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18 Top Youtube Alternatives:The Best Video Sharing Sites Like Youtube

Youtube is no doubt the most popular Video sharing platform globally with over 1.8 billion users every month.

But there are also other places you can share and enjoy videos online. The purpose of the post is to list out such Youtube alternatives where you can find some of the most exciting videos of the planet which you haven’t explored yet!

So, let’s the journey begins.

Video Streaming Sites Like Youtube

1. Dailymotion

With over 397.71M  total estimated visits till date, Dailymotion tops our list for some solid reasons. Founded in the year 2005, Dailymotion has a comprehensive list of videos including movies, trailers, music and other brand channels. If you like watching videos on the big screen then Dailymotion is also available for your Apple Tv and XBOX.

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The layout and the navigation panel is very similar to Youtube which makes it a very similar video streaming platform like Youtube.


  • Best quality professional videos available(The range is huge)
  • A more Flexible Monetization rule for your own videos as well as third-party content.
  • Advanced analytics tool available to get the data-driven insight to understand your audience better.
  • The automatic video queue guide can make your experience awesome and play related videos continuously without having to press the play button again.


  • Upload limit

Dailymotion users are limited to 96 uploads per day,2 hours of video per day 60 minutes per video which is a little cumbersome for content creators and publishers.

So publishers looking for a comprehensive video streaming service may turn back to some other video streaming alternative service.

  • HD quality uploads are only limited for pro users.

2. Vimeo

If you love the true video quality then you can enjoy 4K Ultra HD video just on Vimeo.

The very first thing which you will notice after coming to the website is the glossy design and uncluttered user interface. If you want to watch some cutting edge 360 Video then Vimeo is the right place to be in.


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The best thing is you will be never distracted by those flashy ads before, during, after, or on top of your videos. It is quite amazing. Isn’t it?

If you are in mobile then Vimeo’s iOS and Android apps are there for you to back up your videos and watch offline. This makes a good Youtube alternative for creators who are starting fresh.


  • Speedy Controls
  • Impressive Video Quality
  • Seamless video watching experience


The Upload limit is only 500MB per week which is unrealistic for a content creators. Although the plus plan  $9.95 a month (or $59.95 a year) includes 5GB of weekly upload it is simply not enough for a pro content creator.

3. Metacafe

Metacafe ‘The Video Entertainment Engine’ is for those who love short videos and mostly like funny videos.


Image Source

With12 million unique monthly viewers (40 million global!) it is not a bad place to be in for content creators.

With its simple interface and easy to find categorization it is a no-nonsense platform for everyone. The videos you can find here is mostly around 20-25 minutes.


  • Easy Design and User Interface.


  • Less poplular among serious content creators.

4. Vevo

Founded on December 8, 2009, Vevo is the video streaming platform only for music videos. So if you are a music video lover, then Vevo is your place.


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It is not as diverse as Youtube but the music video you will find here is superb. It comes to news In April 2018, when Vevo’s Youtube channel got hacked and many popular videos have been deleted including the most viewed Youtube, “Despacito” by Luis Fonsi.


  • A great place to find all your favorite music tracks online


  • You can’t upload your own music video in Vevo which is quite awkward.

5. Twitch

Twitch is a gaming video streaming platform specially dedicated for gaming videos and broadcasting live games.

So if you love games then ‘Twitch it’.


Image Source

With chat built into every stream, you can be a part of every live game there and be a part of it. If you are an avid gamer then it is not very difficult to build a community of your own. It is that simple.


  • A great place for game lovers who want to live to stream their gaming skills.


  • Not for everyone as it is restricted to gaming only community.
  • The payout is not much compared to Youtube.

6. The Internet Archive

The Internet Archive is a warehouse of all that old videos from the past. Not only videos it also contains 279 billion web pages, 11 million books and texts, 4 million audio recordings (including 160,000 live concerts),1 million images 100,000 software programs.


Image Source

In terms of videos, it contains 3 million videos (including 1 million Television News programs). Started in 1996, The Internet Archive gas over 20 years of web history available in your fingertips.

In terms of video, you can find community videos, news archive, search community guided video and many more. This is completely a different league and worth a mention.

If you like to contribute you can upload your old content also.

7. 9Gag TV

9Gag TV is one of the best places for entertainment videos online.


Image Source

When you go to 9Gag TV website you will be presented with FUN OFF!, NSFW WTF, WOW, MOVIE & TV sections which are really cool!

But as it has also a section for NSFW  video it is better not to watch this in front of minors. Otherwise 9Gag TV rocks!

8. Veoh

Veoh is slowly becoming a great alternative to Youtube in terms of popularity.

The best thing is that you can upload any length of video without any restrictions which are very hard to found in any other Youtube alternative.

Veoh offers two type of viewing options. One is the conventional Youtube like streaming service and another is providing full-length movies and television shows. Apart from user-generated content Veoh also offers their own studio made content. Veoh’s recommendations engine is also at par to suggest the most appropriate videos for you.

9. Flickr

Founded by Stewart Butterfield by In June 2008, Flickr is popularly known as image hosting and sharing platform online. According to Sources, Flickr has almost 90 million monthly users which makes it a huge place for any content creators.


Image Source

Though primarily target for image sharing, you can also upload your videos into Flickr without any hassles. It offers a variety of video formats which are mentioned below:

  • MP4 (recommended with H.264)
  • AVI (Proprietary codecs may not work)
  • WMV
  • MOV (AVID or other proprietary codecs may not work)
  • MPEG (1, 2, and 4)
  • 3gp
  • M2TS
  • OGG
  • OGV

Flickr has some minor limitations in case of video uploads. Each video can be up to 1 GB and video playback is typically restricted to the first 3 minutes. Apart from these minor limitations, it is a great medium for content creators to showcase their skills.

10. Photobucket

Another photo and image hosting site like Flickr but offers a lot of options. The Photobucket print shop offers high-quality print products. It also offers you to host 3rd party images.


Image Source

In case of videos, free members, users can upload standard 640 x 480, or the higher resolution 1024 x 768 videos up to 1MB of video or a total of 5 minutes playback.

11. DTube

DTube or Decentralized Tube is an interesting and relatively new entrant for both content creators and viewers.


Image Source

The specialty of DTube is that it is based on the blockchain technology which is very innovative to date.

The user interface is very similar to Youtube and you will love to use the platform once you are in.

DTube has some very innovative features which are worth a mention.

First of all, users are rewarded to create and participate in the platform in the form of a cryptocurrency(like Bitcoin) token named STEEM.

There is no censorship and view count option, unlike other platforms. There is also no ads and delete option in DTube.So be careful before upload here. Once you upload anything here it stays forever.

DTube is surely the most innovative video sharing site mentioned in the list.

Though not as great as Youtube in terms of popularity, DTube has the potential to join in the big league very soon!

12. IGTV

Powered by Instagram, IGTV is emerging as a very strong competitor to Youtube.IGTV  is different in many ways. Unlike Instagram, content creators can upload videos up to 1 hour for verified accounts.


Image Source

Videos are played full screen and vertical in the mobile devices. For smaller accounts, the maximum file size for videos is limited to  10 minutes or less than 650MB. Like Youtube, IGTV has also channels. Once you follow someone on Instagram you are also presented an option to follow their IGTV  channel.

So, IGTV is a great platform for those on the go content creators and brands especially to engage with their audience smoothly.

13. PeerTube

As the name suggests,PeerTube is more than a single video sharing/streaming platform.It is an interconnected network of video sharing platforms which has some great benefits. Financed by a French non-profit organization Framasoft., PeerTube is free from any ads and significantly doesn’t track you for your activities.


Image Source

When you watch any videos, it’s WebTorrent technology allows you to connect with other viewers who are also watching the same video.

Interestingly, The federation protocol (ActivityPub) allows publishing the videos and comments on other platforms that support it.

14. Blip(

Though Blip is no more now, I personally feel to mention it in the list as it had some great offerings.  Blip formerly (known as was an open video network that hosts and distribute web-based TV content online.

It offered us so many great contents like dramas, tv episodes and more.

So the memories are sweet for (

RIP (!

15. Wistia

Wistia is a great video hosting platform specially crafted for your business growth. Often many big brands and companies choose Wistia for its easy to use features and great embedding functionalities.


Image Source

The heatmaps and statistics(video analytics) section also offer some great engagement insights which make it apart from other such video sharing platforms.

For admins, the user management feature is also worth a mention.

16. Vidyard

Just like Wistia, Vidyard also offers a great platform for your business to convert and engage your customers online.


Image Source

Focused more on digital marketers and businesses, Vidyard offers some great integrations with popular CRM like Marketo, Salesforce etc.

For managing all your videos, you can use The ‘Video Hub function’ which is really very handy.

As for cons, The Outlook integration using toutapp needed some work.

17. Brightcove

Founded in 2004, Brightcove is one of the best video hosting platform available today! Brightcove has all in one video solutions for publishers, broadcasters, and Enterprises. As a premier solution, it is not free! You have to pay for their services!


Image Source

With Brightcove’s easy to use features uploading and managing videos are quick. For cons, constant upgrades to the players are problems when it comes with no prior notification!

18. SproutVideo

SproutVideo is mainly designed for small and medium-sized business and can very well fit into your budget if you fall in the segment.


Image Source

SproutVideo offers three plans SPROUT, TREE & FOREST for their customers to choose from. Each of their plans includes 500 GB of bandwidth and 500 GB of storage.

SproutVideo also offers dedicated customer support and run on no ad policy for their hosted videos.

Last Words:

Hope the above list of Youtube alternative sites will help you to find your right video streaming platform you need! If you have some other recommendations which I missed, please feel to fill in the comment box below!

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18 Top Youtube Alternatives:The Best Video Sharing Sites Like Youtube


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