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6 Top IT Jobs(Highest Paying Jobs) For You

Are you looking for a dream IT job which pays you the best? Then you have come to the right place. In this post, I will discuss the TOP IT JOBS(Highest Paying  Jobs) which you can consider for your future profession.

Before starting the list, I have only one thing to say. To become a top-notch IT professional you have to be really passionate about this IT industry.

The IT industry is changing always. The technology which is working today can be obsolete tomorrow. So better to prepare for it. You should always upgrade yourself with new skills and remain in the learning phase to snatch the best IT job which is in demand.

Enough Introduction!

Now  straight dive in the list.

Top Highest Paying IT Jobs

1.Web Developer

Do you love coding? Do you love making websites? If yes then you Web development can be your next dream job. There are almost 1.5 billion websites available today.

website number

Image Credit:Statistica

The number is only increasing and there is no slowing down.

As the importance of online presence is now dominated by websites, every business small or big is now in the race of making great websites.

So you can easily understand the potential of the job opportunity as a Web Developer.

What is required to be a Web developer? What technical knowledge should I have?

Now it all depends. First of all, you should love coding and have the passion in you to be a good web developer. You have the ability and the eagerness to learn new technologies every day. Also as a web developer you have to work with UX designers, Internet Marketing professionals, Data analysts to provide a complete solution.

AS the e-Commerce business is booming these days, many web developers are assigned to develop e-Commerce websites. You have to study the latest e-commerce trends these days.

If you choose the e-Commerce path you have to be well versed with your HTML skills and also know well about the leading CMS systems like Magento, CS-cart, Open-Cart, WordPress, WooCommerce etc.

You also have the firm database knowledge like Mysql, Oracle etc to get the best out of it.

Web Developer Employment Projections | 2016 – 2026

  • 10-Year Growth Pct: 16% (much faster than average)†
  • 10-Year Growth Volume: 25,400 new jobs
  • Average Salary: $70,000

How to get started as a  Web developer?

If you are convinced enough then you can choose any good institution to get a customized web developer course. There are skilled professionals just for you to provide you with the best training in the technologies like HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3, and PHP & MySQL.You can also choose to self-study but for initial days I suggest to choose any good training institution.

You can get a list of the best web development courses here:

2. Health Information Technician

Health information technology is one of the newest emerging sector providing top IT jobs today. With the rising number of government mandates and digitization of the health records, there is a huge demand for Health Information Technicians worldwide. The projected growth in this sector is 13% from 2016 to 2026.

What is required to be a Health Information Technician? What technical knowledge should I have?

The main job of the Health Information technicians is to manage and organize the medical records digitally and to use it when required for insurance reimbursement purposes and other such requirements. The good news is that unlike other IT jobs the entry barrier is low here.

Most often a post-secondary certificate is required to enter here as a trainee. Also, CAHIIM-accreditation is also required sometimes to get a higher package.

Health Information Technician Employment Projections | 2016 – 2026

  • 10-Year Growth Pct: 13% (faster than average)†
  • 10-Year Growth Volume: 27,000 new jobs
  • Average Salary: $45,000

3. Data Scientist

Data Science is the process of telling a story with the numbers. To to be a data scientist you have to spot, develop and predict the future from the past data. This data can then be utilized to improve businesses, take crucial business decisions and many other important decisions. Data Science  is considered as one of the top IT sectors  providing the highest paying jobs available today.

What is required to be a Data scientist? What technical knowledge should I have?

To be a good data scientist you have to be a firm understanding of mathematics, statistics, calculus and possibly all the other aspects of the number world. Often it involves to use and create complex computer algorithms to reveal the trend of the future predictions. Data scientists work with Machine learning, AI(Artificial Intelligence). You have to be good at Python, Hadoop,R, and other statistical packages also.

With the advent of Big Data, Data science is one of the most prestigious and high paying jobs available today.

Big companies like Oracle, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon have regular job openings for Data Scientists.

Salary range starts at $60,000 and up.

To be a Data scientist you can go for Big Data and Hadoop certification here:

4.Digital Marketing Professional

Marketing has changed. The trend of marketing has shifted from offline to online with times.  Now companies spent a significant amount of money in Digital Marketing.

80% OF THE Americans purchase online at least once a month and most of this purchase decision is influenced by Search Engines.

According to Statistica,Retail e-commerce sales are forecast nearly double by the end of 2020.

According to Statistica,42% of US consumers search online and buy online while 14% prefer to research online for a product and then end up buying in a store.

So the customer journey is hugely influenced by online marketing.

The world of Digital marketing is so huge and evolving each moment.It is further influenced by the rise of mobiles also.

Typically Digital marketing is classified into some broad categories like SEO, SEM, Email marketing, Video marketing, SMS Marketing, Copywriting, Business Analytics etc.

The range is so huge and diverse that it is impossible to master all the things at once. It is better to concentrate only on one branch and master it properly.

To me, the best thing is to start with SEO(Search engine Optimization) first and then to move on branches to start your career.

In SEO you have to optimize your website in a way that it will come up on the first page of Google.

People are more likely to click on the first three results on Google and if you can maintain the good search engine positioning then it is not easy to drive good leads to your business.

SEO Professionals hare in huge demand worldwide. As an SEO specialist you can earn anywhere between $45, 000 to $50,000 to start with.

Then when you have a basic understanding of SEO you can explore other avenues like PPC also. According to Statistica,Google has made approx 95.38 billion USD from its ads revenue in the year 2017.

So you can easily understand the dominance and importance of PPC professionals. Every business big or small wants to be in Google these days. So if you can craft the art money will be a problem.

Also, there are many types of PPC jobs available today. Some involve contextual advertising, some revolve around banner advertising and Programmatic ad space buying.

According to PayScale, the average salary for a PPC professional is $43,923.

So you have to pick your domain before jumping into this PPC bandwagon.

Next, if you are really passionate about writing then you can opt for content marketing or be a professional content writer.

To make a website standout content is the key. If you can provide high-quality content then Google can favor your website a lot and this drive your business.

If you choose content writing then, other than doing a regular job you can devote yourself as a freelancer because there are lots of demand for content these days.

These jobs can include active journalism for a repute publication or may be crafting the product or sales copy for an e-Commerce company.

The possibility is countless!

Another big option is e-Mail marketing. e-Mail marketing is considered one of the most effective online marketing medium that drives sales and drive real visitors for your website. So if you can write compelling copy you can also try yourself as an e-Mail marketing professional.

There are many good e-Mail marketing services like MailChimp, Constant Contact available to try to test your is e-Mail marketing skills.

After that, if you have the ability to cross-sell your other services then it will be an added revenue.

What is required to be a Digital Marketing Professional? What technical knowledge should I have?

First of all, if you want to be a good digital marketing professional then you have to be tech savvy and have the ability to be in the touch of the internet most of the time. You have to keep an eye to the Search Engine trends all the time.

As Google changes their search algorithms all the time you have to keep aware of the different search engine algorithms and to adopt strategies according to that.

There are several reputed Online Search Engine Optimization portals like Search Engine Roundtable, Search Engine land which you have to follow yourself.

It is also recommended to follow some great SEO experts as your mentors and follow them to craft your future strategy.

If you just starting out I recommend taking an entry-level job or trainee position to a Digital Marketing Agency . Because though there are several Digital Marketing institutions out there for training purposes. Digital Marketing is a type of job which is only best learned when you can experience the real-time projects and hands-on experience.

When starting out you should also learn a good analytics package like Google Analytics, Clicky, Adobe Analytics to analyze the data. Because if you don’t learn to analyze you will never reach your desired position in this field. So do the analysis all the time.

5.Mobile App Developer

According to CNN,Mobile app development is one of the fastest growing IT jobs globally.

According to Statistica, the number of mobile users is expected to five billion marks by the end of 2019.

Google Play Store was most recently placed at 3.3 million apps in March 2018 Apple’s App Store remained the second-largest app store with 2 million available apps.

Impressive stats. Isn’t it?

So there is huge potential for mobile developers. So if you are opting to start your career in this sector you first have to choose the platform of your choice.

What is required to be a Mobile App Developer? What technical knowledge should I have?

But regardless of the fact, you should love to code.

If you are going to be an Android developer you should learn Java as your base programming language. Google has also introduced Kotlin as its official language.

It has many similarities with Java and also easy to learn.

On the other hand, if you want to be an  App Store Developer, you should learn Swift as you base programming language.

But what happens if you like to create an app only writing code one time. Such platform independence coding platforms are known as WORA.

Writing code only once helps to reduce the workforce and save valuable time. There are specific platforms like PhoneGap, Codename  One which allows building cross perform apps which supports on Android, iOS and Windows apps.

For Example, PhoneGap allows you to convert HTMT5, CSS, and JavaScript to design apps for Android, iOS apps.

In Codename One developers write code in Java and then the app is tested by Codename One’s simulator devices and test automation tools.

The most interesting thing is that platforms like Codename One allow you to build native iOS, Windows app without the need for a MAC computer.

For salary, US mobile app developer average salary is $107,000 / year.

6.Professional Video Gamer

Do you love to play Video Games all the time? If yes then you can make it as your profession also.

It sounds crazy but there is ample example of professional Video gamers who are already earning millions just by playing their favorite games.

Welcome to the world of pro-gaming!

eSports is a form of such competition using video games where you can watch such pro-gamers involved.

Not convinced yet?

Meet Lee ‘Jaedong’ Jae Donghas who has made $519,086.72 from 52 tournaments. He is considered the world’s top StarCraft players to date.


Image credit:Business Insider India

So there is a lot’s of money involved. Professional gaming is also one of the most unconventional IT jobs you can think about.

What is required to be a Pro-gamer? What technical knowledge should I have?

To be a pro-gamer you have to be an avid gamer and should know the tips and tricks of the trade. There is no such training involved in this. So you have to be really passionate about gaming to be successful.

Watch professionals playing the game, take part in the muti-gaming environment, play with real-time people to learn from them.

Hook with to observe how pr-gamers are playing live!

You can also practice your games against AI  or Bots to sharpen your gaming skills a lot. Pro-gaming can be considered as one of the best tech jobs for the future.


I hope you like the post of ‘Top IT Jobs’ and feel confident about what to choose as a good career option in IT. Beyond the above list, I am sure there are many more job options which are there to be mentioned.

So if you can think any other IT job which I missed please make sure to fill the comment box below.

And one more thing, if you like the post please share it with your friends which may help them.

Thank you!

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6 Top IT Jobs(Highest Paying Jobs) For You


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