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Which Are The TOP 10 Internet Browsers?Find Out Now

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We all love browsing internet.


But when it comes for choosing the right Browser we are usually flooded with options as there are so many browsers out there and choosing one, among them is really difficult.

So in this post I will help you to make the right selection which can make your internet experience better than ever.

Before diving to the list,I want to explain a little about browsers and its brief history.

What is a Browser?

In simple terms a web browser is a client application program which enables users to interact with the web and all its available resources.

The first web browser was developed in 1990 called WorldWideWeb.

But if you talk about first modern browser with nice graphical interface than it was called Mosaic.

After that it was followed by Netscape Navigator.

Microsoft followed with its Internet Explorer  and as of September 2006 it was one of the most dominating browser leading world wide.

So that is some history about browsers.

Now let us once check the current trends and usage of browsers world wide:


Now let’s drive in the list:

#1 Google Chrome:

Google chrome


Google Chrome is one of the best browsers available today which millions of users trust.

It is a freeware and cross platform browser developed by Google itself in 2008 and quickly become the top choice.

Here are some brilliant features of chrome:

Task manager for running websites:

If you are using Chrome and want to see the current websites running, press shift + escape to see that  and how much physical memory each website is consuming.

If you are confident enough you can click end processes to close that tab.

task manager


Cross platform:

It is a cross platform browser and can be used with variety of operating system including Linux,Mac  etc.

Find browser history Easily:

If you are using Chrome then press just ctrl+h, you can see the browser history which is super handy to use.

For example if you just come to an unusual news from an unknown website and missed out to bookmark this feature can surely help you out.

Sleek and beautiful design:

Another strong point of Chrome is it’s beautiful design and clean contextual menus.

If you click on a hyperlink it will open up 6 items in the popup.

From this you can simply inspect the link to see the surrounding HTML elements.

If you click on image it will also open up a popup which gives another 6 items.

Among them one is ‘open image in a new tab’.

If you want to see an image specifically the above can help.

This feature is absent in Firefox which is worth a mention.

Use Chrome for development purposes:

developmental tool

If you are a web developer or designer, feel blessed with Chrome!as it  has inbuilt develop tools which you can access like below:

  • Select More Tools > Developer Tools from Chrome’s Main Menu.
  • Right-click a page element and select Inspect.
  • Press Command+Option+I (Mac) or Control+Shift+I (Windows, Linux).

You can do a plenty of development related tasks just from your browser.

You can check Test responsiveness of website,emulate sensors,debug CSS,Edit the DOM the options are countless.

So next time when you are going to design your new website give Chrome a shot and you will never disappoint.

Memory consumption:

According to a test by Chrome requires about 17 seconds to load 10 pages and memory consumed 373MB which is moderate.


  • Sleek Design
  • Expandable features
  • Developer friendly options


  • None I found

You can download chrome here:

Download Google Chrome

#2 Opera:



Opera has started in 1994 as a research project at Telenor,the largest Norwegian telecommunications company.

In 2016,Opera was bought by  Golden Brick Capital Private Equity Fund I Limited Partnership(a Chinese consortium ) for $600 million.

Opera is a great browser in terms of features and user experience.

But the irony is not many people are using Opera at all.

You can get everything from it which is expected to have in a modern browser plus some extras!

Here are some exiting features of Opera:

Turbo feature:

The most exciting thing of Opera is the Turbo feature which I already discussed in one my previous article.

It compresses the web traffic and make the web pages load faster in slower connection.

Design and User experience:

The design is a bit different compared to normal browsers.

It cuts down the clutter almost 90% to give the users more minimalistic approach for daily use.

The best thing of Opera is its interesting sidebar in the home screen.

It has shortcuts  apps like WhatsApp,Facebook Messenger etc.

It has also has an option to take snapshot of a  webpage without any need of other extensions.

It has also personal news reader for you if you want to read news directly from your browser.

There is an integrated  adblocker with it to block those annoying ads.

All in all Opera is a very good browser if you something fast and different.

Why Opera is not as popular as Chrome or Firefox?

The only reason I Think is the lack of promotion and marketing push.

With so many exciting features It deserves some  more attention.


  • Minimalist Design
  • Turbo feature
  • Cross platform


  • Cannot render many websites properly

Download Opera here

#3 Microsoft Edge:

microsoft edge


Microsoft Edge as the name suggest, this time Microsoft has really has edge over its competitors and comes with a really high quality browser for their users.

Since the release of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer in 1996 it was dominant browser and leading the market but things changed.

When there are not many options IE was the only choice but things changed quickly when Apple launched their Iphone in 2007 and it was complemented by Google’ release of Chrome in 2008.

The trend has changed from desktop to mobile rapidly so the change of the usage.

But lastly Microsoft has come up with a brilliant option called Microsft Edge!

So let’s dive in!

The first thing which Microsoft changed its it’s rendering engine.It has come up with IE 11’s engine but this time with a much more trimmed version of it.

Next it cuts down the clutter and presents with a much more cleaner interface.

As for example when you first open Edge you will be welcomed with a “where to Next” option with a brilliantly designed search bar and an address bar above.

Another exciting feature of Edge is its new intelligent feature called Cortana.It is new virtual assistant from Microsoft.

It can highlight the information you are looking for in the web page by scanning it.

It saves more time and give your search more context which is something really useful.

Another feature is the Reading List which enable you to save webpages to read for later but works only online though!

Among social sharing it has some native sharing option which enables share in facebook or twitter.

Browsing in Edge is smoother than ever and rendering is fast compared to previous IE which is a big improvement.

According to the benchmarking test (Sunspider and Peacekeeper) it tops the list among all browsers.

insert link here


  • Fast,sleek design
  • In built reading option
  • Native sharing option


  • Lacks backward compatibility

Get windows 10 with Edge here

#4 Mozilla Firefox:

mozilla quantam


Mozilla Firefox!

It was first released in 2002 as Mozilla 1.0

After the release it began to increase the popularity and become the choice of many.

But with the fierce competition from Chrome it somewhat lacks behind and loosing its popularity.

The main reason is it is resource hungry and a bit slow.

But Mozilla is now making waves with its new release of its new version of Mozilla.

Welcome to Firefox Quantum.

It is a brand new minimalist, fast and stylish.

First thing when you start Quantum you will be presented with a brand new logo and completely new designed user interface.

The design is mainly powered by the project photon which make this bowser much more lively and colorful even compared to Chrome!

In case of navigation it makes you feel so comfortable with pocket fully integrated with it.

But wait there is a completely new feature which none of the browsers use.

Quantam utlizes the power of your PC’s multicore proceesor which simply unleases the beast of power in terms of speed!

Should you go for Quantam?

This is entirely your choice.

Though its quite impressive in terms of its sharp and eye catchy design and user interface but if you compare with Chrome it is not  to that needs more time to settle down.

But it is worth a look for now!


  • Impressive design
  • Muticore capability


  • Core functionality still dependent on old Firefox.

Download Firefox Quantum here

#5 Vivaldi:



Vivaldi is is built on Chromium is a free cross platform and new browser.

The main focus of the browser is it’s incredible scope of customization which it offers to its users.

First of all when you open Vivaldi it lets you choose the color scheme and tab positioning of the browser which is  an innovative approach.

You can also add your favorite websites by a tool named ‘Speed Dial’ which makes to access them quickly.

If you want to take some quick note then you can also find a tool to take some quick noes when you are browsing web pages.

It work like text only version of evernote.

If you are on slow net connection then you can also toggle images off using the small picture icon at the bottom left,which is often handy feature.

As it is built on Chromium you can have lots of extensions available in the chrome web store which make its extendable for many purposes.

Over Vivaldi is a very good choice if you are in mood to try something new.


  • Scope of Customization
  • Cross platform
  • Creative user Interface


  • Not the fastest

Download Vivaldi here

#6 Microsfot Internet Explorer:

IE 11


Microsoft Internet Explorer commonly known as I.E. or Internet Explorer has started its first journey long ago in the year 1995.

I.E. become the top browser in terms of usage in the year 2002 and 2003 with the market share of almost 95%.

But in the recent years facing the fierce completion with Chrome and others it only saw a slow and steady decline till date.

Once a leader now struggling for existence.

But jt does not mean it is out of the crowd completely,still there is a loyal follower of this old browser.

Specially with I.E 11  it is more powerful,sleek design and not too much resource hungry.

But the point is that if you are looking for a more customizable browser and need more add ons then there are better options than this.


  • Less Resource Hungry
  • Sleek design


  • Lack of Support for Addons

Download IE here

#7 UC Browser:

UC Browser


UC Browser is one of the most popular mobile browser available today.

It has all features which you expect from a modern browser.

Though it has a desktop version, the mobile one is the most popular between them.

Though it  has some controversy about data privacy but still it tops the list of mobile browsers.

UC browser is fast,neatly designed when it comes to its user interface.

If you download multiple files together its builin download manager can be very handy feature for you.

Another feature is its adaptability.

UC browser has also a feature called Cloud Acceleration by which you can save  some amount of data usage if you have not an unlimited data usage plan.So keep a note on this.

If you are on a slow connection it automatically downloads the most suitable version available for the webpage for your device.

UC Browser is a free browser and available both for Android, iPhone, iPad and other platforms.

#8 Dolphin browser:

Apart from Chrome,Firefox and Opera if you are looking for a good browser for your android phone then Dolphin is one of the best you can choose from .

Apart from regular features like incognito mode,builtin  adblocker it has also gesture control support which is cool!

If you need extensions and addons you are also covered  for this browser!

Download Dolphin from Google Play store

#9 Brave Browser:

Introduced in 2016, Brave Browser became poplar browser for Android users.

Apart from all  the basic features it has some advanced features like blocking of third party cookies and scripts  etc.

If you are short on battery life  it has some optimizations available to increase your battery life too,

Download Brave browser form Android play here

#10 Naked Browser:

Naked Browser as the name suggests is built for primarily one purpose speed,

So you may not found those flashy tabs and colorful UI but it can do all the basics and offer you much more faster web browsing experience than many others in the list:

Download Brave browser form Android play here

Last Words:

Browsers has come a long way than ever and so the competition. So simply having a good hardware or configuration is not enough to get the best web experience  now-a-days.

You must choose a good browser to get the best out of the web.

Hope the above browser list may help you just for that.

What do you think about browsers?

Do you like any other browser?

Please if you have any other thoughts shout me in the comment box,I will try my best to help you out!

Keep reading my blog  and have a good day!

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Which Are The TOP 10 Internet Browsers?Find Out Now


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