerce website needs to store the data such as a purchase, the items a particular customer bought and compare with all customer purchases.

Do you feel that a human can do the job? No Way. It is here that the AI applications come, store the database and generates reports. It ends in making more money for the e-commerce website. Another example of AI in technology.

8. Banking and Finance

After you do a transaction in the ATM, you get an alert to your email and mobile. This concept works on the concept of artificial intelligence. In recent times, the same service is also used for fraud identification and customer service.


Now, if a customer has defaulted in one credit company and applied to another company for a loan, then the AI tool will take notice. But it will not reject the application outright. It will first take into account, the facts such as salary, expenses, purchases he makes and then generate a report. Now, the entire exercise will take more hours for a human but little for an AI tool.

9. Smart Home Devices

Let us imagine, you have a smart thermostat in the house. And you have made the adjustments. Now, when you enter the room after a hard day’s work, the thermostat changes to the temperature which is suitable for you.

smart home

And yes, there are smart home devices such as Amazon Home, Google Echo, Cortana (Microsoft) which can make any smart home electronic appliance do the job. Now, this also works on the concept of AI. You can count this as one of the benefits of AI in technology.


So, have you read the benefits of AI in technology? There are more benefits such as a smart lock which works on the concept of AI and more. Do you want to stay tuned to the recent developments in AI? Then do not forget to visit our website every week.

Cover Image Source:Image by geralt on Pixabay

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9 Benefits of Artificial Intelligence You Need To Check Right Now!


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