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7 Easy Blogging Tips That Got Me 0 to 200+Visitors a day

Starting a blog is easy but getting consistent Visitors for a new blog is hard, especially if you have no existing audience.

In this post, I will describe some easy Blogging tips which you can follow to get at least 200 visitors a day!

Because getting traffic is important for the survival of any blog. All these tips are simple yet effective which you can try yourself to get the traffic coming in.

So Let’s Start

Blogging Tips for Beginners

1. Choose the CMS/Blogging Platform Wisely

If you want to be a successful blogger then you have to prepare yourself from the very beginning of your blogging journey.

Choosing a good blogging platform is a very critical step for having a successful blog. The blogging platform should be easy to maintain both for you and easy to understand for your readers.

I  recommend Blogger or WordPress for your blogging platform. According to WordPress is powering almost 28% of the total web. Same can be said about Blogger. Though not as diverse as WordPress you can get the initial ball rolling with blogger.As it is a Google product you can be assured of the quality than everything else.

Both WordPress and Blogger has solid support for SEO and other such functionalities which can make your new blog help to get the traffic in the initial days.

You don’t have to be an expert SEO or online marketing pro to use these. Just set some settings and your new blog is good to go! So keep these things in mind!

2. Put 90% of Your Effort for Making Your Content

Till date, there are almost 440 Million Blogs In The World. So If you want to make your blog standout you have to make sure your content stands out.

Think one thing logically.

Why people read blogs?

Because they want to know some specific information about something. So if your blog can answer your reader’s questions then they will love your blog!

Make it appealing with high-quality personalized content solving only one problem at a time. Do research for your content. I used to research 7- 8 hours, sometimes more than that before writing any post.

I  also always believe writing in-depth content than 300-400 words post. Seriously if you are going to explain a topic is it enough to write only 300-400 words?

Think about it! Unless you are a news website I always recommend to write the long form of content minimum 800 -900 words.

If you can write more than 1000 words per post than nothing is better than this.

Make your punctuation and basic grammar right.

If you love to write then half of your work is done! But if you are someone who hates writing then either develop that skill in you or simply hire someone who can write better content for you. Because content is the main backbone of any blog so if you can deliver it right you are miles ahead.

3. Keyword Research and Topic Selection

Now when you have chosen your platform and decide to write long-form content, the next step is the topic.

What you should write about?

For that, you should directly head to a good keyword tool for your topic. You can use Keyword Planner from Google Ads Home or can use Ubersuggest for the purpose.

I recommend using Ubersuggest as it shows more options. Apart from showing the regular metrics like keyword search volume and CPC data, it also offers the SEO difficulty and Paid difficulty for any keyword. So you can choose the best keywords for your next blog post.

Unlike Google’s Keyword Planner you don’t have to even create an account to use Ubersuggest. It is all free for you.

You can also curate your topic from Buzzsumo, Google trends and Quora . Quora I think is an excellent choice for beginners to choose their topic.

4. Spice up your Post With Multimedia

People love videos and images. Basically, people love visuals than reading texts. So it is very important to spice up your content with some customized images and videos to retain the attention of your reader’s interest.

For example, If you are writing about a new recipe about your homemade chicken soup then it is always great to have a video illustrating the steps for it.

In this way, people can use your post as a ready reference when making that recipe

Isn’t is cool?

It will also help you get the better SEO dwell time and decrease the bounce rate which is very beneficial for getting the better SEO position overall.

5. Post your content frequently

This is a must for any new blogger or even for experienced bloggers,

Many people start their blogs and continue for someday and then completely lost their tracks, But in case of blogging, you can’t just do like that.

Think about your blog as a newspaper.

Why we buy a newspaper each day?

Because we need new information each day! Blogging is exactly like that. If you can’t feed your readers with new information then it is very likely that your audience will lose interest in your blog and never return/

So when you start a blog you make sure to maintain a strict schedule for your blog.

You may not publish daily but if you schedule it bi-weekly stick to that. Try never to miss the schedule.

Because if you publish regular content then Search engines also begin to trust your blog which then results in the increase of Domain Authority of your blog. This will surely help you to get some good amount of visitors from Search engines daily.

6. Format your post before post

Good readability is one of the major options for any blog post. Overloading your readers with lots of text can be overwhelming at times.

So it is wise to write in short paragraphs. Use bullet points wherever possible. Use Header tags to illustrate the subpoints. Doing this can not only increase readability but also signals Google in a special way.

If you can provide a direct answer of a question then chances are you may show up in the Google’s  Direct  Answer section, According to SEJ, Google’s Direct Answers now shown on 10% of SERPs.

For readability test, you can use WebFX . It will easily tell you whether your blog post is easily understood by people or not.


Image Credit:WebFX

7. Use Quora

Many people only rely on Google for their visitors. But for new blogs, it can take some time to build up the reputation to rank for some competitive keywords. This is where social platforms like Quora comes in the picture. There are numerous people asking numerous question in Quora.

So if you can provide a helpful answer to those and place your blog post link solving the specific question then you can get a lot of users from Quora itself.

What special about Quora is not only visitors but you can get laser targeted visitors from them which may, later on, turned a loyal subscriber for your blog.


Hope the above ‘ 7 Easy Blogging Tips’ can help you to grow your blog.If you can follow the above tips I am pretty sure you can get the good amount of traffic easily than you expect.

Feel free to share any comment you like in the comment box below and please don’t forget to share the post!

Happy blogging!

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7 Easy Blogging Tips That Got Me 0 to 200+Visitors a day


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