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9 Best Travel Gadgets and Accessories for Backpackers

We all love holidays right?

But wherever you go it is almost mandatory to take smart devices for our holidays to make it more enjoyable and memorable.

Believe it or not,in the recent times technology has invaded our lives in such a way,we simply cannot avoid these gadgets even in our holidays!

In this post I am going to list top 9 of these smart gadgets  and useful travel accessories

which will help you to enjoy your holidays to its fullest.

Best Travel Gadgets 2018:

So let’s start the list:

#1. Mobile Phones:

Do you can remember when you last go out of your home without your mobile?

I bet you cannot remember.

This is the power of the mobiles now-a-days.

According to a survey conducted by Techcrunch ,U.S. users spend 5 hours per day on  mobile devices.

So Mobile Phones are everywhere.

Now you must wonder why I am suggesting for a mobile phone.Specially when you are in a vacation you simply want to enjoy the moment unplugged!

But here is the catch!

What happens if you do not posses a high end camera with you.Then these mobile phones can come handy.

Now-a-days mobile phones are equipped with such high quality cameras which can take reasonable quality of pics without the need of your DSLRs.

According to a research of University of Texas,people who took photographs of their vacations can recall their vacation details 40% better than those people who do not document their holidays.

So my suggestion is to use and keep your mobile phones with you during vacations not for talks but only for taking selfies and photos.

#2.Solar Chargeable Power Banks:

If you are going to a extreme remote place or somewhere for hiking chances are you will always miss your regular source of electric power.

Solar Charger Powebank


Now in these cases if you have solar powered chargers with you it can be incredible for your journey.


Imagine yourself in a crowded public bus in India where you have just stepped in from a foreign location.

Now chances are you do not understand their languagae and feel annoying.These places are very loud indeed.


In these cases a good pair of earbuds with some cool music can completely transform your experience neglecting the chaos around  and make you feel a lot better.

So having good quality earbuds in your backpack is a great thing to have.

#4. Water Filters:

‘Water, water, every where,

Nor any drop to drink’

Remember the above lines from The Rime of the Ancient Mariner?


The words are true in every aspect.

Water is one of the most essential element which we must need for the survival.

So Whether you are travelling in a hot desert or doing a mountain hike a water purifier or water filter is one of the must have things we need to pack in our backpacks.

Specially when you travel in  remote areas or such a places where the source of water is unknown to you Chances are you can get easily affected with such polluted water.

Even in case you buy a packaged water but again you do not know the actual source of it.

So better to be in the safer side and have a water purifier at your end.

But choosing such a filter is also hectic because there are lots of options available here to choose from.

But my recommendations is to choose a model like  H2O Survival Water Filter Travel Straw which can be a perfect choice for you.

It Weighs only an ounce but filter upto 70 lieres of water which is sufficient for these conditions.

So keep it in your travel bag always.

#5. Satellite hotspot:

This is the most exciting one in the list.

It is very odd to live without internet these days.

But the fact is we cannot get the internet connectivity everywhere.

But this problem has recently come to an end with the advent of  Iridium Go.

Iridium Go is a portable WI-Fi hotspot which can deliver you the internet connectivity via satellite no matter where you are.

iridium go


If you in an area with no or little cellular connectivity, then Ididium Go can save you the day.

With Ididium Go you can make voip calls,make texts and surf the internet .

It is Military-grade (MIL-STD 810F) in durability, water resistant and dust proof.

The price is around $800 USD.

#6. Sand-free mats:

If you are planning for a beach holiday with your kids and family, there is every chance that you need these sand-free mats.

Beaches are usually crowded with lots of people and chaos.

sand free mats


So in these places if you need some quiet  place to rest and to avoid sands then these sand free mats are excellent choices.

You can try  CGear mats if you like these.

#7.Backpacking Tents:

Having a good quality backpacking tent is one of the most important things if you are going for mountain hiking or any such other places.

It can make your journey a lot more safe and comfortable.

But before choosing a tent you should consider its weight,durability and price.

travel tent


While most solo backpackers considers 1-Person tent,but selecting a 2-Person tent is much more useful and give you that extra space where you can put some of your essentials things in the tent all in one place.

NEMO Equipment Hornet 2P can be great choice if you are looking for such tents.

Equipped with two doors and two vestibules it offers much more reliability than other such backpacking tents available in the market.

#8.Drone Cameras:

If you are a keen Instagrammer or simply need some stunning photos from 360 degrees then nothing comes close than Drone Cameras.

These Drone cameras can capture these moments as lively as you want to shoot.

These Drone cameras are capable of capturing 4K videos,and comes with remotes which makes them easy to control and use.

Some of them comes with foldable arms which make them super portable for your vacations .

If you like some cool Drone cameras then you can use  DJI Mavic Pro which can be an excellent choice for such vacations.

#9. Shoes:

Selecting a good pair of shoes is also important because often travelling requires a lot of walking and roaming.

So in these case you should choose comfortable pair of shoes.

The selection also varies depending upon the place you are visiting.

If you are going for hiking or  trekking then a lightweight hiking sandal can be an ideal choice.

Keen’s Clearwater CNX sandal is one of the best hiking sandals you can opt for.

But if you are in a beach holiday than flip-flops are the best.

But why flip-flops?

Simply,because they are light weight and easy to use.

Specially if you travelling in the parts of North-East Asia like India,there is a Buddhist ritual to remove your shoes off whenever you are in a sacred place like temples and such places.

So having a pair of flip-flops rather than a pair of shoes is always a better option.

Last Words:

Hope the above list help you to choose the right gadgets for your journey.

But the list can vary according to the place you are planning to visit ant the number of persons  for the tour.

So feel free to adjust the list as you want.

So what do you think?

Do you have more suggestions ?

Please express your thoughts in the comment box below and I will be more than happy to answer your questions.

Have a good time ahead!



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9 Best Travel Gadgets and Accessories for Backpackers


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